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91: The Internet Contributes To The Process Of Globalization
The Internet Contributes To The Process Of Globalization The Internet acts as a tool of communication, a disseminator of knowledge and a provider of services. It has proliferated almost every segment of society and is arguably the most powerful catalyst in the globalization process. There is a growing concern that the Internet will bring about or increase the presence of a "McWorld". That is to say a world saturated by U.S. popular culture and marketing strategies where mass entertainment products etc. are leveled to the ...
92: Internet and Censorship
Internet and Censorship The Internet has developed into a vast basin of knowledge with many users contributing to its growth. With the growth of the Internet, many people have seen is as a source to express one's ideas to the public. Some would even view the Internet as a virtual community, and say it is a democracy. People argue ...
93: Internet Concepts
Antecedentes Intranets Probablemente se habrá encontrado más de una vez con el término "intranet". Aunque una intranet comparte con Internet una gran cantidad de características, al menos en una de ellas, es básicamente diferente. De la misma manera que Internet está teniendo un efecto profundo en la manera en que nos comunicamos, la intranet promete transformar el mundo corporativo. Compañías tan variadas como Ford, Silicon Graphics y Tyson Foods han implementado todas ellas esta tecnología, mejorando la productividad al tiempo que reducen costes. ¿Pero qué es una intranet? Es posible imaginarla como una Internet interna diseñada para ser usada dentro de una compañía, universidad u organización. Lo que distingue a una intranet de la gratuitamente accesible Internet, es que las intranets son privadas. Confidencial Hasta hace muy poco ...
94: Social Impact Of The Internet
By: gus Introduction The advent of Internet communication technology is in and of itself, a positive move toward overall global advancement, but the costly social impact is what concerns Lebanese families and sociologists alike. This fear is further amplified by the anticipated social disintegration that may result. The positive aspects of the Internet: As a result of the Internet there is almost nothing that cannot be accomplished from the comfort of one's own home; grocery shopping, buying merchandise, paying bill, researching for term papers and even striking up relationships with people half ...
95: Does The Internet Foster Isola
One of the most talked, known and controversial issues today is the Internet. Internet is a large network made up of a number of smaller networks. Almost every computer in an educational facility and in home and small office use is connected to some type of a network. People spent a lot of time on the Internet, which may make them seem isolated. However, the Internet does not foster isolation, because it may be used for many different things like communication, education, problem solving and etc. The concept for the Internet ...
96: Internet Laws
Internet Laws Who has that right to make them? The Internet is an international network of interconnected computers. It is the outgrowth of what began in 1969 as a military program called "ARPANET," which was designed to enable computers operated by the military, defense contractors, and ... a number of civilian networks that, eventually linking with each other, now enable tens of millions of people to communicate with one another and to access vast amounts of information from around the world. The Internet is "a unique and wholly new medium of worldwide human communication." The Internet wasn't started by just one man it was a collection of many men who worked for the government of the ...
97: Hooked on the Internet
Hooked on the Internet How do you know when you're addicted to the Internet? You tilt your head sideways to smile. You dream in HTML. Your wife says communication is important in a marriage, so you buy another computer and a second phone line so the two of you can chat…. The above list of "symptoms" can be heard in various permutations as often as the "blond" jokes. For many people the very idea of being addicted to Internet is enough to produce smiles and laughter. Even the term "Internet Addiction Disorder" was coined by a sarcastic psychiatrist who thought some of his colleagues were going over the top when they started to ...
98: Privacy and the Internet
Privacy and the Internet Abstract On Privacy And The Internet Introduction To Privacy And The Internet What Is Privacy And The System Operator UVA Policy On Privacy/Computer Usage What Is The Electronic Communications Privacy Act It All Comes Back To The System Operator What Other Privacy Laws Exist What ...
99: Internet History Report
Internet History Report The Internet was created in 1969 by scientists working for ARPA. ARPA stands for advanced research projects agency, and was formed to create a network of computers that could save information in the event of a nuclear attack. UCLA, Stanford Research Institute (SRI), UC Santa Barbara (UCSB), and the University of Utah in Salt Lake City were the first ARPANET locations. The ARPANET is what is now called the Internet. The plan was unprecedented: A professor at UCLA, and his small group of graduate students hoped to log onto the Stanford computer and try to send it some data. They would start by typing " ...
100: Computer Ergonomics In The Work Place
... unl.edu/ee/eeshop/rsi.html iii URL address : http://www.micronite.com/ Glossary CGI "Common Gateway Interface". A standard protocol which allows HTML based forms to send field contents to a program on the Internet for processing. It also allows the receiving program to respond by sending an HTML response document. Email "Electronic Mail". An electronic document similar to a piece of mail in that it is sent from one ... A program or device which serves as an intelligent and secure router of network data packets. These mechanisms are configured to restrict the flow of packets in different directions (i.e. to and from the Internet) based on the system addresses (a.k.a. IP addresses) of the connected computers. FTP "File Transfer Protocol". A program or feature popularly used over the Internet to transfer files between computers. Hacker A person who deliberately breaks into computer systems for entertainment, gain, or spite. The most sophisticated hackers spend all of their time breaking into computers. The risk that ...

Search results 91 - 100 of 1468 matching essays
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