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171: Internet Junkies
We have all seen the pictures, in our head and on television, of the typical Internet junkie: alone in the dark, he sits glued to the soft glow of the computer screen, hand on the mouse, eyes glaring into the screen. His eyes flutter through the endless web pages and online ... He is a heavy set person, usually due to the endless hours sitting relaxed, not moving, accumulating bulk over time. People like this are usually in their teens or twenties - the age premier of the Internet addiction spending their golden years in a trance. He has withdrawn himself from society, settling into his little world consisting of a computer, modem, and the vast, sprawling network named "the Internet" which is everywhere, but nowhere. The world in which you hear a lot about, but never see. The place which is quickly becoming our world, not just their playground. In some people's opinions, ...
172: E-Commerce
... it already. Thus, the efficiency will be greatly improved. With an e-commerce solution, the business will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People from anywhere in the world with an Internet access will be able to visit the site at any time. They will not be restricted to the "normal" business operating hours. A "brick + mortar" business is normally limited to serving the customers in its ... not be limited a geographical restriction, rather it opens itself to the global on-line market. Essentially, the business' market exposure will be greatly increased. In conducting my study, I have researched extensively on the Internet for resources. I chose the Internet as my primary research medium because e-commerce is still a fairly new technology. Since it is technology related, the Internet will provide the most recent data available. Printed publications will not be able ...
173: An Internet Perspective
... signal, but would prove to be a bigger help than originally imagined. Consequently, this basic networking of computers would soon develop into something much bigger and more vast than what had originally been envisioned. The Internet has become a fast and efficient way of connecting people of all cultures and locals. This in turn has given rise to an entirely unique from of business practice and consumer buying power. Social interactions between all types of peoples from around the world have also become more wide spread. The Internet has become a hotbed of business activity, a virtual shopping mall, a social paradise, and a culture all wrapped up in a neat little package. Despite these advantages, this synthetic global connection with its massive ... an avoidance of direct social contact and alienation. The power to access both the business and social world from the average user's home hinders the desire to connect with the outside physical world. The Internet serves many purposes, but has specifically altered the standard economic practices of businesses previously dependant on direct social contact in attracting and maintaining a healthy clientele. For instance, the use of email to communicate ...
174: The Internet
The Internet The big essay is due day after tomorrow, and you haven't even began to gather information on your topic. Your family didn't bother to buy a set of encyclopedias, and there is no way to get to a library before the essay is due. There is no hope of getting a passing grade, right? But wait, you have a computer, a modem, and the internet! You are saved! All you have to do is log on the internet, type in a keyword about your topic, and search. Instantly, you can get tons of information about your topic. The internet links people together into a web of networks and shared software using computer ...
175: Attraction Of The Internet
... their status in life everyone at some point feels they need to just escape. Now through technology most individuals need to look no farther than their own computers and network of possibilities that is the internet. The illusion of actually being able to go somewhere else is very appealing. The internet allows people to 'meet' others like themselves, to research almost any topic ever written about, or to play entertaining games. The term 'cyberspace' was coined because the illusion is so convincing that people become under ... way the attraction is there and because of that people always seem to find their way back. The ability to talk and interact with people that otherwise would be impossible conventionally holds many possibilities. The internet has become a virtual matchmaker. Lonely people can reach out and find others with the same interests, hobbies, and goals without actually leaving their houses. This a very cheap alternative to dating. Chatting allows ...
176: The Communications Decency Act
... due, not only to its vagueness, but mostly due to the fact that the government is infringing on our freedom of speech, may it be indecent or not. The Communications Decency Act, also know by Internet users as the CDA, is an Act that aims to remove indecent or dangerous text, lewd images, and other things deemed inappropriate from public areas of the net. The CDA is mainly out to protect children. In the beginning, the anonymity of the Internet caused it to become a haven for the free trading of pornography. This is mainly what gives the Internet a bad name. There is also information on the Net that could be harmful to children. Information on how to make home-made explosives and similar info such as The Jolly Rodgers and the ...
177: Is Your Information Safe?
... numbers -- which he could then use without your knowledge -- at least until you get that next credit card statement. Richard Bernes, supervisor of the FBI's Hi-Tech squad in San Jose, California, calls the Internet "the unlocked window in cyberspace through which thieves crawl" (Erickson 1). There seems to be an unlimited potential for theft of credit card numbers, bank statements and other financial and personal information transmitted over the Internet. It's hard to imagine that anyone in today's technologically oriented world could function without computers. Personal computers are linked to business computers and financial networks, and all are linked together via the Internet or other networks. More than a hundred million electronic messages travel through cyberspace every day, and every piece of information stored in a computer is vulnerable to attack (Icove-Seger-VonStorch 1). Yesterday's ...
178: The Internet: It Was To Be the Great Equalizer
The Internet: It Was To Be the Great Equalizer The Internet, with its octopus-like, global reach and affordable commercial real estate, was going to rewrite the rules of commerce, giving corporate CEOs and small-time home-business owners even odds at pioneering this digital shopping ... foster never-before seen head-to-head competition between the commercial Davids and Goliaths in a forum where ideas and ingenuity, not just money and clout, marked the boundaries. But as competition builds on the Internet, it appears that equal footing is gradually slipping away beneath small and medium-sized companies. After investing $50,000 just to get a seat at the commercial Internet table a year ago, Baxter Phillip ...
179: Internet
Internet MEMORANDUM Mrs. -----, I understand that some students that have already graduated from College are having a bit of trouble getting their new businesses started. I know of a tool that will be extremely helpful and is already available to them; the Internet. Up until a few years ago, when a student graduated they were basically thrown out into the real world with just their education and their wits. Most of the time this wasn't good enough ... were supposed to learn, or they just didn't have the finances. Then by the time they save sufficient money, they again had forgotten too much. I believe I have found the answer. On the Internet your students will be able to find literally thousands of links to help them with their future enterprises. In almost every city all across North America, no matter where these students move to, they ...
180: History of the Internet
History of the Internet In the beginning of the 1970`s in USA was an older military network called ARPANET converted to Internetvork wish was a network between networks. Accept a few Universities was it foremost enterprices and organisations ... individual servers and main computers. In the end of the 1970`s was almost all american Universities and majority connected to it so called protocol TCP/IP wich to day is the main glue in Internet. In 1985 Internet had grovn to the wolds gratest network and more and more organisation outside USA connected them self to Internet. But still most people haden`t heard of Internet. First under the 90`s Internet ...

Search results 171 - 180 of 1468 matching essays
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