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91: A Computerized World
... with your bank and transwer money while you’re in your sitting-room. It is possible to contact other databases and gather information from them. The use of computers has lead to other criminal actions. "Hacking" is one of them. A "hacker" steals and manipulates information from other databases. These crimes can be very harmful. In The USA, hackers have managed to break into NASA’s database. The computer-programmes, the ...
92: Piracy
... the pirates distribute the software this could be a great source of test data for the software companies. This is an effective way to catch any unfounded bugs in the software program. From debugging to hacking, hackers can benefit the most. They can study and learn from the advancements with in the programming. So what does all this activity tell us? This tells us the people are willing to go to ...
93: Journalism on the Internet
... group of people that want all information to be available to anyone. This information can be anything such as; how to build a car bombs, atomic bombs, working computer virus code, government files, UFO info, hacking, cracking (copying software), and pheaking (free telephone calls). This information is illegal in some countries, and can be harmful or fatal if used. It is still available because of the freedom of information act. The ...
94: What Is Phreaking Exactly
... the code. Now, the phreak uses these places by calling them over and over again until they get a code. But they do this with a computer and a program such as Hack-a-Matic, Hacking Construction Set (often called HCS), Hack This Buddy, In tellihacker (Old), Cat-(and then a name, for the Apple Cat. Has to many names to list), and some others. These are all Apple programs but ...

Search results 91 - 94 of 94 matching essays
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