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91: Leadership In Movie
... characters, their method of controlling and inspiring others, the major personality attributes, the situations and how or why the characters were motivated. Braveheart, Wallstreet, One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest, Elizabeth, Staying Alive, Airforce I, Gandhi, King&I, Forrest Gump, Evita Peron. There are various approaches in studying leadership. The analysis of particular movies can be considered as one such approach. By using entertainment as a medium, it is easy to ...
92: A Detail Look Into The Internet And Where It Is Headed!
... what is endurable. ‘Not surprisingly, the wisdom of Gaia is reflected in the virtues advanced by the world’s great spiritual traditions (patience, restraint, humility, compassion, and trust) and exhibited by great spiritual leaders like Gandhi, Jesus, and Martin Luther King. In sharp contrast, cleverness and the values wrought by technology (unbridled consumption, arrogance, selfishness, and paranoia) are reflected in the wasteland that is mass media(the church of technology) and ...
93: An Attempt At A Rhetorical Ana
... Chinese or any common ancestor, if there was one. It is the language of human nature, the language that makes both Shakespeare and Pushkin authentic poets, that gives a social vision to both Lincoln and Gandhi. It never speaks unless we take time to listen in leisure…” (155-6) It seems as if he wants to end on a high note, but he crashes back down to earth stating that when ...
94: Essential Writings: Review
Essential Writings: Review This is the fourth book in OUP's "Essential Writings" series that I happen to be revieweing. The first three were on Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, and Sri Auorbindo, respectively. It certainly looks as if the series is shaping up well, despite the inevitable unevenness in editorial inputs and quality. In the present book, for instance, the Introduction ...
95: Everyday Heroes, On To Kill A
... curtains of hate, evil and injustice, and revolutionize culture. There are Atticus' all around in today's society. Some modern day Finches include: Mother Teresa, and her crusade to stop hunger and sickness in India, Gandhi, and his peace efforts with replacing violence with negotiation, or Pope John II, who forgave the very person who tried to kill him for standing up for what he feels is right. Even everyday people ...
96: Martin Luther King Jr
... not end in the classroom, however. He continued to broaden his horizons throughout his entire life. On a visit to India in 1959, King was able to work out more clearly his understanding of Satyagraha, Gandhi's principle of non-violent persuasion, which King had determined to use as his main instrument of social protest. King fouund ways to make all the things he had learned in his life usseful in ...
97: Why Are All The Black Kids Sit
... do know is that things do need to change is this great world of ours so that everyone can become comfortable with there race, religion, ethnic back round and just plain who they are. As Gandhi once said, Wee need to be the change we want to see happen. We are the leaders we have been waiting for. (Tatum pp Xi) Bibliography Beverly Daniel Tatum; Why Are All the Black Kids ...
98: American Transcendentalism
... it is his/her duty to reject them. Upholding moral law as opposed to social law "divides the individual, separating the diabolical in him from the divine" (Reuben 2). Inspired by Thoreau's message, Mahatma Gandhi organized a massive resistance of Indians against British occupation of India. Thoreau's words have also inspired the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., peace marchers. The reputation of Thoreau was best noted by Emerson, who ...
99: Indigenous Religions Compared
... who he is but I am almost sure that he is there. I feel his presence, feel that he is close to me during the awful moments. And I feel love." (pg. 20) Furthermore, Mahatma Gandhi was as extremely shy, fearful, self-conscious child when he turned to the great Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita. While meditating to this scripture he transformed into one of the greatest political figures of our ...

Search results 91 - 99 of 99 matching essays
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