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51: Hackers and Security. What Are the Effects of Data Encryption and Firewalls?
... inexpensive Unix based system, kept clean of critical data, with several modems and public based networks on it and one carefully watched connection. This connection specifically monitors; threats against the server, callbacks made, and possible hacking attempts (Hackers Handbook). Basically, a firewall is something that protects critical information from outside users without the proper software and/or login and password devices. For Hackers, a firewall is one of the tougher devices ... by their very nature they are much harder to detect. (Hackers Handbook) Executives and CEO's seem to have their minds set on the reason security breaches. They can't come to the realization that Hacking is being done, and that it is not accidental. Wherever there is computers, phone lines and networks, there will be Hackers and individuals who strive to learn and conquer more. Although firewalls due help prevent ...
52: Hackers
... home page of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's was recently hacked and the contents changed. The group known as H4G1S. This group of hackers managed to change the contents of the webpage The hacking group changed the webpage and left a little message for all. It said “ Gr33t1ngs fr0m th3 m3mb3rs 0f H4G1S. Our mission is to continue where our colleagues the ILF left off. During the next month ... to know more about them. This boy was fined a sum of money. In conclusion it can be said that hackers are sophisticated and very talented when it comes to the use of a computer. Hacking is a process of learning not following any manual. Hackers learn as they go and use a method of trial and error. Most people who say they are hackers most of the time are not ...
53: Loophole Or A Conspiracy?
... is using it and you will be out of the loop. The New York Times article reported that the software security breaches has been verified. This means that if one hacker has the knowledge of hacking through this loophole, then we are in great danger because everything you can imagine is stored in the computers and large databases. This article just proves my point on Microsoft's power to influence and ... Microsoft's software. What can these secret program do? This scares me as I write this paper because I am writing with Microsoft's Word program. Can somebody be reading what I am writing or hacking through my system as I write? It looks like we all have to wait until they come up with a fix patch program to address these security issues. In the mean time, Bill Gates is ...
54: Privacy On The Internet
... ever they want, and we would have internet sites looking us up every day breaking our personal privacy. Almost every one that has been on the Internet or that uses e-mail has heard of hacking. Hacking is very serious in some cases. How would you like a hacker to intercept your credit card number and start using it to buy his or her own stuff? A lot of us would not ...
55: Computer Crime
... of criminals, in that they are constantly in contact with one another. There are two national conventions per year, and monthly meetings within each state. This has forced people to pose the question of whether hacking is really a crime at all. After seeing such movies at "The Net" or "Hackers", people have begun to wonder how vulnerable they individually are to technological crime. Cellular phone conversations can be easily overheard ... and methodically searching the trash for any useful information. Public areas that are especially vulnerable are ATM chambers and areas where people posses credit cards printouts or telephone bills. This leads to another part of hacking that has very little to do with the technical details of computers or telephone systems. It is referred to by those who practice it as “social engineering”. With the information found on someone's phone ...
56: Computer Crime 2
... case, when a phone company tried to institute a call-forwarding program, crackers quickly defrauded the system of more money than the company stood to make in legal profits. In the future, the opportunities for hacking and cracking will escalate, with telephones, computers, faxes, and televisions interconnected to provide instantaneous audiovisual communication and transmission of materials among individuals. The wide appeal of new multimedia communication systems will likely create such a ...
57: Modernization Of Computers
... in touch with your bank and transwer money while you're inyour sitting-room.It is possible to contact other databases and gather information from them. Theuse of computers has lead to other criminal actions. "Hacking" is one of them.A "hacker" steals and manipulates information from other databases. Thesecrimes can be very harmful. In The USA, hackers have managed to break intoNASA's database.The computer-programmes, the software, are ...
58: Lung Cancer 2
... the tumor grows it starts to cause symptoms due to it s invasion into the tissues of the lung and airways. Lung cancer is often suspected when someone coughs up blood or complains of a hacking cough that continues to get worse. What the lung is trying to do is get rid of the object that is lodged in the airway. I fhte tumor grows the patient will expeiriance chest pain ...
59: Internet 2
... pg14. According to an article published in the General Media and Daily Newsfeeds hackers are geting better at breaking computer codes. The article states that a computer hacker was found guilty on five counts for hacking systems to gather credit card information which he intended to sell on the black market.when the computer hacker was arrested, he had in his possession an encrypted cd-rom containing roughly one hundred thousand ...
... cryptosystem. This text is called ciphertext. The ciphertext message is sent to the receiver, where it is decoded back to plaintext (Pfleeger, 22). This simple method of cryptography is very efficient in securing peoples privacy. Hacking an encrypted message is virtually impossible to achieve. Encryption software due to its highly mathematical nature, resists giving up its secrets, even to exports, because the output of the program is entirely dependent on a ...

Search results 51 - 60 of 94 matching essays
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