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71: Internet Access
Internet Access It would be helpful to provide a brief historical summary of the Internet before jumping into the different means of accessing "The Net". The Internet was developed primarily by Vinton Cerf, an American computer scientist, in 1973 as a part of a United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency project managed by American Engineer, Robert Kahn. In ...
72: Journalism on the Internet
Journalism on the Internet The common forms of media in today's world each have both advantages and disadvantages. The Internet has been around for an almost equal amount of time as most of them, but only recently has it become a popular way of retrieving information. The Internet takes the best of all other medium and combines them into a very unique form. The Internet is the best way to retrieve information. This combination of paper publishing, TV, radio, telephones, and mail ...
73: Managing Information Systems
... of schools developed their own network in which they could communicate with each other and devices were designed to make networks within offices possible using a technology called Ethernet. Throughout the eighties the newly designed internet was mainly used by science foundations, colleges, and the government as they worked together with growing computer and telephone companies to help advance the technology. It wasn t until the early nineties when the Internet started to look the way it does now, with the first Internet society and the founding of the World Wide Web in 1991. Since then the Internet has been growing, getting faster, and finding its way into more and more peoples lives every day. Over 2. ...
74: Children And The Internet
Children and the Internet Many children nowadays use, or at least have access to the internet. But most people are blinded by all the benefits of the internet, and fail to notice any of the problems that can come from overuse. Since the internet is a new technology, not many studies have been done to determine how beneficial or detrimental it can ...
75: The Information Super Highway
... link and a naked woman appears on his screen. The boy quickly turns around but he is alone. Engrossed in this picture with no one to scold him, he finds a new area of the Internet. He continues to navigate through this page of nude women and hears a noise. His mother opens the door to his room but it’s too late, the navigation window has already been closed and mom has no idea what her little child had been looking at. With a world of information and no way to monitor it, the Internet makes life informative as well as interesting limited only by each click of the mouse. The Internet is difficult to limit because the devices used today are not capable of monitoring such a vast new medium. Any new medium must go through investigation and must be explored to see the full ...
76: History Of The Internet
... USSR has just launched the first artificial earth satellite. In response America launches the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) within the Department of Defense (DOD) to create America’s lead in science and technology. The Internet had its humble beginnings here, within ARPA’s many projects. The Internet has become one of the key symbols of today’s pop culture: everything has a “dot com” address; people do not say “call me,” but instead its “I’ll E-mail you;” and the new word on the stock market is “E-business.” The Internet has not always been such a key figure in American life; in fact it was mostly unheard of until recently. The theory for the Internet first started being published in 1961 with Leonard Kleinrock’ ...
77: Internet
... uses of electronic devices and other high-tech equipment to produce and progress knowledge into the future. Today, in 1998, the number one technique of tying business into technology would be the use of the Internet. The Internet is a computer application that connects tens of thousands of interconnected computer networks that include 1.7 million host computers around the world. The basis of connecting all these computers together is by the use ... users at there own will for a small connection fee per month. The connection conveniently includes unlimited access to over a million web sites twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Since the Internet can be accessed by millions of people all time, it would be a great incentive for businesses. The Internet can help businesses in number of extraordinary ways. First, the Internet is an excellent way ...
78: The Inter(esting)net
The Inter(esting)net With only 1000 or so networks in the mid 1980's, the Internet has become tremendous technological change to society over the past few years. In 1994, more than twenty-five million people gained access to the Internet (Groiler..). The Internet users are mainly from the United States of America and Europe, but other countries around the world will be connected soon as improvements of communication lines are made. The Internet originated in the United ...
79: Online Censorship
... free. In the past it was assumed a country could control information content within its borders. Films, newspapers, even broadcasts were restricted by governmental limitations. However, all that has changed with the advent of the Internet. The Internet presents challenges and issues that were not there to such an extent before, such as censorship. Can the Internet be censored, and who, if anyone should be liable for the content on the Internet? Government censorship of the Internet in my opinion would not only be wrong, it would be virtually impossible. On ...
80: Who Is Free To Choose
Who Is Free To Choose? The Internet started out as a tool for transmitting information to learn and study. Free expression on the Internet is one of the things that makes the Internet so great. People can get information on a subject from many different areas. This gives the chance for people to see an issue form other points of view. The Internet has developed into a ...

Search results 71 - 80 of 1468 matching essays
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