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171: The Path I Have Chosen
... the life of someone in need of my services. (Vaughan) In 1992, there were approximately 556,000 physicians in the United States and 1.5 percent of them were neurologists. Statistics have shown that the employment rate for physicians such as neurologists is expected to increase 34 percent from 1990 to 2005. This will open up approximately thirty-four thousand new jobs created from growth and replacement needs. As the treatments ... INTERNET. “Texas A&M University: Costs & Fees.” College Board. N.d. [cited 28 October 1998]. Available from //cbweb1.collegeboard.org:448/csearch_97/displaycost.html?NETSCAPE_LIVEWIRE_ID=176B4BEDD0470FEF768CEB9748457B60; INTERNET. United States. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. Dictionary of Occupational Titles, 1991. 4th ed. Indianapolis: JIST Works, Inc., 1991. Vaughan, Daniel J.M. MD. Personal interview. 5 Oct. 1998 Outline I. Career a. Choice/why chosen b. Job description c. Working conditions (place, hours) d. Employment marketability outlook e. Training/other qualifications/advancement II. School a. Choice for school b. Admissions process/admissions form c. Degree plan d. Living arrangements e. Finances/budget/budget sheet Appendix A Work Sheet Tuition $ ...
172: Effects of the Great Depression on Canada
... structure in the economy as well as damage in the international trade. Wages were always falling behind. Economic theories of John Maynard Keynes were helpful and suggested that if private investment failed to produce full employment, the state must initiate public investment through deficit spending to create jobs. Keynesian economics became part of the government policy, and it was due to the large sum of state expenditures necessary for the war ... do the same job. They squeezed every possible amount of labour out of the employee for the least amount in wages. Other employers felt sad when people had were laid off. People also set up employment agencies to help everyone get a job. "In Canada ten to twenty five percent of the labour force was unemployed throughout the Depression." 17 Before the Depression it was different, since anyone who was dissatisfied ... of J.S. Woodsworth as well as the New Democracy movement of W.D. Herridge. 21 R.B. Bennett extended raw material processing and the use of tariffs and trade preferences to protect and encourage employment. In 1939, there was a Prairie Assistance Act, which gave tremendous protection to the small producers as well as an insurance plan against crop failures. In 1930, R.B. Bennett promised to end unemployment, ...
173: The Importance Of Accounting In Our Modern Society
... specialize in the performance of a single type of accounting service, they may do any of the types of accounting service just described above. They also tend to become specialists in a narrow field of employment such as a particular branch of manufacturing, public utilities, or transportation. Except public accountants and private accountants, there are some other general category of accountants who are taking important parts in business organizations. They are ... and controls. To the woman who can train these and other subjects gose the opportunity to work at the management level with executives and leaders of business. Women also have opportunities for specialization and self-employment in an accounting firm. That’s why I say accounting is the door which widely open to women, and more and more women are stepping into it. According to the statistics “By 1910, there were ... in the occapation. From 1940-1950 the increase in female bookkeepers was 37,395. An estimate, based on the 1950 census, showed 556,229 women bookkeepers compared to only 164,748 men in the same employment.” The figures show women occupy a large percentage in accounting field. Accounting is every where. Non eof the business or nonbusiness organization can stay longer without it. There is no doubt that all the ...
174: Australia And The Depression
... devaluation provided the positive effects outlined above including the greater incentive for investment in manufacturing and the rural sector (Sinclare, 1985, pp4). From 1930 through to 1931, Australian governments faced severe declines in income and employment. Disputes on an appropriate remedy for the problem of mounting budget deficits grew between the Labour governments and the banking system. The main difficulty for the Commonwealth Government was the fall in customs revenue, on ... available to Australian Governments in 1930. Premier Lang borrowed quotes from A Treatise on Money in his organisation's pamphlets. The book demonstrates that a lack of investment will lead to falls in output and employment. Keynes argues that financing investment through an expansion of the money supply (not wage reductions) would lead to greater employment. Scullin was indeed aware of the need for credit creation and he proclaimed this only a few weeks after becoming Prime Minister. The arguments outlined previously highlight the simple lack of funds to carry ...
175: National Income As An Indicator of Standard of Living
... rise in crime and so peopleΥs standard of living would fall, however the person selling the drugs would increase their income and so that may increase their standard of living. National Income will rise if employment and output rise, but a rise in these factors does not necessarily reflect a rise in the standard of living. For example an oil spill in the ocean will require a large team of rescue workers to clean up, employment has risen in this situation but the area suffers terrible effects in terms of the damage to the environment and natural beauty and perhaps a reduction in the tourist flow into the area. A further criticism is that National Income statistics do not measure the quality of life. For example, only employment is measured, not job satisfaction. The amount of leisure time a person has is not measured either. National income is only measured in money terms in that year. In order to allow it to ...
176: Affirmative Action
... change with the reconstruction of the country after the Civil War. The Civil Rights Act was adopted in 1964 after congress found racial discrimination in public accommodation as well as racial and sexual discrimination in employment. The next year the term "affirmative action" was coined by president Lyndon Johnson when the executive order (11246) was released requiring federal contact to "take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed and employees are treated during employment according to race, color, creed or natural origin. A series of events had occurred leading up to this act, including riots, court cases, boycotts, and even murder amongst blacks and whites. The term "affirmative action ... an article that states: "The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting." The state voted as to whether or not to do away with affirmative action altogether. It was a controversial issue in that one can easily see how it could ...
177: Feminism And Gender Equality In The 1990's
... for Congress to pass a law." Extremism on the right was no vice, moderation no virtue. Or, as Hitler explained in Mein Kamph, "The very first essential for success is a perpetually constant and regular employment of violence." (See Endnote #4) This mentality continued on through 1989 during the Webster v. Reproductive Health Services (109 S. Ct. 3040 (1989)) case. "The Reagan Administration had urged the Supreme Court to use this ... at the Santa Clara County Transportation Agency. These numbers are not uncommon and are found throughout business. It is interesting to note the current popular perception is that affirmative action precludes white males from finding employment with companies that implement these plans. The truth is in the numbers, however. The fact that Mr. Johnson felt he was denied his civil rights because an equally qualified woman was given a promotion, instead ... stating, "the worse pain came from those little things people said or did to me." As these "little things" accumulate in the experience of a young woman, she increasingly finds herself powerless in her relationships, employment, economics, and society in general. The female child has as many goals as the male child, but statistically she is unable to realize these goals because of the obstacles that society sets in front ...
178: Should The Harris Superquarry Go Ahead?
... from the site to the ships the quarry will not be economically viable. The loch is deep enough to accommodate the deep harbour (24 meters) required. 3.3 The need for economic development Lack of employment drives people out of the countryside. This creates problems as it results in an ageing population and a higher dependant to worker ratio. This has a dramatic effect on the cash flow of the area ... the quarry more palatable Redland Aggregates has indicated that non resident workers would have to leave the island at weekends to minimise any conflict with the locals. This would be written into their contract of employment. (The Scotsman 13/10/94) A 2nd generation superquarry would have a dual purpose, it would provide rock for quarrying but this would be part of a construction programme. The end result would not be ...
179: Hemp
... they can be harvested for commercial use. This lag time between cuttings result in fewer jobs on an annual and total basis, whereas hemp is a continual crop that can provide close to year-round employment for farmers, workers and processors, not to mention peripheral employment for transportation employees, distributors and the manufacturing community. Both the fiber (bast) and pulp (hurd) of the hemp plant can be used to make with the process originating in ancient China. The world's first ...
180: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Business Structure
... not very flexible and the owner can only sell assets. All of the profits from the business are taxes as personal income, whether they have been retained within the business or taken out. Although self-employment reduces the National Insurance contributions payable, it also reduces the benefits of the National Insurance entitlements. The tax relief on pension contributions is restricted. If any property is transferred to the spouse it is lost ... to audit the accounts. No public access to the accounts ensures confidentiality. Any business losses can be offset against other income. Can be converted to a limited company at a later stage. Benefits of self-employment for income tax and National Insurance. Can attract more capital by admitting new partners, however, each partner has the right to veto the introduction of the new partner. Can get credit easily because supplies are ...

Search results 171 - 180 of 1027 matching essays
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