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81: Segregation and The Civil Rights Movement
... demand that the federal government require defense contractors to hire blacks on an equal basis with whites. To forestall the march, President Roosevelt issued an executive order to that effect and created the federal Fair Employment Practices Committee (FEPC) to enforce it. The FEPC did not prevent discrimination in war industries, but it did provide a lesson to blacks about how the threat of protest could result in new federal commitments ... home with determination to have full civil rights. President Harry Truman ordered the final desegregation of the armed forces in 1948. He also committed to a domestic civil rights policy favoring voting rights and equal employment, but the U.S. Congress rejected his proposals. School Desegregation In the postwar years, the NAACP's legal strategy for civil rights continued to succeed. Led by Thurgood Marshall, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund challenged ... Congress to pass civil rights legislation by planning a March on Washington for August 1963. It was a conscious revival of A. Philip Randolph's planned 1941 march, which had yielded a commitment to fair employment during World War II. Randolph was there in 1963, along with the leaders of the NAACP, CORE, SCLC, the Urban League, and SNCC. Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered the keynote address to an audience ...
82: Performance Management
... they will be aware of the opportunities to tender a bid for the construction. Local community: There will be a variety of issues that will influence the opinions of the local community. The issue of employment will be significant. Opinions will be effected by either the creation or destruction of employment opportunities. Should the project create employment then the community will react positively to the project. However, if the centralisation of three separate areas creates the opportunity for economies of scale to reduce employment, such as one reception will be required ...
83: HRM - Ever Evoloving
... the next decade. Commerce Clearing House advisory board members saw four main HRM areas where current issues would influence the role of the human resource function in the near future: compensation; communication and personnel practices; employment relations; and Equal Employment Opprtunity requirments. (6) Compensation issues focused on the diversity of worker needs, pay-for-performance plans, and the regulation of employee benefit plans. Flexibility and adaptability in HRM practices are primary keys in addressing worker ... of personnell management is many fingered and quite comprehensive. In addition to regulations stemming from the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), passed in 1970, HRM is greatly affected by the broad umbrella of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) regulation. As well as protecting workers form discrimination based on race, color, or creed, EEO serves workers in many other areas. Age discrimination also falls under this umbrella. With an increasing number ...
84: Immigration
... felt more comfortable to be around their own people. One more thing that attracted the Chinese to Chinese dominating areas was the opportunity to get a job. Opportunities for and success of immigrants 1607-1830 Employment In the case of African Americans, employment was plentiful, but it came in the form of slavery Most Scotch Irish became frontier farmers Some were able to rise in the world, such as in politics Living conditions Living conditions varied depending upon ... affect the outcome of elections except for public excitement over questions that directly concerned the interests of the immigrants or injured their priced Homestead Act of 1862 gave every man 160-acre farm 1890-1924 Employment Dry Cleaners News Stands Grocery Stores Machine Shops Garment factory Living conditions Apartments in city Houses in the slums Poor living conditions Education Children got education after coming to America Parents and elders got ...
85: The Presidential Election of 1972
... issue of 1972 was the economy. "The Nixon record increased unemployment by 3 million people."8 There were price freezes, and wage-price controls. McGovern and the Democrats stated that their goal was for full employment, and for those who are unable to work, that they would receive a guaranteed income. "The heart of a program of economic security based on earned income must be creating jobs and training people to fill them. Millions of jobs -- real jobs, not make-work -- need to be provided. Public service employment must be greatly expanded in order to make the government the employer of last resort and guarantee a job for all." "What I offer is a balanced, full- employment economy--where we can provide enough, both to protect our interest abroad and to bring progress at home."4 Part of McGovern's economic plan included defense spending cut backs. "What I offer is ...
86: CSIS
... must posses a variety of academic backgrounds and abilities. The Intelligence Officer ( IO ) is the core professional group. They are responsible for the collection, analysis and production of intelligence. In order to be considered for employment some basic qualifications are required. The basic requirements are only the starting point in applying to work at CSIS. The application process is rigorous, competitive and lengthy. Because of the sensitive nature of CSIS’ work ... initiative; people who are empathetic and sensitive to the cultural mores of a changing Canadian society. Proficiency in both Official languages is an asset, are foreign languages capabilities and computer literacy. To be considered for employment as an Intelligence Officer, you must: be a Canadian citizen with a completed university degree and possess a valid driver’s license, agree to relocate anywhere in Canada, depending on the requirements of the Service, throughout your career. There are 9 stages in the IO recruitment process. The first stage is the Application for Employment ( AFE ) – Assessment; your potential to become a IO is initially based on a review your AFE including a 500 word essay submitted. The second stage is the Information Session; Candidates found to have potential ...
87: Canadian Manufacturing
... employed over 1 million workers, more than 25% of the labour force. Postwar Developments Between 1945 and the 1980s, manufacturing has accounted for 22-24% of Canada's total real output of goods and services. Employment has roughly doubled, from 1 to 2 million, but this represents a decline in the proportion of total employment because output per worker in manufacturing has risen about two-thirds again as fast as national productivity. Manufacturing productivity gains have, in fact, contributed about one-third of the gains in real per capita income ... industries that serve an integrated Canada-US market. The Autopact benefited both countries at different times. Canada did gain substantially more production, an increase in trade and productivity, a greater share of N American automotive employment and lower consumer prices. Canada was one of 23 major trading nations that signed the original GATT treaty in 1947. GATT is a multilateral agreement signed by 85 nations and 30 provisional signees; its ...
88: Sexual Harassment
... similar circumstances. To further substantiate the newly formed definition of sexual harassment, the ruling in the case Algermarle Paper Co. v. Moody stated that sexual harassment is only illegal if -Sex is a condition of employment -Submission or rejection to sexual suggestions affects decisions concerning the individual -When sexual advances hinder job performance or create an intimidating environment Based on these definitions, in the case Corne v. Bausch and Lomb, Inc ... losses. The case that overturned those rulings was Barnes v. Costle, which ruled that if a woman was fired due to refusing to submit to sexual advances, that that was in violation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972 and the employer who fired her in liable for his acts. Further advances in equality were achieved in the Marentette v. Michigan Host, Inc. decision, which stated that requiring provocative dress as a term for employment violates Title VII of the Education Acts of 1972. The greatest preliminary scandal involving sexual discrimination and harassment which ultimately led to the hysteria of the Thomas hearing was the Tailhook Scandal. At the ...
89: Bleeding Ireland and Black America
... drugs, alcoholism (in Ireland?!), guns, bombings (from both sides)3 which all created a virtual hell as ravaging as any N. Richmond/E. Oakland-Hunterspoint/if not worse in its own way. Structural discrimination in employment has remained a feature of British government rule in the Six Counties. Discrimination has, in fact, been synonymous with British rule. Unionist loyalty (Northern Protestant)-the rockbed of the British presence - is in part, conditional on the maintenance of the economic privilege, often marginal, which employment discrimination has conferred on unionists.4 In one aspect, unemployment, the situation of Catholics has actually deteriorated. Unemployment in the Six Counties in April 1989 officially stood at 107,623, representing 15.6% of the ... just demands of the Civil Rights movement were: One man, one vote (sic); An end to the gerrymandered local government boundaries; An end to discrimination in the allocation of housing; An end to discrimination in employment; and The repeal of the Special Powers Act (SPA). Pursuit of those demands and the North Protestant regime's reaction to it brought the state to a point of collapse. In one year the ...
90: Employee Drug Testing
... Disabilities Act (ADA) or Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Here are some areas of potential liability. Passing the tests on testing "The rights of employers in testing are becoming more clear," says Philadelphia employment lawyer Jonathan Segal of Wolf, Block, Schorr & Solis-Cohen. A rash of lawsuits in the 1980s challenged the right of employers to conduct drug tests, but by now that issue has been resolved: Private employers ... not on whether an employer may test but on how the test is done. For preemployment screening, the ADA requires that medical exams not be done before the applicant has received a conditional offer of employment, but it specifically excludes drug tests. However, many companies hoping to avoid defamation suits retain a medical review officer to examine test results and possibly talk with the person concerned, to see if there's ... is not otherwise qualified." Segal advises employers to conduct the test immediately after making the conditional offer, so the applicant doesn't have enough time to eliminate drugs from his system. Then wait to begin employment until you receive the negative report. "It's easier to keep an applicant out of the workplace than it is to remove an employee from it." In unionized companies, management is required to subject ...

Search results 81 - 90 of 1027 matching essays
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