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111: Themes Of The Color Purple By
... course of the story, we are shown Celie's struggle to find herself, love, confidence, independence, and the courage to fight and fend for herself. The novel is written in first person by Celie through letters that she wrote to both God and her sister Nettie, as well as letters written by Nettie to Celie. Through their letters, we become familiar with their emotions, thoughts, and sense of their reality in an honest and genuine manner. In addition to knowing Celie and Nettie, we become acquainted with their family, friends, and way ...
112: Bartleby And Civil Disobedience
... Turkey and Nipping, he refuses. His boss offers him a home, and he refuses this as well. The ending footnote to Bartleby states that Bartleby s previous profession was a subordinate clerk in the Dead Letters Office in Washington. The dead letters he handled had no association to any living person. Bartleby was accustomed to working at a place where dealing with man is unnecessary. As Thoreau says, Dead letters! Does it not sound like dead men? (Melville 140). Bartleby has no connection with civil disobedience. King and Thoreau s ideas of what civil disobedience is do not match up with the actions of ...
113: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
... psychiatrist for treatment of depression for six months before he finally had the courage to bring up his other ‘₯secret‘¦ problem. Since childhood he had a compulsion to count things. He had to count the letters in words and in people‘¦s names. If the letters added up to any number except 9, he felt a sense of release and could stop counting. He knew it was silly but nevertheless he had a fear that if he did not do this, something bad could happen to his mom or dad. He seemed unable to stop doing this. He did poorly in school because he was distracted by his secret compulsion to count letters when he should be paying attention to the teacher‘¦s lessons. He was later bothered as a teenager by upsetting sacrilegious mental images when he was in church. Having these sacrilegious images made him ...
114: The Works of Clive Staples Lewis
... first nonfiction written for the general reader explaining how God's ways make many suffer but it is all for the good of mankind. Many people know of Lewis from his famous work The Screwtape Letters published in 1942. It is a sarcastic work consisting of 31 letters where an elderly demon, named Screwtape, is instructing his pupil, Wormwood, in the art of torturing a young Christian soul (Safra 312). The Abolition of Man was published in 1943, dealing with "the poisoning of ... About C.S. Lewis. Online.). The World's Last Night published in 1960 displayed his thoughts on how prayers and the belief in God affect people (Safra 312). In 1963 before his death, he finished Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer where he discusses the dialogue of man talking to God through prayer; however it was not published until 1964. The last three of his theologies were not published till ...
115: Emily Dickinson 6
... impact on Dickinson's life was Reverend Charles Wadsworth. She met him in Philadelphia on a road trip she took to see her father with her sister. They became very close friends, and they wrote letters to each other. Thomas Wentworth Higginson was an author and a critic. Emily sent her poems to him for criticism. He told her about anonymous publication for her poems, but advised her not to publish ... several significant relationships. Emily began to dress in all white, resembling a bride. Around the age of thirty, she rarely saw anyone. She lived in her room and garden. She would communicate with people through letters. She only wrote to a select few. Nearly every letter she wrote would have a poem included. Her family and a few close friends would stand at her bedroom door, which was ajar, to talk ... and nature. Emily wrote many poems for close friend, Susan. In these poems, she expressed her love for Susan, her desire to hold and kiss her, and her sorrow being without Susan. These poems and letters have led some people to think Emily was a lesbian. Dickinson had her greatest poetic output during the Civil War. She wrote around eight hundred poems in this time. To go along with this ...
116: Congresswoman Rep. Maxine Wate
... those responsible for creating the devastating drug addition, sales, gun-running, violence, and death associated with crack cocaine." In an attempt to pursue the investigation against the CIA, Rep. Waters issued many statements, testimonies, and letters to inform the political community as well as the American community that " we must demand information, accountability, and justice" if we seek the truth (press release 9/13/96). The four speeches that I will ... Maxine Waters Letter to Janet Reno, (2) Press Conference on CIA/Contra/Crack Connection, (3) Testimony by Maxine Waters, and (4) Letter to Honorable Henry J. Hyde. Using Kenneth Burke Rhetoric of Form, the speeches, letters and press conference released by Waters all took on the Syllogistic Form. Waters used evidence that she had acquired from the Webb series, research by various committees and her own investigation to arrive at a ... way which disproportionately impacts African-American and Latino males." The style of this letter was written like the style of the letter written to Janet Reno. The only difference was that the goals of the letters were different. Waters again used her personal experiences as well as her life in South Central to encourage Hyde to continue with the investigation. The format, writing style, use of language and Feminine Style ...
117: Word Processing
... the screen as if they were being typed on paper. He difference is that they can be easily altered as soon as they have been keyed in. Corrections are made first, usually to modify individual letters or words (corrections to the rough draft). This can be printed off for consideration or it may just be called up on the screen again. At this point substantial changes may be made, such as editing any line of text. ( If a word is deleted, the rest of the line moves up to fill the gap; if a word or letters are to the inserted, the line moves along automatically to create the extra space.) Whole lines can be inserted or deleted. In some instances whole paragraphs can be moved from one location in the text ... should be selected to suit the age of the children and three programs of the many good ones available are mentioned here - Primary Pen, Wordwise and View. Primary Pen has advantages for the very young. Letters on the screen appear as double height and they are green on a black background to make them particularly legible. There is space for only thirty three characters in a line and seven lines ...
118: Christmas History
... ancestor is a certain pagan spirit who regularly appeared in medieval mummer's plays. The old-fashioned Father Christmas was depicted wearing long robes with sprigs of holly in his long white hair. Children write letters to Father Christmas detailing their requests, but instead of dropping them in the mailbox, the letters are tossed into the fireplace. The draft carries the letters up the chimney, and theoretically, Father Christmas reads the smoke. Gifts are opened Christmas afternoon. From the English we get a story to explain the custom of hanging stockings from the mantelpiece. Father Christmas ...
119: Ford Motor Company
... you want to be assured the car is cared for and maintained to ensure their safety? At the top of the ad is a picture of a home, with the words "Come Home" in bold letters. Ford is conveying the message that you can belong to the "Ford family" and be assured of Quality Care for any type of maintenance or repair. It's like having a mechanic in the family ... car. If you stand back and look at the block of text at the bottom of the page, the words "CAR PROTECTION", "ANTI-THEFT", "ELECTRONIC SIGNAL", "FORD MOTOR COMPANY", "WORLD", "CUSTOMERS" are in all capital letters to make them stand out. Ford wants the consumer to focus on what they feel is important. The WORLD-wide FORD MOTOR COMPANY provides their CUSTOMERS CAR PROTECTION with their new ANTI-THEFT device which ... BUILT". This portrays the image of Escort as a well built vehicle, thereby appealing to the buyers rational buying behaviors. On each page of the add there appears a phrase that is written in rolling letters which further portrays the image of the Escort as a young, fun car. The message in these phrases appeal to both the buyers rational and emotional buying behaviors. The first phrase reads: "It's ...
120: Streetcar Desire
... jewelry in the trunk and gets all worked up, refusing to pamper her as Stella would have him. He throws Blanche's possessions around, violating her trunk with all its clothes, jewelry (and her love letters): Now will you just open your eyes to this stuff here. Now I mean, what - has she got this stuff out of teacher's pay?...Will you look at these fine feathers and furs that ... Stanley, or anyone else on earth. He insists on knowing where her papers are, insensitive to her frail emotional condition. In a tin box which contains most of her papers, he first finds her love letters, snatching them from her and tossing them around the room. She attempts to reclaim them from being durtied: These are love letters, yellowing with antiquity, all from one boy. Give them back to me!...The touch of your hand insults them!...Now that you've touched them I'll burn them...Poems a dead boy wrote. ...

Search results 111 - 120 of 1300 matching essays
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