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Immigration to the United States took place in 1962 from Ciudad Juarez Mexico. Members of the family consisted of a husband, a wife and two young boys ages one and four. The husband a skilled cobbler had a good grasp of the English language, although heavily accented. His knowledge of the language was centered around the necessity of business communication. Motivation for immigration was economics. The husband pursued an invitation from a shoe manufacturer to construct custom boots. The family of four moved on to Oxnard California, a new city within a new country, amidst an unfamiliar wave ... and even weighing measurements were unintelligible. Indoor bathrooms, water heaters, and washing machines all further inhibited any outdoor skills and housekeeping activities. The one aspect of life which the family was able to continue after immigration was religion. The family located San Buena Ventura Mission,. The mission gave the family the ability to continue their religious practices without cultural context. Religious interactions lead to a kind of socialization which extended ...
92: The Mafia
... and well organized of all Italian criminal groups. “Like a cancer, the Sicilian approach to crime was metastasizing, sending out its aberrant cells to colonize social tissues elsewhere, especially in the United States” (True Crime). Immigration to the United States, from Italy, began around 1870. “ Of the approximately 5.3 million that have followed, approximately 25 percent came from Sicily” (Italian 4). The mass immigration took place for many reasons. Many wanted to move because of poverty and rampant inflation. Others wanted to move because of social and economic immobility. Another reason for immigration to the United States was because Mussolini thought that the Mafia was a threat to his facist regime. He began an Anti-Mafia campaign. It’s leader was Cesare Mori, who was known as ...
93: Overpopulation And The Economi
... granted, such as food, good soil, water, and because here, everything and the majority of people seem to be so much better off. Another problem that occurs in the developed countries because of overpopulation is immigration. Due to the horrible conditions, many of the less developed countries have, people immigrate to Canada to receive a better life. With immigration the taxes for the country influx. The taxes increase because there are now a greater population, that is unemployed, need schooling, and so on. It is not being assumed that immigrants come to Canada with ... of not working, but for the first few months, the immigrants do not have a job, and it may take awhile for them to settle in and find a job. Also, with the increase in immigration, there is the loss of jobs for original citizens. This occurs for many reasons. These people are willing to work at a lower starting rate, there are sometimes very skilled in one area, they ...
94: Imigration And Discrimination
Beginning in the early nineteenth century there were massive waves of immigration. These "new" immigants were largely from Italy, Russia, and Ireland. There was a mixed reaction to these incomming foreigners. While they provided industries with a cheap source of labor, Americans were both afraid of, and hostile towards these new groups. They differed from the "typical American" in language, customs, and religion. Many individuals and industries alike played upon America's fears of immigration to further their own goals. Leuchtenburg follows this common theme from the beginning of World War I up untill the election of 1928. If there was one man who singlely used America's fear of ... to advance his own political goals it was Attorney General Palmer. The rise of Communism in Russia created a fear of its spread across Europe, and to America. Palmer tied this fear to that of immigration. He denounced labor unions, the Socialist party, and the Communist party in America, as being infultrated with radicals who sought to overturn America's political, economic, and social institutions. Palmer exasperated this fear in ...
95: The Mexican U.S. Connection
... has more illegal drugs than the other, people might try smuggling the drugs. Also, trade between the countries is always a factor in keeping a healthy connection. The first issue to deal with is illegal immigration. Doris Meissner, Immigration and Naturalization Service Commissioner, announced the INS would pump 185 more agents and an array of equipment, including two new helicopters, seven more infrared scopes, eight miles of fencing and 172 additional sensors to detect and deter illegal immigration traffic along a 16-mile stretch between Otay Mountain and the Tecate Port of Entry. The area has been inundated by immigrant smugglers who have been forced east because of increased Border Patrol activity ...
96: American Language
... of English skills obtained in order to become a U.S. citizen should be raised to allow for enough basic English that the person applying can vote, drive, and conduct everyday business in English. As immigration, both legal and illegal, brings a flood of foreign speech into the U.S., a campaign to make English our nation’s official language gathers more and more strength. The importance of preserving our own ... native languages, is not being overlooked. There is, however a major problem with communication and unity within the country. As Roger Hughes, an English Campaign volunteer from California says: We are not trying to stop immigration, but we want those who enjoy staying here to share in the responsibility of learning English, to be a part of the mainstream. And use of a common language is the only way to get ...
97: Affirmative Action In Educatio
... citizen as defined by the United States Census Bureau is someone who traces his or her descent in a direct line to Europe (Beyond the Melting Pot 28). Henry says, "if the current trends in immigration and birth rates persist, the Hispanic population will have further increased an estimated twenty-one percent, the Asian presence about twenty-two percent, African-Americans twelve percent, and Caucasians a little more than two percent, when the 20th century ends (Beyond the Melting Pot 28). Immigration, intermarriage, decrease in white births, and interracial births are all factors causing the Caucasian race to become a minority. Word Count: 1137
98: William Penn And The Quakers
... Callowhill Penn were made the third and fourth honorary citizens of the United States, by act of Congress. On May 8, 1985, the Penns were granted honorary citizenship of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Population and Immigration Indians graphics/treaty.gif graphics/treaty.gifAlthough William Penn was granted all the land in Pennsylvania by the King, he and his heirs chose not to grant or settle any part of it without first ... and a center of intellectual and commercial life. Germans Thousands of Germans were also attracted to the colony and, by the time of the Revolution, comprised a third of the population. The volume of German immigration increased after 1727, coming largely from the Rhineland. The Pennsylvania Germans settled most heavily in the interior counties of Northampton, Berks, Lancaster and Lehigh, and neighboring areas. Their skill and industry transformed this region into ...
99: How Does Arthur Miller Expect
... illegal about Catherine loving Rodolfo. The only thing illegal is the way Rodolfo and Marco got to Red Hook. The only thing that Eddie can do to get rid of Rodolfo is to call the immigration bureau, Eddie knows that doing that, he ll loose his respect and popularity. He doesn t want to do that. Alfieri gives gentle advice to Eddie, to leave them alone. Unfortunately, Eddie s inarticulate, he ... get rid of Rodolfo and keep Catherine, it couldn t be done, and the two were inseparable, if one went, so did the other. A tragedy is now inevitable, Eddie is bound to phone the immigration bureau, this is because they can take Rodolfo but they can t take Catherine. At the end of Act one, the whole family is together in the house, Catherine is singing Rodolfo s praises, They ...
100: The Labor Debate, An American
The Labor Debate: The American Dream Revisited Immigration is one hot topic in modern day conversation. Many believe that immigrants coming to the United States are taking many well-needed jobs away from able-bodied Americans. On the other hand, there are still those that believe that the jobs being taken away are not ones that Americans would perform due to the terrible working conditions, low pay, and lack of medical coverage. The immigration problem has come to a point where the United States must make a decision to spend a lot of money to curtail the amount of immigrants using force and funds of an overbearing amount, or ...

Search results 91 - 100 of 330 matching essays
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