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101: Emily Dickinson
... of thinking shaped neither by the church or society. By the time she was twelve, her family moved to a house on Pleasant Street where they lived from 1840 to 1855. Emily was already writing letters, but composed most of her poetry in this home. Emily only left home to attend Mount Holyoke Female Seminary for two semesters. Though her stay there was brief, she impressed her teachers with her courage ... Susan and their daughter Martha. Emily and Susan became so close that many people believe they may have been lovers. A rumor perpetuated by the fact that Emily was known to have written many love letters and poems to Susan. Martha attempted to protect both of their images and suppress the rumors. It became common knowledge that Emily had some type of very strong feelings for Susan. At the age of ... was dressed in a new white gown and had a strand of violets placed about her neck. Before she died, Emily left specific instructions for her sister and a housemaid, Maggie to destroy all the letters she had received and saved. The box of packets and poems was found with these letters, but Emily had not said anything about destroying them. Her sister Lavina was determined to have these published, ...
102: Walt Whitmen
... Oak Growing” and “To a Stranger” are two poems that explain his loneliness and his wanting of a companion. Whitman uses people and objects to symbolize his thoughts and feelings. Calamus is a series of letters written during the years 1868 to 1880 by Whitman to a young Civil War companion, Peter Doyle, the unsophisticated Washington horsecar conductor. The letters have been published under the appropriate title Calamus, as they constitute a record of precisely the kind of relationship Whitman meant to describe by that title. “ The terms of endearment Whitman uses in these letters are lavish and suggest metaphorically the character of the emotion motivating his attachment” (Allen 25). It is difficult to challenge the purity and spirituality of the feelings Whitman and Doyle had for each other. ...
103: Mark Twain 2
... language they used in public. William Gibson belies that, Twain developed one of the great styles in the English language because he had a firm grasp of the American vernacular (qtd. in Long 205). His letters to the Keokuk Papers in St. Louis proved to be most successful for Clemens. He signed these letters with the pseudonym Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass. His narrations made the western readers feel more intelligent by laughing at the character s idiocy. Snodgrass would continue to write letters until the editor refused to pay him. He then decided to leave the city and travel along the Mississippi River in a steamboat. By the middle of 1857, Clemens had made five runs up ...
104: Cicero
... near Caieta on December 7. His head and hands were displayed on the rostra, the speakers' platform at the Forum, at Rome. From Cicero's correspondence between 67 and July 43 BC more than 900 letters survive, and, of the 835 written by Cicero himself, 416 were addressed to his friend, financial adviser, and publisher, Titus Pomponius Atticus, and 419 to one or other of some 94 different friends, acquaintances, and relatives. The number constitutes only a small portion of the letters that Cicero wrote and received. Many letters were suppressed for political reasons after Cicero's death. Cicero made his reputation as an orator in politics and in the law courts, where he preferred appearing for the defense and generally spoke last ...
105: Network Security
... Inc, http://www.zdnet.com/zdtv/cybercrime/spyfiles/jump/0,3698,2127639,00.html information collected on 22/02/99) Appendix B Good password means difficult to guess, have both UppEr case and loWeR case letters contain special characters and numbers such as #109$28%G8, it should be easy to remember so users do not need to write anywhere, more than six characters long, it should be typed quickly. So ... the keyboard. Good passwords also include some techniques such as 1) If there are too short words can be combined with a special character or number such as eye-brow . 2) Substitution of numbers for letters such as g1n0la instead of ginola . The characteristic of bad passwords 1) Persons name or spouse s, parents, pet s, child s, friends, boss s and any bodies name. 2) A word in the English dictionary or a place. 3) Passwords of all same letters and it should always differ from login name and old password. 4) Never change back to the initial password assigned by the computer services for example IT-Centre. (http://www.8j.net/local_forms/ ...
106: Cyrano de Bergerac
... with Roxane, Christian sets out on a mission and dies. Cyrano never gets to tell her that it is really him that she has fallen in love with and it was he who wrote the letters because their conversation was interrupted when Christian is brought back dead. Not telling Roxane that it was him and not proclaiming his love to her then was Cyrano's tragic flaw and he suffered tremendously ... He is a hero because he helps many people including the baker and Christian. He helps the baker fight one hundred men in order to get into his house and he helps Christian by writing letters to Roxane and talking to Roxane for him. Cyrano also takes very little credit for the deeds he has done and this is another thing that makes him a hero. "I Know that it will ... In the end, because of this letter, the play ends up not being a tragedy. Cyrano begins to read this letter before he dies and Roxane figures out that it was he who wrote the letters and he she had spoken to that night on the balcony even thought Cyrano still denies it and his love for her.
107: The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn
... enough to survive the winter. But although times were tough he was always able to make his colleagues and himself laugh dur'in the worst of times. Dur'in this period Sam would write humorous letters to Orion. Well Orion knew of his li'l brothers problems. In an attempt to help him he showed Sam's letters to the local paper. The owner of the Territorial Enterprise found exactly what he wanted (137). It was August when Sam started writ'in for the paper. But prior to writ'in a stitch Sam ... books but this was by far the most excellent thing that was ever written, and I can't help lik'in the name of it! It sold like a madman, bring'in Sam tons of letters and comments bout his novel. After write'in many famous books Sam did someth'in he had been long'in for. Sam returned to the Mississippi. There he met up with some ole friends ...
108: Dyslexia
... are reading, spelling/writing and math. When a dyslexic person reads he/she may experience dizziness, headaches and/or stomach aches. Reading for pleasure is out of the question. “They may get confused by individual letters and numbers, whole words and especially by sequential information. What is mainly know is that while reading, the person shows repetition, transpositions, additions, omissions, substitutions, and reversal in letters and words” (Wilkins URL). When reading in a small group in the first grade, they rely on other readers to say the words first, then they copy. As they get older they can read well ... while some even have trouble with over and under. The spelling is usually bad, because they tend to spell phonetically and inconsistently. They are easily distracted by sounds others might not even notice. Frequently reversing letters or placing them in the wrong order in words is very common” (Wilkins URL). Because students have trouble writing down information that is in their head, they are allowed (in some schools) to dictate ...
109: The Tories
... Tory being tarred and feathered. The cartoon was obviously drawn by someone who supported the Tories because the faces of the men attacking the Tory look evil and demonic. This leads us to the two letters one written by a Tory woman and the other by a rebel. Ann Hulton, the Tory woman, describes the tar and feathering of a man in horrible detail on January 31, 1774. She claims that ... hours that Hulton describes. He doesn t describe what this punishment is but I m sure it wasn t as bad as the near-death experience that Ann Hulton described in her letter. These two letters show how two people who support different causes can describe an event in a way that sort of supports how they feel about what is happening, whether it s totally true or not. Graebner, William, Leonard Richards. Silencing the Tories. The American Record. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1995. Hulton, Ann. Letters of a Loyalist Lady 1767-1776, Cambrige, Mass., 1927, pp70-72. Force, Peter, ed., American Archives: Fourth Series, 6 vols., M. St. Clair Clarke and Peter Force, Washinton, D.C., 1837-1846, Vol.IV, ...
110: Lord Bryon Research Paper 10 P
... www.jamm.com) He fought a battle with obesity as well and often starved himself eating only one small meal per day. He seemed obsessed with food, as well as being a picky eater. His letters to others as well as his journals, indicate that he practiced starvation. In his overnight success with the epic poem Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage (1812) which led Byron to remark later that “I awoke and ... completely respectable and entirely incompatible wife never to return. He wandered Europe fighting for freedoms and ta ng his loves where he found them. The correspondence and journals of Byron fill six volumes, and his letters have been described as “wildly exclamatory, heavily underlined, with pages blotted and blistered with tears. Here is just one of the many love let rs he had written to a young women he had fallen ... all events. But I more than love you, and cannot cease to love you. Think of me, sometimes, when the Alps and ocean divide us, but they never will, unless you wish it. (Lord Bryron letters P.1 www.rjgeib.com/throughts/byron/byron.html One of Byron’s most well know long poems was “Don Jaun” the story of Don Juan first appears in an old Spanish legend concerning ...

Search results 101 - 110 of 1300 matching essays
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