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131: Colonial Woman
... men who would give her the most benefits. A woman did not have to marry a man who would treat her poorly. In most New England colonies, a woman could sue her husband for a divorce if her treated her without respect and abused or neglected her. Although women had the legal privilege to divorce a bad husband, she did not have any legal rights under the law. As soon as she married her husband, she lost all legal existence. For a woman to have any place in the legal ...
132: Andrew Jackson
... with during his time in Nashville but could not move in on her because she was married. Her husband left her, and by the fall of 1790, rumor had spread that he was ready for divorce. Andrew and Rachel then got married, but this event became an issue because of the fact that Rachel's husband's divorce was only a rumor, where, in later years, in the great game of politics, the issue would be brought up over and over again that Andrew Jackson committed ungentlemen-like bigamy. Marriage had brought Jackson ...
133: Depression 2
... be “cool” can lead to low self esteem for those who do not fit the profile (Koltsov 2). Other external triggers include a fear of failure, separation from family, death of a parent or lover, divorce, or a life altering illness. It is also important to know that in some cases depression can strike for no obvious reason (deprression-net.com 2). Depression is often viewed as a predominantly female affliction ... be carefree. The fact of the matter is that children do worry. Most often they worry about peer acceptance, grades, or parental expectations. Other external factors such as the loss of a parent, abuse, or divorce may also trigger depression. In order to cope with this disorder most teenagers turn to drugs and alcohol to help ease the pain, but in turn only making matters worse. Treatments for depression vary depending ...
134: Sweat By Zora Neale Hurston
... domestic violence the strength and the courage to stand up for themselves and against their husbands. In these times it was hard for African American women to stand up to their abusive husbands. Getting a divorce was not a very common thing to do. Most women endured the pain and troubles of being physically and mentally abused everyday. A number of women were too poor to get a divorce or even runaway from their husbands. Husbands of these times supported the family and were the only ones who had a job in the family. In “Sweat” Delia was the supporter of the family she ...
135: Nineteenth Century
... of a husband and a wife, and their children. Until the Civil War, most homes in the Southern States had slaves, also. Most children moved out after school, however a few stayed at home. The divorce rate in the Nineteenth Century was very low, approximately two to three percent. This was because most religions did not permit divorce, and most men wouldn’t leave a woman and her children alone. Many young girls married in the South at ages as low as thirteen. This was not uncommon, and there were many women who ...
136: Suicide
... 90% of the completed suicides are related to psychiatric disorders, most commonly, major depression and alcohol abuse. The studies show the illness was not the cause, but in combination with a stressful event, such as divorce, loss of a job, or failure in school, led to the suicide. Risk factors include mental illness, substance abuse, previous suicide attempts, family history or suicide, sexual abuse, and impulsive or aggressive behaviors. A decreased ... think about a plan or it’s consequences before they act. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, the strongest risk factors present in adults are depression, alcohol abuse, cocaine use, and separation or divorce. The risk factors that are the greatest in the youth population are depression, alcohol or other drug use, aggressive behaviors, antisocial behavior, and family violence or disruption. There is also an increased risk of suicide ...
137: Native American Women
... s eldest brother. As a result, the husband was unlikely to become an authoritative, domineering figure. Moreover, among such peoples as the Cherokee, Iroquois, and Pueblo, a disgruntled wife, secure in her possessions, could simply divorce her husband by tossing his belongings out of their residence. Women's role in tribal governance was often influential in matrilineal societies, as among the Iroquois, in which the principal civil and religious offices were ... to do much hunting due to scarcity of game. By the nineteenth century, mothers played a greater role in approving marriage partners for their children and more consistently got custody of their children in a divorce, unlike the uncertainty of custody in earlier times. Among many Southeast tribes the women were influential in tribal councils and in some places they cast the deciding vote for war or peace. The Cherokee designated ...
138: Eating Disorders
... and therefore can be caused by heredity and chemical imbalances in the body. Theories of Bulimia causes encompass both biological and psychological factors. Relationships or conditions in the person’s life change suddenly like a divorce, death, a romantic breakup, or a new job, can lead the person to Bulimia. The person may fear or experience failure, and insecurity of physical appearance. The causes of Bulimia encompasses both biological and psychological ... bulimic; are some that may seem simple to us, although hard to cope with on others. They would be relationships or conditions in the person’s life change suddenly. There may be a death or divorce in the family, a change in friends, a romantic breakup, or a new job, place of living, or school. An Eating Disorder is a lonely and confusing experience. Anorexics and bulimics can feel isolated, rejected ...
139: King Henry VIII
... Boleyn. When the pope (Clement VII) would not annul his marriage, Henry turned against Wolsey, deprived him of his office of chancellor, and had him arrested on a charge of treason. He then obtained a divorce through Thomas Cranmer, whom he had made archbishop of Canterbury, and it was soon announced that he had married Anne Boleyn. The pope was thus defied. All ties that bound the English church to Rome ... monks, but the Pilgrimage of Grace, as it was called, was put down. Although Henry reformed the government of the church, he refused to allow any changes to be made in its doctrines. Before his divorce he had opposed the teachings of Martin Luther in a book that had gained for him from the pope the title Defender of the Faith--a title the monarch of England still bears. After the ...
140: A Man For All Seasons- Every Man Has His Price
... refers to Anne Boylen as 'muck'. He also understands More and lets him look over the papers, as he was so 'violently opposed to then Latin despatch'. This touches More. Wolsey can see why the divorce of Catherine is necessary and wants More to give his support. He makes it clear to More that he should ignore his own feelings by saying to him 'your conscience is your only affair'. He ... almost childlike with the way he acts and argues and seems to have a short temper. His principles also change dramatically throughout the play. When he finds that the church wouldn't allow him to divorce Catherine and marry Anne, he decides to change the whole church and make him head of the church and therefore letting the marriage to go ahead with the blessing of the church. Henry does this ...

Search results 131 - 140 of 646 matching essays
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