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221: Hiding Behind A Computer
Hiding behind a Computer Are computers and the Internet redefining human identity as people explore the boundaries of their personalities, adopt multiple selves, and form online relationships that can be more intense than real ones? Is the World Wide Web redefining our sense of community and where we find our peers? The answer is simple. An individual should not use a false identity to produce a life on the Internet. They should also avoid using an online life to influence their identity in real life. Gender swapping is one way which the Internet has the ability to change ones identity. There have been many cases where someone has logged onto the Internet, and they have presented their identity as the opposite sex from what they really are. ...
222: Computer Crime 2
... is computer literate can become a computer criminal. He or she is everyman, everywoman, or even everychild. The crime itself will often be virtual in nature--sometimes recorded, more often not--occurring only on the Internet, with the only record being electronic impulses. Before discussing Internet crimes, we can expect to see in the years ahead, let's look at the good news: The most-dreaded types of offenses--crimes such as murder, rape, assault, robbery, burglary, and vehicle theft--will ... are seen only as nuisances or even admired as innovators or computer whizzes. But increasingly, the "hacker" is being replaced by the menacing "cracker"--an individual or member of a group intent on using the Internet for illegal profit or terrorism. Access to the Internet has begun to expand geometrically, and technology is making the Internet even more friendly and affordable for millions of users. But foolproof protective systems can ...
223: Bloods Importance In Macbeth
... this earth, where we humans play out our lives. Because of Duncan's murder, the stage is bloody and the heavens are angry. These are some incidents of blood in Macbeth. In the article by Internet Source 1, the author tells us how Duncan s blood has no effect on Lady Macbeth and that she is pour evil. While Macbeth has horrifying visions, Lady Macbeth seems cool and literal minded. To her, Duncan's blood is just something to be washed off her hands. Worrying over things you cannot alter is a waste of time, she says (Internet Source 1). The site of Duncan s blood on Macbeth s hands has turned him crazy. Unlike Macbeth, Lady Macbeth is unaffected by the blood at this point in the play, to her it is ... The blood that Macbeth sees is driving him mad. When he sees the floating dagger it is dripping with blood. Then suddenly, the dagger appears to be covered with blood. Has Macbeth lost his mind? (Internet Source 1) To the reader and to Macbeth himself, he has lost his mind. The blood, which he sees, is that of Duncan who he will kill later. The blood plays a major part ...
224: Thomas Jefferson
... to war with France to gain control of the territory. Initially, Jefferson, through his minister of France, Robert R. Livingston, offered Napoleon $2 million for a small stretch of land on the lower Mississippi River (internet). There, Americans could build their own seaport. Impatient at the lack of news, Jefferson sent James Monroe to Paris to offer $10 million for New Orleans and West Florida. In the letter to Mr. Monroe ... scale, has stamped with the evidences of her destination and their duty.” (Schachner, p.344) Almost at the same time and unknown to Jefferson, France had offered all of Louisiana to Livingston for $15 million (internet). However, Jefferson temporarily set aside his idealism to tell his supporters in Congress that “what is practicable must often control what is pure theory (Bober, p.323).” The purchase of this land would bring about ... judgement made by Jefferson. Jefferson’s decision was made in consideration of bettering the country. He never made a decision in which he thought would not be in the best interests of the American people (internet). The key to understanding Jefferson is to realize that his expression of ideals, principles, political opinions, and his vision of American republicanism is always bolder than the thoroughgoing pragmatism that characterized his actions (Rayner, ...
225: The Future of Fiber Optics on the Internet
The Future of Fiber Optics on the Internet Over the Centuries, the science of communication has evolved in such degrees that normal means of communicating are no longer feasible. Communicating has risen in forms of data, video and voice transmission to such speeds ... production. With the increased carrying capacity of fiber optics, it will allow for faster streams of information to be read. Full videos and TV shows will be able to be viewed on computers with an Internet connection. Dial up times will be drastically reduced as will download times. The faster speeds will increase productivity and economic competitiveness. Its impact is so great, that it threatens the eminence of satellite long distance ... transatlantic fiber optic cable will only need three repairs in 25 years. It can be said that fiber optics will be the carrying medium for future networking. Bibliography Chrein, Lloyd. "The Potential Spoiler: Wireless Communications". Internet, 1996 Beamon, Brent. "Fiber Optic Technology in Telephone Transmission". Internet, 1997 Mai, Thien H and Tulay, Preston M Tulay. "Presentation of Fiber Optics". Internet, 1998
226: Cystic Fibrosis
... in which CF is located, new medicines and new therapies will hopefully be invented. Perhaps in the next century, we can say that cystic fibrosis is completely abolished. Bibliography "About Cystic Fibrosis." March 11, 1997. Internet. "AKL And Cystic Fibrosis." March 11, 1997. Internet. "Aradigm Awarded Grant From National Institutes of Health." March 10, 1997. Internet. "British Team Close to Cystic Fibrosis Gene Therapy." March 4, 1997. Internet. "CF Ibuprofen Lab: General Information for Physicians." April 7, 1997. Internet. "Cystic Fibrosis." November 27, 1995. Internet. "Facts about cystic fibrosis." September ...
227: Austrailian Aborigines
... the British in the late 1600's, large group of natives called Aborigines lived there. They received the name Aborigine due to the translation of the word "the people who were here from the beginning" (Internet, Aboriginal history and culture). The Australian Aborigines occupied the entire Australian continent, which included the large island of Tasmania. By the time the British arrived, the Aborigines established a culture to include Art, multiple languages ... for the Aborigines. (See Picture) The most important possession of the Aborigines is the land they live on. They have a special connection with everything that is natural. Aborigines see themselves as part of nature (Internet, Culture and Art). They see Ayers rock as a spiritual site because the rock rises from the land with nothing else in site. The Ayers rock was recently given back to the Aborigines, October 1985 ... to government-owned land leased out for farming and mining activity (so-called pastoral leases). About 40 percent of Australia are leased land. The 4-to-3 decision started heavy discussions between all groups. (Source-Internet, Chronology of legislation) The Aboriginal Flag was designed by Harold Thomas in 1971. The Flag was designed to be an eye-catching rallying symbol for the Aboriginal people and a symbol of their race ...
228: Agenda Setting
By: Trevor Agenda Setting in the Internet The 2000 Presidential Elections are upon us and who do we turn to for information regarding the candidates? What issues will be the hot topics for the election race? For that matter, what will be ... and stories on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis. This process is known as agenda setting. Television, radio, and print medias all use agenda setting, but what about a new media, such as the Internet? Let’s begin by understanding agenda setting and its place in mass media theory. The early ideas of agenda setting have been around for decades. Lippmann made reference to the first ideas of agenda setting ... NAACP initiated the focus on the Confederate Flag and then the media incorporated this issue in its agenda setting. Agenda setting is evident in a variety of media. But what about the newest media, the Internet? As the Internet becomes an ever-present media, it becomes a new test for the agenda setting theory. The Internet is a vast source of information. It, like any other media, contains both factual ...
229: Intergrating Technology And Le
... to each of your bank accounts. With these funds, please schedule a proper etiquette seminar for your employees. The seminar should include proper communication techniques and phone etiquette on the agenda. You may use the Internet to find seminars or people who conduct these types of seminars nearyour location. Thank you for your time and continued work throughout the year. Please find an attachment to this email. It is an evaluation ... month, please have these sheets emailed or faxed back to me concerning the results of our present efforts to clear this matter. Sincerely, Pamela Sheen Then, she electronically transfers funds from the company s main Internet banking account into each of the locations accounts. With that, the President resolved the problem and now their organization is growing faster than ever! Technology wasn t used directly, but indirectly in that it was ... actions were that it was much easier to insult someone online than when that same person is standing in front of them. Clearly, mentors do not hold this same principle and orderly conduct on the Internet is just as necessary as it is for personal interaction. Following the above-named guidelines when writing email or using other forms of grammar-based technology will aid in the mentoring aspect of leadership. ...
230: The Death Penalty Is An Inappropriate Punishment That Must Be Abolished
... die. To do so is simply immoral. Our society can no longer continue to advocate such immoral actions, so we must abolish capital punishment. WORKS CITED Bedau, Hugo Adam. “The Case Against the Death Penalty.” Internet. 12 Dec. 1998. Available http://www.acusd.edu/ethics/Bedau.html The Bible. New Revised Standard Version. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan Publishing House, Inc., 1994. Blackmun, Harry A. “The Death Penalty is Legally Unjust.” Rpt ... Penalty: An Outsider’s View.” Editorial. America. 6 June 1998: 3. MAS FullTEXT Premier. Available http://www.epnet.com. “Death Penalty Issue Addressed by Special Rapporteur.” UN Chronicle. Vol. 35 1998: 72. MAS FullTEXT Premier. Internet. Available http://www.epnet.com. DiIulio, John J. Jr., and Thomas Sowell. “The Death Penalty is a Deterrent.” Rpt. in Opposing Viewpoints: The Death Penalty. Eds. David Bender and Bruno Leone. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, Inc., 1997. “Execution Statistics Summary-State and Year.” 7 Dec. 1998. Internet. 8 Dec. 1998. Available http://www.smu.edu/~deathpen/summary.html. Gerlenter, David. “What Do Murderers Deserve.” Commentary. April 1998: 21+. MAS FullTEXT Premier. Internet. Available http://www.epnet.com. Lane, Charles. “Lethal Objection.” ...

Search results 221 - 230 of 1468 matching essays
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