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71: Youth Violence
... violence. First off, in order to curb the rise in youth violence it is necessary to realize how serious this problem truly is. According to the Chicago Tribune, There are three million crimes committed on school campuses every year. That's sixteen thousand crimes per day - one crime every six seconds. Even more frightening is the fact that thirty-five percent of high school students in high crime areas report carrying a firearm regularly. Juvenile arrests accounted for thirteen percent of all violent crimes in 1996, and thirty percent of all juvenile homicide arrests occurred in just four ...
72: Site Based Management
... Yet no two people agree on what it is, how to do it, or even why to do it. WHAT IS IT? So what is site-based management? According to Baltimore County Public Schools Handbook, “ School-based management moves the decision-making authority from central office personnel to the staff working in a school. This empowers the school community with the authority, flexibility, and resources to solve educational problems and meet the needs of that school.” Mr. David, expert in school reform pointed out, “it has almost as many variants as there ...
73: Sports And Culture Do Sports H
... ethnicity, disability, and social class and with the power relations that occur in connection with these and other characteristics that people may define as socially relevant" (Coakley 20). We will focus on the aspect of high school sports influencing a teenager whether male or female, and influencing social elements such as character, education, politics and the community. Some people you talk to will say that sport competition destroys a child's confidence ... effort will learn self-esteem" (28). Within the sports arena, research has shown that the role of the coach is a critical source of information that influences a child's self-esteem ("Athletes in America"). "High school baseball players whose coaches had been trained to use a "positive approach" to coaching (more frequent encouragement, positive reinforcement for effort and corrective, instructional feedback) had significantly higher self-esteem rating over the ...
74: We're Screwed
We're Screwed Milikan high school was where the challenge of my teenage life began. My high school experience gave me many memorable moments and with that, some difficult times. I was discouraged to think on my own. Rather, the school administrators told me what to do and what not to ...
75: Clinical Supervision In Todays
... Today we refer to this type of supervisor as a "snoopervisor". It was more likely that a teacher would receive a reprimand or dismissal as a result of those supervisory visits. The role of the school supervisor has changed drastically from the humble beginnings of America's schools. Our public school system has gone through many different stages of development. Likewise, our educational supervisors have evolved as well. Need for the Study Since our public school system has gone through so many changes, (and continues to do so), a clear understanding of the responsibilities of clinical supervision is needed in order to properly prepare those wishing to serve in that ...
76: Gangs
... to the FBI, "The fastest growing murder circumstance is juvenile gang killings." Almost one-third of Los Angeles' homicides are gang related. Nationwide, the rate of violent offenses by gang members is three times as high as for non-gang delinquents. "Unless we act now," says Attorney General Janet Reno, "to stop young people from choosing a life of violence and crime, the beginning of the 21st century could bring levels ... This "pack" behavior, not surprisingly, seems to be at the core of much of the rise in youth crime. A study of New York City teenage gunshot victims found that 40 percent were shot during school hours. Another study found that of children and teenagers wounded in drive-by shootings in Los Angeles, 71 percent were "documented members of street gangs." Not only do gang members tend to be more violent ... Justice Department estimates, the United States has some 1,436 gangs and 120,636 gang members. They exist in all size communities and in rural areas. The Justice Department figures are disputed by the National School Safety Center, which in 1993 estimated that the Los Angeles area alone has at least 959 gangs with approximately 125,000 gang members. There are many types of gangs. Some are black, white, Asian, ...
77: Sleepy Days Are Over...
SLEEPY DAYS ARE OVER "I have a dream " said Martin Luther King Jr. But why was he able to have a dream? It is probably because he was able to get enough sleep, unlike the high-schoolers of today. Almost every high-schooler in the United States would agree, we need more sleep. At my high school on Southern Whidbey Island, school starts at the unbearable early time of 7:30 am. That is just too early to start school. Most high schoolers don't even wake up until lunchtime; ...
78: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
... Off “I did not achieve this position in life by having some snot-nosed punk leave my cheese in the wind.” A teenager’s life is a constant struggle against the evil powers of such high school administrators who feel that way. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” is a comedy that portrays high school life in a somewhat realistic setting. This movie has grown to become one of the greatest movies ever created. The movie has successfully transcended from the silver screen to people’s everyday life. ...
79: Computer Networking
... on the network. Its weakness, however, is that failure of the central computer results in a shutdown of the entire network. And because each node is individually wired to the hub, cabling costs can be high.Ring networkRing Network, in computer science, a local area network in which devices (nodes) are connected in a closed loop, or ring. Messages in a ring network pass in one direction, from node to node ... bypass any malfunctioning or failed node. Because of the closed loop, however, new nodes can be difficult to add. A ring network is diagrammed below.Asynchrous Transfer ModeATM is a new networking technology standard for high-speed, high-capacity voice, data, text andvideo transmission that will soon transform the way businesses and all types of organizationscommunicate. It will enable the management of information, integration of systems andcommunications between individuals in ways that, ...
80: An American Epidemic
An American Epidemic In modern times, nobody who reads the newspapers or watches television can avoid the chilling fate that our country faces. School violence is a rapidly growing trend in America, and it seems to be there is nothing we can do to stop it. The offenders are from all races and social classes. They range from the high school hero to the high school dropout. It often seems the only thing they have in common is an utter disregard for their own life and the lives of others. In the following accounts, taken ...

Search results 71 - 80 of 12257 matching essays
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