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91: The Effect of Adoption
The Effect of Adoption All of us, at one time or another, have felt unsure of ourselves, feared rejection, and have felt disconnected from everything, including ourselves. However, adopted persons are faced with an even tougher problem that sets them apart from everyone else - they were raised by an adopted family. The effect of adoption can cause feelings of rejection, despair, and extreme loneliness, no matter how much they are loved by their adopted family. It is these feelings that help burden adoptees throughout most of their lives ... ways. It can help them with their interpersonal relationships; the integration of their adoption experiences; their struggles around adoption issues; and with their healing process.'"(5) It is these and other issues that can greatly effect the quality of life of an adoptee. Feelings of rejection, loneliness, and abandonment are all too familiar to adopted children. Thankfully, counseling and support groups are available to adoptees to help integrate them into ...
92: The Yellow Wall-Paper: Effect of Oppression of Women in Society
The Yellow Wall-Paper: Effect of Oppression of Women in Society Reflecting their role in society, women in literature are often portrayed in a position that is dominated by men. Especially in the nineteenth century, women were controlled by their husbands as well as other male influences. In "The Yellow Wall-Paper," by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the protagonist is oppressed and represents the effect of the oppression of women in society. This effect is created by the use of complex symbols such as the house, the window, and the wall-paper which facilitate her oppression as well as her self expression. It is ordinary to find the ...
93: The Effects of Altitude On Human Physiology
The Effects of Altitude On Human Physiology Changes in altitude have a profound effect on the human body. The body attempts to maintain a state of homeostasis or balance to ensure the optimal operating environment for its complex chemical systems. Any change from this homeostasis is a change away from the optimal operating environment. The body attempts to correct this imbalance. One such imbalance is the effect of increasing altitude on the body's ability to provide adequate oxygen to be utilized in cellular respiration. With an increase in elevation, a typical occurrence when climbing mountains, the body is forced to respond ... oxygen from the atmosphere. If the adaptive responses to this stressor are inadequate the performance of body systems may decline dramatically. If prolonged the results can be serious or even fatal. In looking at the effect of altitude on body functioning we first must understand what occurs in the external environment at higher elevations and then observe the important changes that occur in the internal environment of the body in ...
94: Effect On Pot
... mammalian brain. Wu et al. found a correlation between cannabis use and low sperm counts in human males. This is misleading because a decrease in sperm count has not been shown to have a negative effect on fertility and because the sperm count returns to normal after cannabis use has stopped.. Another claim made was that cannabis causes chromosome breakage. The primary source for this are studies that were conducted by ... all. Marijuana and Health, also, after reviewing literature at that time, concluded that "Due to conflicting and incomplete evidence, it is not possible to conclude at the present time whether marijuana smoking has a significant effect upon gonadotropic and testosterone concentrations in humans." The most serious physical danger of using cannabis is in smoking it. Inhaling any sort of burnt plant matter is not very good for the lungs. Tashkin et ... yet, studies have often used poor controls (i.e., no filtration) and their results can mislead an uncareful reader. Smoking the drug with a different apparatus or ingesting it without smoking at all could greatly effect the results of these studies. The acute psychological effects of cannabis that cause its intoxicating properties are no mystery, as any user can report. Long term effects of cannabis use could possibly lead to ...
95: How the Media Can Effect Children
How the Media Can Effect Children “Ooh baby, that’s right. Right there!” or “Hold it or I’ll shoot you in the a--” are just a few phrases that are all to common in today’s society, whether it ... In today’s culture, television is replacing the parental roles in the family, unfortunately. Movies are another big influential factor on affecting the behavior of children. If people do not think that movies have an effect, then why is there so many phrases that are said everyday that are “taken” from movies? For example, how many times have you heard the phrase “Hasta La Vista, Baby”? This phrase is also part ... will always be, so we have to be careful on what we let our children watch. Television, movies, lyrics can all have negative effects, but if we try we can let them have a positive effect on our children.
96: The Detrimental Effect Of An Education In A Foreign Language
The Detrimental Effect Of An Education In A Foreign Language California passed a proposition in 1997 that ended funding for teaching children solely in their native language. Instead of these programs, opulent citizens will provide funding for the ... program has been used for only two years. The ESL method is more effective because of the removal of flaws such as unnecessary costs to the taxpayer, slower advancement in grade level, and the detrimental effect to education in California. The primary fault of the old system was that California taxpayers were not receiving fair representation. In general, most taxpayers were English speaking, and consequently wanted English to be the language ... now become possible for most students a result of a strong background in English. ESL will increase performance on standards that are used to evaluate an educational system. After only two years of being in effect in California, the ESL plan has shown dramatic corrections of the flaws of the old plan, which entailed educating non-native speakers in their native language. This old plan was deteriorating in entire scope ...
97: Mans Discovery Of Fossil Fuels Could Be His Downfall. Discus
... the concerns from Politicians and Industrialists saw the need for safer, greener energy sources. Environmental problems from the burning of fossil fuels came to dominate the headlines of world media with issues such as the greenhouse effect, acid rain and water pollution. It was not until August 1990 that the supply of oil came to the attention of the world media and industrialised nations again. The invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein ... have been at the forefront of world media in the past couple of decades. The release of gases into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels, and their major contribution to what is known as the greenhouse effect have been well documented. One of the main contributors to this is carbon dioxide (CO ). Following the industrial revolution the combustion of fossil fuels, together with deforestation, has caused an increase in concentration ...
98: Cannabis Hemp. . .Marijuana!
... and petrochemicals) as well as the deforestation of trees for paper and agriculture (e.g., Brazilian & Indonesian rainforests), are banned from use in order to save the planet, preserve the ozone layer and reverse the greenhouse effect with its global warming trend: Then there is only one known renewable natural resource able to provide all(underlined) of the following goods and essentials such as paper and textiles; meet all of the world ... will bring millions of new jobs and new products to the marketplace. They will also buy thousands of homes, cars and other non-hemp hoods; thus stimulating a real economic expansion based on the ripple effect, rather than trickle- down economics-- pumping money directly into the bloodstream of the American heartland and commodities areas. Farms, banks and investment houses would also realize large profits, and the billions of hemp-dollars ...
99: Changes in the Earth's Environment
... to stop ozone- depleting substances (Kevies,1992). Apprehension of global warming on the other hand, rests on the theory that high concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere trap radiation reflected from the earth, creating a ‘greenhouse effect'. This then leads to an increase in temperature in the region close to the planets surface. The current attention given to the climatic impacts of CO2 owes much to the weather of the 1980's (Schnieder,1989). The 80's were already the warmest on record, when the hot spring and summer of 1988 came along, bringing with it drought, crop disasters and fire hazards. Suddenly the ‘greenhouse effect' was given major consideration by Press front pages, T.V networks, celebrity benefits and in political circles. Schnieder (1989) notes that in 1988, nature did more for the notoriety of global warming in ...
100: The Rain Forest
... a global basis, the rainforests are of extreme importance because they help control the Earth's climate. The plants in the forest store carbon dioxide in their roots, stems, branches, and leaves which lessens the greenhouse effect, consequently, lessening global warming. Also, when rain falls in the rainforest, the high temperatures make the water evaporate back into the air which recycles the water. Also, the clouds that cover the rainforests around the ... that are not found in the rainforest. If they ceased to exist, their culture could be lost forever (http://www.ran.org/ran/). The destruction of the rainforest could also cause an increase in the greenhouse effect. The carbon dioxide that the plants of the rainforest had been storing would be released and cause the temperature of the Earth to rise and the ice caps to melt. This would cause ...

Search results 91 - 100 of 5332 matching essays
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