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71: Sexual Harassment
... harassment and condition of work harassment. Quid pro quo harassment describes a situation in which a person in authority, typically a male, requires sexual favors from an employee, typically a female, in return for an employment advantage, such as getting hired, getting promoted, obtaining better working conditions, or not getting fired. Condition of work harassment, also known as environment or workplace harassment, is less direct, and arises when an employee is subjected to requests for sexual favors, sexual comments or sexual insults, but no negative employment consequences follow from the employee's refusal to accede to the demands made on her. Sexual Harassment can be defined as an unwelcome sexual advance, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. These constitute sexual harassment when submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly based on a term or condition of an individual's employment. Submission to, or rejection of, such contact by an individual is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting such individual. Such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual' ...
72: Monetary/Fiscal Policy
... a big surprise for many economists in 1996. Over the past months the reports showed the economy doing quite well. This economy has been doing so well that some economists were worried about reaching full employment rather quickly. Although the jobless would love that to happen, full employment would lead to high inflation and destruction of the economy. The consensus on Wall Street was that the Fed would have to raise rates until word got around about the report. By day's end ... rate is 5.3%. President Clinton is trying to create new jobs to get everyone earning real wages. People want to know that he is opening job opportunities but he also does not want full employment. This is a prime example of politics. Tell people what they want to hear but do not let the economy stagnate. I guess that is his hidden agenda. In effect, Clinton plans to strengthen ...
73: Federal Bureau of Investigation
... positions, which are always in need, require individuals to be over 16 years of age with a high school diploma. These positions include Clerk, Secretary, Office Automation Clerk, and Tour Leader Intelligence Assistant. Prior to employment, individuals must complete the application process. Applicants are thoroughly investigated for FBI employment. The background investigation takes from one to four months, and encompasses contacting former and current employers, references, social acquaintances, and neighbors, as well as reviewing school, credit, arrest, and medical and military records. The complete background investigation is then assessed for a final decision on employment offerings. To receive an application for employment, individuals should contact the Applicant Coordinator or the Special Agents Recruiter of the FBI field office nearest his/her residence. The telephone number and address of the ...
74: Cuban Trade Sanctions And Effe
... the Cuban government began to allow private citizens to offer certain services under strict government scrutiny. Then in 1997, they introduced heavy taxes that forced many of these people out of business. In this sector, employment peaked at 206,000 in 1996, and then fell to 170,000 in 1997. The Cuban government has actively encouraged foreign investment, but forbids private investment by Cuban citizens, leaving it hostile to private enterprise ... sanctioned products and even beyond the time period in which the sanctions are imposed. Jobs in the export sector of the economy tend to pay better than the average wages. Thus even in the full employment economy that the U.S. is enjoying now, the loss of exports still means a loss in wages—the export wage sector premium. The export sector wage premium is about 12 to 15 percent, taking into account both direct and indirect employment. In 1995, the average salary in the manufacturing sector was about $34,020, so the premium paid by the export sector was about $4080 per worker (12% of $34,020). What these figures mean ...
75: Finding A Job
... was beneficial, but the ego's that were involved were more than I could deal with at that time.I enjoyed the job greatly but the pay was not steady. I then started looking for employment that would provide a more stable income. I applied at many different businesses and got no response. However I just kept on applying anywhere I could find that would let me. My neighbor from across ... additional job as supervisor for a weekly news publication. Responsibilities included hiring, firing, checking the routes, as well as distributing papers to 40 carriers and distributing payroll once a month. I was hoping to find employment that would pay the same without all the overtime. One of my wifes cousins worked at APTUS in Coffeyville he said could help get me a job there. He did as he said and, in ... seemed agitated and was sure to let workers know how they felt. The union was voted out and, shortly afterward, they started layoffs. I happened to be in those numbers. While I was looking for employment, I started taking night classes at the local community college. Jobs in this area were very scarce in the late 80 s. For three months I looked daily for steady work and found nothing. ...
76: Comparative Analysis Between P
... the intention of ensuring job protection or heightening services made available to the mass public. In 1993, government was the third largest sector of the economy, which was a significant amount of GDP and total employment [LatinFinance, March 1994]. Government purchases included the Puerto Rico Telephone Company and the main shipping lines serving Puerto Rico which were bought in the 1970 s. The shipping lines were later distributed to the Puerto ... enterprises and allow the private sector to run these operations more efficiently. This was the primary motivation of privatization. In 1994, Governor Pedro Rosello established a goal to reduce the government s share in total employment and GDP to less than 15% by allowing the private sector to undertake incremental investment in infrastructure and services, and by transferring certain government activities and institutions to the private sector [LatinFinance, March 1994]. To ... on improved lines of communication between the public and private sectors. This governmental shift will then allow an alternate source of capital, less responsibility for the country s GDP status, free market competition, and increase employment. The government will be able to focus on public and socioeconomic responsibilities. The Dominican Republic has only acknowledged the concept of privatization and had signs of it without intention. They have more constraints due ...
77: The Working Class In Middletow
... saw more women employees than ever. The nineteen forties, fifties, and sixties were some of the most prosperous times for the working class. The New Deal was still in full effect as far as creating employment and welfare benefits. The cold war also played a big role in these more prosperous times. With the United States so caught up into trying to show the Soviet Union how much better off we ... Due to their large financial status these companies can easily underbid local merchants which can eventually force them out of business. One advantage of retail companies in Middletown is they provide a great deal of employment. However, the downfall to this is most of the employment does not require any skills so the pay is minimal. Another problem that faces the present day working class is the closing and relocating of some of the local industry. Between 1996 to the ...
78: Affermative Action
... of Affirmative Action was to help people who were poor or badly educated, elevating them to positions for which they were not objectively qualified (Buckley 95). Cousens, author of Public Civil Rights Agencies and Fair Employment indicates that the Affirmative Action techniques have the advantage of not only persuading employers not to discriminate when hiring or accepting, but to expand employment and educational opportunities for minority groups (22). Therefore, Affirmative Action is legitimate because it does reduce discrimination in the work place and related areas such as University acceptance of college students. In the end, it ... Benac, Nancy. “Clinton Defends Preference Programs, Backs Reforms.” Associated Press Writer. . 19 July, 1995. Buckley, William F., Jr. “The Two Sides.” National Review 14 Oct., 1996: 95 Cousens, Frances. Public Civil Rights Agencies and Fair Employment. New York: Praeger, 1969. Hair, Penda D. “Color Blind-or Just Blind?” Nation 14 Oct. 1996: 12. “Once to Every Man.” National Review 16 June, 1997: 12. Phillips, D. Rhys. Equality in Employment. Ottawa: ...
79: The Progressive Era
... The Illinois Factory Act was the first. State legislatures eventually passed laws banning or restricting child labor. It was not until 1938 that the federal government passed the Fair Labor Standards Act. This law banned employment for children under 16, and prohibited children under 18 from operating dangerous machinery. Progressives lobbied for regulations to protect workers, one of the most important efforts was to end child labor. The number of children ... of the United Nations. The organization has introduced several child labor conventions among its members, including a minimum age of 16 years for admission to all work, a higher minimum age for specific types of employment, compulsory medical examinations, and regulation of night work. The ILO, does not have the power to enforce these conventions, it depends on voluntary compliance. So even now, we are still battling the issue of enforcement ... tranquilizer you can buy without a prescription. No drug is as abused as alcohol. At least 20 million Americans are alcoholics. In the business world, excessive drinking has been linked to lower productivity, loss of employment and a downward movement in society. 10 percent of the adult drinkers in the United States are considered alcoholics or they experience drinking problems in some degree. More males than females are affected. It ...
80: Reason For The Growth Of Infor
... to seek new forms of production and distribution. As Moser (1978) stated The ‘accelerated growth’ model ... aimed to increase overal national growth through policy of accelerated industrialisation ... industrial expansion would result in increased wage sector employment on the basis that there was inevitably a positive relationship between the growth of output, employment and labour productivity, while the ‘filter down’ effect would lead ultimately to the redistribution of resources and income throughout society ( p. 1042). This theoretical assumption has fallen well short from it’s original goal. As ... informal social networks they can create a core group of informal employees utilising skills to complete work. The monetary earnings of these informal ventures may vary, but can be much higher when compared to formal employment (Garcia, Kelly 1985). For the employees who are faced with economic uncertainties informal ventures are a better choice than poverty. The potential growth for manufacturers to use home based social networks, create a niche ...

Search results 71 - 80 of 1027 matching essays
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