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91: Depression And Teenagers
There are many misconceptions about depression. Pathological depression is not the "dispirited" or "down" mood, which we all experience from time to time, and which causes us to say, "I'm depressed," but it is a debilitating illness that affects one in five people of all ages from children to adults. It is not just a passing mood swing. Depression can affect not only a person's mood but also his or her ability to function normally. Treatment is available yet quite a number do not seek it. Depression is the most common psychiatric ...
92: Depression
Depression Life eradicator might be a more appropriate name for this disease. That's right, this disease drains the zest for living and replaces it with anguish, guilt, pessimism, irritability, and the inability to experience pleasure. People used to think it was "all in your head" and if you really tried, you could "pull yourself out of it." Now doctors know that depression is not a weakness but is a medical disorder that has a biological basis. (Rosenfeld, 1999). Depression is a serious illness that can take a terrible toll on individuals and families and can lead to a downward spiral of disability, dependency, and suicide. According to Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld, "Nearly 20 million ...
93: Depression 6
One of the scariest emotional experiences a person can ever suffer during their lifetime is to experience a form of depression. Over one in five Americans can expect to get some form of depression in their lifetime. Over one in twenty Americans have a depressive disorder every year. Depression is one of the most common and most serious mental health problems facing people today. However, depression is often not taken seriously because of the large use of antidepressant drugs and the large number ...
94: Depression
Depression Depression is when a person is in a melancholy state. In the Encyclopedia Americana depression is defined as a normal response to a sense of loss, “but when the depression is unrelated to any actual event or is grossly excessive in portion to its apparent cause, then it reflects ...
95: The Roosevelt New Deal Program
The Roosevelt New Deal Program The Great Depression was a big event in U.S. history. It lasted through the 1930s and everyone's life changed during that time. One of the causes for the Great Depression was the stock market crash. From the end of World War I in 1919 the stock market prices kept rising. On October 24, 1929 the stock market crashed. Stock prices plummeted. On that ...
96: Depression and Its Effects
Depression and Its Effects Depression: This essay is concerned with the disorder of Major (unipolar) Depression. Firstly, differences between sociodemgraphic groups will be addressed. Secondly, a summary of research literature will be discussed and finally, differences in prevalence between sociodemographic groups will be approached. All of us have experienced moods ...
97: Prozac: Mania
... Yeah, I'm on Prozac," I hear quite often, said as if the speaker had just received a new Porsche. I often do catch myself responding with, "I'm on Zoloft isn't modern medicine great?" In a way, this exchange is a way of bonding. In another, more twisted way, it is a way of receiving a stamp of approval from my peers, for antidepressants have become extremely widespread and ... Cowley 41). Gone are the days when the label "loony" is slapped upon a person taking these drugs. Antidepressants have become almost as commonplace as Tylenol. Prozac is being prescribed for much more than clinical depression. Some of the other illnesses that are treatable by Prozac include bulimia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and dysthymia, which is chronic low-grade depression. In some cases, it is even prescribed for anxiety or low self-esteem (Chisholm and Nichols 38). Part of the popularity of Prozac stems from declining health care. "As medical plans cut back on ...
98: ... to Hamlet’s declaration: "The play’s the thing(Satchell 71)." The true author, however, lies hidden behind he name of Shakespeare. Edward de Vere the premier Earl of Oxford is not only considered a great poet in history, but he may also be the great playwright who concocted the sonnets and plays which are now attributed to William Shakespeare of Stratford, England. Edward de Vere was the Lord Great Chamberlain and the seventeenth Earl of Oxford. He was raised as a Royal Ward and from a very young age was educated in the sports and arts of nobility. Although disgraceful for a nobleman ...

99: The Rise and Fall of American Communism
... ensure the survival of democracy in its motherland, the USA. This helped prevent the red tide of communist ideology from making huge gains in America. Nonetheless, the popularity of communism in America increased during the Great Depression, as a result of both the government’s relaxing its attack on alien ideas while attending to the depression, itself, and the fact that the ideals of communism offered hope to Americans, who suddenly found themselves homeless and jobless. The advent of the Second World War and the Korean War, however, once again ...
100: Richard Nixon and the Notion of Presidential Power
... solemn oath in which they promise to “ . . . preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States”, but the means which they have employed to accomplish these ends have greatly differed and have occasionally sparked great controversy. The unjustified means which Richard Nixon used to defend this nation and its Constitution have drawn a great deal of attack not only on his methods but also on the greater notion of Presidential power. Many Presidents have faced many different tumultuous challenges and obstacles which have posed potential threats to American societal ... Furthermore, as the nation moved rapidly through the Industrial Revolution, the future of the nation's labor force and of its general welfare seemed uncertain. As time passed, the nation would encounter the greatest economic depression of all time, and the challenges would continue. Our nation would still battle the divisive issues of racism and discrimination. Yet none of the Presidents who governed during these daring times exploited the authority ...

Search results 91 - 100 of 14167 matching essays
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