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131: Vincent Van Gogh
... and paintings. Perhaps this was his way to a communion with God. In any case, it was in this crucible that his art was formed. In his short life Van Gogh wrote nearly a thousand letters, often several a day. Most were written to his brother Theo, possibly the one person in the world who understood him. Only to Theo could Van Gogh describe the impressions and feelings that boiled within him. The letters are extraordinary; literary critics have compared them to the works of the great 19th Century Russian masters of "confessional" writing. But even as he was writing so expressively Van Gogh apparently felt that words were ... an ear, he worked himself willfully, his painting interrupted only temporarily. As the anger of each attack passed, he became as bright as ever, painting landscapes, portraits, self-portraits and writing scores of clear, logical letters. Although he was troubled about his lapses, he knew they had not ruined his art. His work was not the work of a madman. His mature style, which flourished at Arles, became even freer; ...
132: Kelly Flinn Biography
... was married to Airman Basic Gayla Zigo. He told Kelly he was separated and would be divorced in a matter of weeks. She believed him and fell in love with him. She began sending Mark letters and his wife, Gayla found one of them under the seat of their car. She then handed the letters over to her first sergeant. He called Kelly in for a meeting and told her she needed to stop seeing Mark and she was making a big mistake. She agreed and took two weeks’ leave ... just because she had fallen in love with the wrong man. She found out Mark had lied to her about everything. Her lawyers had gathered evidence that proved Mark was a pathological liar including six letters from other women and different bases that said he had done the same things to them. The evidence was not allowed to be permitted in court. Kelly asked for a reduction in charges and ...
133: Cyrano De Bergerac
... with Roxane, Christian sets out on a mission and dies. Cyrano never gets to tell her that it is really him that she has fallen in love with and it was he who wrote the letters because their conversation was interrupted when Christian is brought back dead. Not telling Roxane that it was him and not proclaiming his love to her then was Cyrano's tragic flaw and he suffered tremendously ... He is a hero because he helps many people including the baker and Christian. He helps the baker fight one hundred men in order to get into his house and he helps Christian by writing letters to Roxane and talking to Roxane for him. Cyrano also takes very little credit for the deeds he has done and this is another thing that makes him a hero. "I Know that it will ... In the end, because of this letter, the play ends up not being a tragedy. Cyrano begins to read this letter before he dies and Roxane figures out that it was he who wrote the letters and he she had spoken to that night on the balcony even thought Cyrano still denies it and his love for her.
134: Speech Recognition Technology
... American Express, United Airlines, NationsBank, United Parcel Service, British Airways, and Sears Roebuck and Co. These companies focus on the fastest growing parts of the speech market, where the caller's voice replaces punching in letters and numbers on the telephone keypad. The other applications of speech technology are for the use of consumers. The users' voice can give computer commands as well as dictate speech into text. All operating systems ... off customer service representatives. Within three years, most businesses will have auto-attendants, that let callers say the name of the person they want rather than having to wait for an operator or enter the letters of the last name on their touch-tone phone. Charles Schwab & Co., the nations biggest discount broker, has experienced remarkable results from its VoiceBroker speech recognition application. The system handles more than 50,00 calls ... 000 callers each day reach a Nuance system that tells them when their package will be delivered or where it was left. The customer tells the system the package code, which has up to 18 letters and numbers. Trying to enter such a code from a telephone keypad would be frustrating and asking a human agent would be slower. Recently, the company received $15 million in new financing from Motorola ...
135: I And II Thessalonians
The books of I and II Thessalonians, which are in the New Testament, are both letters to a church that Paul the apostle helped establish in the biblical city of Thessalonica. First Thessalonians is agreed by biblical scholars to be written by Paul. The author of II Thessalonians, however, is still ... believable in the first letter. (320) The major basis of the argument that Paul did not write II Thessalonians deals with the situation of eschatology. Eschatology is dealt with in opposite ways in the two letters. In Paul’s agreed work of I Thessalonians, he says that, “the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night” (5:2 NRSV). This is Paul’s way of urging his ... Thessalonians on this very subject. Evidence to support the argument that Paul is in fact the author of II Thessalonians can be found in the very beginning of the letter. The greetings of the two letters to the Thessalonians are very similar. The words, “work of faith”, are used in I Thessalonians 1:3 and in II Thessalonians 1:11 (NRSV). Also, I Thessalonians 2:9 parallels with II Thessalonians ...
136: William Lloyd Garrison
... was always setting type for other men's words why not set type for his own? On an impulse he wrote anonymous articles and mailed them to the editor of the Herald. He signed his letters as "An Old Bachelor". William eventually revealed the identity of "An Old Bachelor". Just when he thought he would be ridiculed he was promoted to foreman of the printing office. (Archer 18) Besides his newspaper ... frighten him. As he was led into a cell, other prisoners leaned on their bars and shouted, "Fresh Fish!" "Fresh Fish Today!" (Faber 54) Garrison made good use of his time in jail. He wrote letters to the press, proudly noting his return address as Baltimore Jail and calling attention to his case as a sample of Maryland justice. Seven weeks after being jailed Garrison was set free. (Archer 35) The ... small New England boy whose father had deserted him, whose mother had never had time to devote to him, and whose first appreciation had come at 16 from Master Allen for his "An Old Bachelor" letters in the Newburyport Herald. Garrison proclaimed, "I will not retreat a single inch-AND I WILL BE HEARD." (Archer 44) With this Garrison set out to start his own paper again, The Liberator. The ...
137: Invisible Man - Themes
... one year had elapsed. Deeply shaken by this turn of events but far from broken, and taking hope in returning to school after a year, the narrator heads to New York City armed with seven letters from Dr. Bledsoe addressed to some prominent white people which he believes will help him in attaining a job. This couldn't be further from the truth however, and upon delivering the seventh letter, he is informed that the letters state that his expulsion has been permanent, and that the men which he has been referred to will do nothing other than "help him continue in direction of the promise which…recedes ever brightly and ... has abandoned. This is also where he begins the journey to finding his true identity. Following a tip from the son of the seventh addressee, the same person who revealed the true contents of the letters, the narrator takes a job at a paint factory, but ends up caught in a furnace explosion on his first day. At the factory hospital, he is subjected to shock therapy and then released ...
138: D.h. Lawrence
... at Haggs Farm. This farm and family provided a second home for the adolescent Lawrence, away from the strains of his own family. Here, he helped with the hay-making, discussed books and organized charades.(Letters 45) Lawrence's first published work did not get his name into print. It was a story especially written for a competition run by the Nottingham Guardian in 1907. It was called A Prelude and ... January 1911 his first novel, The White Peacock was published, but the suprise he may have felt from this success was second to the overshadowing death of his mother, from cancer, in the previous month. (Letters 46) In November of 1911 the poor health that had plagued Lawrence all year culminated in pneumonia. Once again, he fought his way free of the illness but his lungs had been damaged further. The ... Germany she had experienced a very different upbringing. David Garnett recalls that Lawrence not only mimicked others, he frequently mocked himself while describing meetings with literary "lion-hunters" and portraying events from his varied life. (Letters 56) Almost everyone who ever spent time with the Lawrences remembered him in charades; he had a passion for the amusement - even as a youth - and would get everyone into the act. Indeed, in ...
139: He Got Game - Cinematography And Film Techniques
... as an adult, carefully putting away the same letter and starting to dribble the ball under his legs while sitting on his bed. He stops bouncing the ball and reaches for a box of unopened letters from his father in prison. Though we see both of Jesus' hands holding the box, the dribbling sound continues. The camera then cuts to a shot of his father dribbling the ball under his legs while sitting on the bed in his hotel room. Both the reading of the letters and the dribbling of the ball are actions that are matched in these match cuts. Lee shows a similarity between Jake and Jesus, and at the same time he differentiates how Jesus feels about his father and mother. The mother's letter has been fondly read many times, while Jake's letters are unopened. The best example of a match cut, however, comes in the very final scene of the film. The camera cuts back and forth between Jesus reading his father's letter and Jake ...
140: Emily Dickinson
... impact on Dickinson's life was Reverend Charles Wadsworth. She met him in Philadelphia on a road trip she took to see her father with her sister. They became very close friends, and they wrote letters to each other. [ 9. http://www.kutztown.edu/ faculty/reagan/*censored*inson.html ] Thomas Wentworth Higginson was an author and a critic. Emily sent her poems to him for criticism. He told her about anonymous ... several significant relationships. Emily began to dress in all white, resembling a bride. Around the age of thirty, she rarely saw anyone. She lived in her room and garden. She would communicate with people through letters. She only wrote to a select few. Nearly every letter she wrote would have a poem included. Her family and a few close friends would stand at her bedroom door, which was ajar, to talk ... page 288] Emily wrote many poems for close friend, Susan. In these poems, she expressed her love for Susan, her desire to hold and kiss her, and her sorrow being without Susan. These poems and letters have led some people to think Emily was a lesbian. [ 10. http://www.sappho.com/poetry/historical/ e_*censored*in.html ] Dickinson had her greatest poetic output during the Civil War. She wrote around ...

Search results 131 - 140 of 1300 matching essays
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