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41: The Color Purple by Alice Walker
... in the style of most novels. The author does not tell us everything about the characters, the setting, and why the characters behave the way they do. The novel is written in a series of letters, not dated. There are large gaps between some letters, but this is not revealed by the author; we have to figure it out ourselves. The letters are written in what Walker calls black folk language, which also reduces the easiness of the reading. When the novel opens, Celie is a young black girl living in Georgia in the early years ...
42: The Things They Carried: Possessions of Character
... of what Cross values. Belongings reflect his character and thoughts. "Grief, terror, love, longing--these were intangibles, but the intangibles had their own mass and specific gravity, they had tangible weight." Lt. Jimmy Cross carries letters and a pebble from Martha, a girl whom he cares about greatly, but she does not share the same emotions for him. He carries these things to remind him of her, of his feelings for her. At the end of every day he ritually unwraps them and reads them. These letters are light in weight, only ten ounces, but prove to be a heavy burden. Above all, he carries the responsibility for the lives of his men. He is dreaming when Lavender is shot, and so ... to carry like a stone in his stomach for the rest of the war." He does not always pay attention to what is most important, his men. Lt. Jimmy Cross burns all of Martha's letters at the end of the story, trying to forget her, to erase the memory. Still, he carries her in his mind along with the haunting memory that she was not involved. Martha is just ...
43: Comparison of John F Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln's Lives
... Researchers and historians have compiled many interesting similarities on Kennedy and Lincoln. There are many numerical coincidences between both of the presidents and others affiliated with them. The names, Lincoln and Kennedy each contain seven letters (Heidrich 1). Lincoln and Kennedy’s Vice Presidents’ names, Andrew Jackson and Lyndon Johnson each have thirteen letters in their names (Heidrich 1). One coincidence both presidents have in common is with the number seven. Lincoln sat in box 7 at Ford’s Theatre and Kennedy rode in car 7 at the Dallas, Texas Motorcade (“Amazing” 1). Another one of the numerical similarities involves the number 6, which deals with the death of President Kennedy alone. Kennedy was shot in Dallas, which contains six letters (Pockett 1). He was shot from the 6th floor of a book depository (Pockett 1). President Kennedy was shot on a Friday, which contains six letters and is also the sixth day of the ...
44: Released From the Grip of What He Carried: Freedom Birds
... most common occurrences in any war. Grandfathers, uncles, and even brothers have told how they would recall as they were fighting, they themselves carried the unnecessary on a tour. The seemingly innocent picture, the numerous letters sent, and even thoughts of what it was like to be home, all of a loved one is now shown to have an impact. As seen with Jimmy Cross, some men even went to a profound obsession. As mentioned early in the work, Jimmy Cross carries letters and two pictures from a friend named Martha. The story tells how "he would dig his foxhole, wash his hands under a canteen, unwrap the letters and photos, hold them with the tips of his fingers, and spend the last hour of light pretending, he would imagine romantic camping trips…" (275). One picture is a black and white picture of ...
45: Jane Austen: Background of Her Novels
... in which Elizabeth and Darcy first view each other. The original version of the novel was written in 1796-1797 under the title First Impressions, and was probably in the form of an exchange of letters. Jane Austen's own tongue-in-cheek opinion of her work, in a letter to her sister Cassandra immediately after its publication, was: "Upon the whole... I am well satisfied enough. The work is rather ... have done without (see her letter on the infidelities of the Prince and his wife). Some of Mr. Clarke's "helpful" suggestions showed up in the Plan for a Novel. [More complete versions of these letters, as printed in Austen-Leigh's Memoir, are also available on-line.] Pride and Prejudice First published in 1813, Pride and Prejudice has consistently been Jane Austen's most popular novel. It portrays the initial ... in which Elizabeth and Darcy first view each other. The original version of the novel was written in 1796-1797 under the title First Impressions, and was probably in the form of an exchange of letters; First Impressions was actually the first of Jane Austen's works to be offered to a publisher, in 1797 by Jane Austen's father, but the publisher turned it down without even looking at ...
46: Casablanca Movie Review
... the characters. Some people may feel caught up in it because of the supense. The main plot begins in Casablanca, Moracco, Africa in the 1940's during the Second World War. It starts with two letters of transit being intercepted and held by Rick. Victor and Elsa Laslow come to Casablanca looking to flee Europe and require Letters of transit. Due to a past affair and desperate to get the letters of transit Elsa tries to secure the letters for herself and her husband, even offering to stay with Rick if it means her husband being able to go. Likewise, Victor goes to Rick and ...
47: Fate, Mayor Of Casterbridge
... is intentionally provoking him. Henchard confronts her about this matter and he marriage to him. Lucetta refuses to marry until Henchard threatens to black mail her. He intends to black mail her with the love letters she wrote him earlier. She agrees to the marriage. Lucetta, however, marries Farfrae. She does this because he is good looking, better off than Henchard, and totally infatuated with her. This course was the best ... was afraid he would ruin her. Lucetta also puts a great deal of emphasis on looks. Earlier in the story, she had fallen in love with Henchard. After he left Jersey, Lucetta wrote Henchard love letters. These letters would become her down fall. She died of shock (or possibly miscarriage) after the skimmity ride. The only reason the townsfolk knew about her past with Henchard were these love letters. She had trustingly ...
48: Memory
... number is copied correctly, numbers can be grouped in twos and threes instead of given all at once. (Baddeley, 1993) Another part of short-term memory is called chunking, used for the immediate recall of letters rather than numbers. When told to remember and repeat the letters q s v l e r c i i u k, only a person with an excellent immediate memory would be able to do so. But, if the same letters were given this way, q u i c k s i l v e r, the results would be different. What is the difference between the two sequences? The first were 11 unrelated letters, ...
49: Pen Pals: Based On X-Files Characters
... way for them to meet in person. Danni couldn't wait to see if Sammie had thought of anything. The children clustered around Miss Reynolds as she entered the room with the box full of letters and began handing them out. Danni was right at her knee, since Sammie's was almost always on top. But something was wrong. She could tell from the way Miss Reynolds had looked at her ... when she pushed through the crowd of other kids. There was a strange sadness in her eyes, as if she was thinking about something she didn't want to be thinking about. Finally, all the letters had been distributed but one, which Danni knew had to be Sammie's since she was the only one left. But she didn't like the way Miss Reynolds kept looking at her so pityingly ... s not going to let anyone call him by his first name. Except me, of course, because I'm his sister." Oh, my God... she thought to herself, stunned. Because she hadn't read the letters in so long, she had never made the connection before now. But now, the name that was always signed at the bottom of the letters came back to her in a rush, without even ...
50: The Color Purple
... happy that Nettie wasn't dead. In the letter she also finds that she had been writing all along. So, when Mr. leaves for awhile Celie and Shug look all through his room for the letters. They find a whole stack in a box in the floor. They eventually read them all and in them discover that Nettie is in Africa with Celie's two children and the "father" who molested ... and live with Celie. But the MR. Tried to seduce her and she thought it was better to leave, so she goes back home. Mr abuses and rapes Celie often, and Celie writes more often letters to GOD. And then Shug comes, she's an old girlfriend of Mr., she is ill and moves into Celie's house. Celie learns a lot of Shug and they become good friends. After Shug was cured, she went back to Memphis where she married a man. When Shug visits Celie again they find a box with letters from Nellie written to Celie, Mr. had kept the letters away from Celie, because he was still in a certain rage that he couldn't mary Nellie. The letters said that Nellie lived with ...

Search results 41 - 50 of 1300 matching essays
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