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31: The New Immigration
The New Immigration In 1886 the statue of "Liberty Enlightening the World," a gift from the people of France, was dedicated by President Grover Cleveland. Set at the entrance to New York, the statue was just in time ... who attacked them because of their ethnicity, religion, or politics. The German, Russian, Austro-Hungarian, and Ottoman (Turkish) empires ruled over many different peoples and nationalities and often cruelly mistreated them. Until 1899, U.S. immigration officials asked arrivals which nation they had left, not their religion or ancestry. So oppressed people were listed under the countries from which they fled. Armenians who escaped from Turkey were recorded as Turks, and Jews who had been beaten by mobs in Russia were listed as Russians. This so called "new immigration" was different in many other ways from previous immigration. For the first time, Catholic an Jewish immigrants outnumbered Protestants, and still other arrivals were Muslims, Buddhists, or Greek or Russian Orthodox church members. Until ...
32: Immigration And Population In America
Immigration And Population In America From the 1600’s to the 1860’s, America experienced a massive growth in population numbers. Immigration had played an important role in this progress. However, the American people and their government were not prepared for expansion. Their response was not surprising for a newly founded nation still searching for its’ own identity. William Penn, a British colonial official, encouraged people of Holland, France, and Germany to colonize in the 1680’s. Immigration in the 1700’s was again encouraged greatly by the British. Lax policies on citizenship and high fertility allowed population in these colonies to soar. British colonies allowed any immigrant who declared themselves a ...
33: German Immigration To The Midwest
German Immigration: A story told by the ghosts of the past "The day I left home, my mother came with me to the railroad station.When we said goodbye, she said it was just like seeing me ... and love for a chance of happiness in a new country. This is the story of the German immigrants in 1880-1930 who risked everything on a dream of better things. What caused the German immigration to Ameica between 1870-1930? In this paper I'll answer that question plus: what caused the movement, what happined to them when they arrived, and how did they adapt. I'll also tell some ... was somebody who was greeting them," said one women. A few hours after reaching the Statue they were rushed off of the boat into a place they called Ellis Island. Ellis Island was the main immigration depot to America located just off the coast of New York City. It was a place where thousands of people coming from dozens of countries came through every day. " To me, it was like ...
34: Immigration to America
Immigration to America Immigrants come to America for many reasons. At the turn of the century, they streamed into Ellis island to escape political or religious persecution and poverty. Today immigrants come for many of the ... for freedom. Coming through Ellis island was much easier than through Guatemala, or modern immigrants. At Ellis island they provided a cafeteria, dorms and most important a hospital. In Enrique and rosa's case, their immigration was somewhat secretive, but if there was a legal checkpoint along the way as in Ellis island, they could have seen she was sick and taken her to the hospital and saved her life. Immigrants ... the expectations for the land of milk and honey met? Not usually. The image that they have pieced together from a home magazine is not at all what they find. But if this trend of immigration continues, what will happen? Only the future can tell. Immigration Essay
35: Irish Immigration To Canada
Irish Immigration to Canada The Irish began immigrating to North America in the 1820s, when the lack of jobs and poverty forced them to seek better opportunities elsewhere after the end of the major European wars. When ... of political hardship as basis for the cause of the Famine. The Famine even affected Ireland in years to come by changing its social and cultural traditions profoundly. The Famine also prompted new trends of immigration, hence shaping the histories of both North America and Britain. It also called for an urgent political change in the Irish system (the Irish Republic resulted). When the first ships arrived on the ports of ... the arrival of autumn and the coming of the cold weather, it gradually subsided.¡¨(O¡¦Driscoll and Reynolds, p.167) The officials in Canadian quarantines showed lack of anticipation in not expecting the mass of immigration or the horrible condition of arriving emigrants. Since proper preparations were not made in advance, officials were forced to use emergency measures in order to deal with the crisis. However, when one considers the ...
36: U.S Foreign Policy Toward Jewish Refugees During 1933-1939
... not going to be "dragged" into another war by the British. The Depression had bred increased xenophobia and anti-Semitism, and with upward of 30% unemployment in some industrial areas1, many Americans wanted to see immigration halted completely. It was in this context that the democratic world, led by the United States, was faced with a refugee problem that it was morally bound to deal with. The question then became; what ... the conference was the creation of the Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees (IGCR), which was to be a voluntary organization, totally dependent on private funding. Furthermore, no member of the IGCR would be expected to change immigration policies and quotas. The obvious lack of intended action was summed up in the final communiqué of the conference, "The governments of the countries of refuge and settlement should not assume any obligations for the ... warning that if the United States does not move to act, "other countries of settlement will claim that they are not obligated to commit themselves."7 Secretary Hull cabled back reminding Taylor of the rigid immigration laws and the restrictionist sentiment in Congress. The unwillingness of the U.S. to set the example, allowed for the attending nations to keep their borders closed, hiding behind domestic unemployment, anti-Semitism and, ...
37: American History Immigration and Discrimination in the 1920's
American History Immigration and Discrimination in the 1920's Beginning in the early nineteenth century there were massive waves of immigration. These "new" immigants were largely from Italy, Russia, and Ireland. There was a mixed reaction to these incomming foreigners. While they provided industries with a cheap source of labor, Americans were both afraid of, and hostile towards these new groups. They differed from the "typical American" in language, customs, and religion. Many individuals and industries alike played upon America's fears of immigration to further their own goals. Leuchtenburg follows this common theme from the beginning of World War I up untill the election of 1928. If there was one man who singlely used America's fear ...
38: Immigration To America
In the late 1800's and early 1900's there were massive waves of immigration to America. These new immigrants were largely Italians, Hungarians, Jews, Serbians, Irish, and Slovaks. Fleeing such hardships as poverty, religious persecution, and political unrest in their homelands, immigrants journeyed to the United States in search ... series of about 30 questions that were recorded on lists. These questions included name, age, sex, marital status, occupation, nationality, etc. Several immigrants didn't know how to write or spell their own names, so immigration inspectors created one for them. Passengers were inspected for contagious diseases such as small pox, yellow fever, scarlet fever, and measles. The cultural habits of immigrants were frequently targets of criticism, especially when the new arrivals came from a different background. Numerous immigration officers looked down upon these immigrants. Immigrants were told to "sit down and shut-up." Many families were separated. If family members were with one another , their lives were considered to be tolerable. With ...
39: Australian Immigration and Its Effects
Australian Immigration and Its Effects Australia is an island continent which is geographically isolated from the rest of the world. This has resulted in the evolution of many unique plants and animals and the development of a very fragile ecosystem. This ecosystem has been influenced by human immigration for many thousands of years. The original immigrants were the Aborigines who are thought to have migrated to Australia from Asia between 50 and 100 thousand years ago. These primitive people learned to live in ... thrived and overcrowded the native plants. One of these plants is the Prickly pear. It was originally imported as a hedge plant but eventually took over 120,000 square miles of land. The effects of immigration on the Australian environment over the last few centuries has been devastating. The original European immigrants could not foresee the major impact their transplants and traditions would have on the environment. Even if they ...
40: Immigration to the United States (Maryland)
Immigration to the United States (Maryland) Over time, the United States has come to be known as the land of the free and the land of opportunity. We have become the strongest and the most powerful ... and hardships in America. Obviously, with all these immigrants comes the problem of over population, finding jobs, education for these people, and finding suitable living conditions for these immigrants. The three states with the highest immigration totals are California, Texas, and Florida. This is easy to explain because California and Texas are bordering Mexico, which means as long as the border control police don’t arrest them; they are on their ... to a better life. Florida sees a lot of people escaping from Fidel Castro’s command in Cuba and from other Caribbean islands. These three states especially have their hands full with illegal immigrants. Foreign immigration into Maryland from the years 1992 to 1996 shows that they were immigrants from 174 different countries around the world. Twenty-three countries had over 1,000 immigrants come to Maryland. The countries at ...

Search results 31 - 40 of 330 matching essays
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