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121: I And Ii Thessalonians
The books of I and II Thessalonians, which are in the New Testament, are both letters to a church that Paul the apostle helped establish in the biblical city of Thessalonica. First Thessalonians is agreed by biblical scholars to be written by Paul. The author of II Thessalonians, however, is still ... believable in the first letter. (320) The major basis of the argument that Paul did not write II Thessalonians deals with the situation of eschatology. Eschatology is dealt with in opposite ways in the two letters. In Paul s agreed work of I Thessalonians, he says that, the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night (5:2 NRSV). This is Paul s way of urging his ... Thessalonians on this very subject. Evidence to support the argument that Paul is in fact the author of II Thessalonians can be found in the very beginning of the letter. The greetings of the two letters to the Thessalonians are very similar. The words, work of faith , are used in I Thessalonians 1:3 and in II Thessalonians 1:11 (NRSV). Also, I Thessalonians 2:9 parallels with II Thessalonians ...
122: A Report On The Fundamentals Of Dyslexia
... are comparing good adult readers to dyslexic adult readers. In most cases the adult dyslexics were at about the high school level. When the adult dyslexics were compared to third graders in matching sounds with letters, they scored below the eight and nine year olds that were tested. It's not just a visual problem, actually they can see the letters fine, it is more of a comparing problem. Dyslexics usually cannot spell simple words by just hearing someone speak them to them. Some of the most confusing words for them are cat and dog. Although ... The only cure so far is many long and slow classes of multisensory sessions. These sessions go through each letter, sound, syllable, etc. until other parts of the brain help the person to recognize the letters in another helpful way. The fact that you child may have dyslexia doesn't mean that they will be unsuccessful. Some examples of people who have to live(d) with dyslexia are people like ...
123: Mark Twain
... language they used in public. William Gibson belies that, “Twain developed one of the great styles in the English language because he had a firm grasp of the American vernacular”(qtd. in Long 205). His letters to the Keokuk Papers in St. Louis proved to be most successful for Clemens. He signed these letters with the pseudonym Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass. His narrations made the western readers feel more intelligent by laughing at the character’s idiocy. “Snodgrass” would continue to write letters until the editor refused to pay him. He then decided to leave the city and travel along the Mississippi River in a steamboat. By the middle of 1857, Clemens had made five runs up ...
124: Lord Byron
... www.jamm.com) He fought a battle with obesity as well and often starved himself eating only one small meal per day. He seemed obsessed with food, as well as being a picky eater. His letters to others as well as his journals, indicate that he practiced starvation.     In his overnight success with the epic poem Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage (1812) which led Byron to remark later that "I awoke and ... completely respectable and entirely incompatible wife never to return. He wandered Europe fighting for freedoms and ta ng his loves where he found them. The correspondence and journals of Byron fill six volumes, and his letters have been described as "wildly exclamatory, heavily underlined, with pages blotted and blistered with tears. Here is just one of the many love let rs he had written to a young women he had fallen ... all events. But I more than love you, and cannot cease to love you. Think of me, sometimes, when the Alps and ocean divide us, but they never will, unless you wish it. (Lord Bryron letters P.1 www.rjgeib.com/throughts/byron/byron.html One of Byron’s most well know long poems was "Don Jaun" the story of Don Juan first appears in an old Spanish legend concerning ...
125: Ovid The Poet
... in fact an elaborate self defense and self-justification" (785). In his days in exile, Ovid spent his energy writing apologies and justifications to his "crime" in attempt to escape from exile along with love letters to his last wife. Despite his attempts to be released, Ovid died exiled from Rome. "Ovid's poetry falls into three divisions: the works of his youth, of his middle age, and of his years ... of recantation of the Ars Amatoria. Ovid's Medea, a tragedy highly praised by ancient critics, has not been preserved. His interest in mythology is reflected in his Heroides, or Epistulae Heroidum, 21 fictional love letters, mostly from mythological heroines to their lovers" (Redmond). "The commentator of his day, he presented most of his findings in the form of love elegies on themes from seduction to abortion, and distilled his professorial ... despair pervade the works composed during his exile. They include The Tristia, five books of elegies that describe his unhappy existence at Tomis and appeal to the mercy of Augustus; The Epistulae ex Ponto, poetic letters similar in theme to The Tristia; The Ibis, a short invective invoking destruction on a personal enemy; and The Halieutica, a poem extant only in fragments, about the local fish. The Nux and The ...
126: Ernest Hemingway
... letter saying that she was going to marry an Italian Lieutenant named Duca Dominico Caraceiolo instead. Back in America, Ernest was crushed and he fell into depression. Ernest was so heartbroken that he would write letters to nurses and patients from back in Italy about the terrible things he hoped would happen to Agnes. Thus began his career as a writer of emotion, truth and everything in-between. The people of ... Ernest. They started to take walks around the village together, as soon as Ernest could move on crutches.3 That October, Agnes was moved to Florence and Ernest fell into depression. He would write her letters, sometimes two or three a day, telling her how he felt about her.4 Just before he was shipped home on the S.S. Giuseppe Verdi in January of 1919, they agreed to be married ... over.5 That April, Agnes wrote Ernest a letter breaking off their engagement by telling him that she had fallen in love with someone else. Once again Ernest fell into depression. He started writing angry letters to his friends from Italy who knew Agnes. He wrote about the terrible things that he hoped would befall her.6 Some time later Ernest learned that Agnes' engagement had been broken off, but ...
127: Dyslexia
... dys” (meaning poor or inadequate) and “lexis” (word or language). Dyslexia is a learning disability characterized by problems in expressive or receptive, oral or written language. It is characterized by extreme difficulty learning and remembering letters, written or spoken words, and individual letter sounds. Extremely poor spelling and illegible handwriting are common symptoms. Problems may emerge in reading, spelling, writing, speaking, or listening. Dyslexia is not a disease, therefore it doesn ... in language processing distinguish them as a group. This means that the dyslexic has problems translating language to thought (as listening or reading) or thought to language (as in writing or speaking). Dyslexics sometimes reverse letters and words (b for d, saw for was). In speech, some dyslexics reverse meanings (hot for cold, front seat for back seat) or word sounds (merove for remove). Here is a test to see if ... are some of the most common signs: * Lack of awareness of sounds in words, sound order, rhymes, or sequence syllables * Difficulty decoding words - single word identification * Difficulty encoding words - spelling * Poor sequencing of numbers, of letters in words, when read or written, e.g.; b-d; sing - sign; left - felt; soiled - solid; 12-21 * Problems with reading comprehension * Difficulty expressing thought in written form * Delayed spoken language * Imprecise or incomplete ...
128: Cigarettes and Their Destruction of the Brain
... front of a computer screen and pressed the space bar when a target letter, among 96, was recognized: smokers, deprived smokers, and nonsmokers, performed equally well. The next test involved scanning sequences of 20 identical letters and as one of the letters was transformed into a different one, responding with the space bar. Nonsmokers responded fastest, and active smokers were faster than those who were deprived from smoking. In the third test, subjects were required to memorize a sequence of letters or numbers, and to respond when they observed the sequence among flashed groupings on the screen. The purpose of this experiment was to test short-term memory: nonsmokers again ranked highest, however, deprived smokers ...
129: Emily Dickinson
... conventional, but she later began to attend to the visual aspects of her work. For example, she arranged and broke lines of verse in highly unusual ways to underscore meaning and she created extravagantly shaped letters of the alphabet to emphasize or play with a poem’s sense. She also incorporated cutouts from novels, magazines, and even the Bible to augment her own use of language. Although few of Dickinson’s poems were formally published during her lifetime, she herself “published” by sending out at least on-third of her poems in more than 1000 letters she wrote to at least 100 different correspondents. The recipients included writer Helen Hunt Jackson, who later published Dickinson’s “Success is counted sweetest” in the volume A Masque of Poets (1878), and Elizabeth Holland ... whose husband was an editor at Charles Scribner’s Sons, a prominent publishing company. Dickinson’s method of binding about 800 of her poems into 40 manuscript books and distributing several hundred of them in letters are now widely recognized as her particular from of self-publication. She also read her poems aloud to several people, including her cousins Louise and Frances Norcross, over a period of three decades.
130: Vincent Van Gogh
... and paintings. Perhaps this was his way to a communion with God. In any case, it was in this crucible that his art was formed. In his short life Van Gogh wrote nearly a thousand letters, often several a day. Most were written to his brother Theo, possibly the one person in the world who understood him. Only to Theo could Van Gogh describe the impressions and feelings that boiled within him. The letters are extraordinary; literary critics have compared them to the works of the great 19th Century Russian masters of "confessional" writing. But even as he was writing so expressively Van Gogh apparently felt that words were ... an ear, he worked himself willfully, his painting interrupted only temporarily. As the anger of each attack passed, he became as bright as ever, painting landscapes, portraits, self-portraits and writing scores of clear, logical letters. Although he was troubled about his lapses, he knew they had not ruined his art. His work was not the work of a madman. His mature style, which flourished at Arles, became even freer; ...

Search results 121 - 130 of 1300 matching essays
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