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121: Kate Chopin A Style Of Her Own
... an individual and has individual feelings. She also realizes she does not love her husband as she vowed to. At this point Edna knew what she wanted, and it was not marriage to Leonce, but divorce. She then moves out of her house without telling her husband. When she does tell Leonce, he tells everyone that he and Edna were merely remodeling the house and Edna needed a place to stay ... Edna, she is full of excitement. When Robert learns that she lives alone and is away form Leonce, they share a special moment together. It was not accepted, during the nineteenth century, for women to divorce and remarry, Edna felt torn and weak. She does not know what to do with her life. In the end, She walks into the ocean and swims until she can swim no further. In this ...
122: Causing Generation X
... is the crumbling of families. No more Wait until your father gets home from work and ask him but I wonder if we re going to see a child support check before Christmas. With the divorce rate skyrocketing, us kids are feeling more like burdens than blessings. All the problems divorce causes can rip apart a child, and leave him/her craving attention, whether it is negative or positive. To make it worse, while the only parent they live with is working, the two kids turn ...
123: Pride And Prejudice: Marriage
... had chosen her husband, the connection was a permanent one since divorces were very uncommon during this period (and misfortunate for the family's good name, one can imagine). One way for a husband to divorce his wife would be on grounds of sexual infidelity on the wife's hand. This was, however, not an easy path to a divorce. Except from getting the permission of the Parliament to sue the wife, these different steps costed a good deal of money, which lead to only the rich being able afford divorces. Conclusion Marriage is the ...
124: Jeffrey Dalhmer
... deeply affected her life. Lionel, a chemist who went on to get his Ph.D., stayed at work more often than he should to avoid Turmoil on the home front. Eventually, the marriage dissolved in divorce when Jeff was eighteen. However, none of this commonplace domestic discord accounts for serial murder, necrophilia, etc. Jeff Dahmer was born in Milwaukee on May 21, 1960, to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. He was a ... the members of the National Honour Society. The yearbook staff caught the prank in time and blacked out Jeff's picture. As Jeff became more passive, the passions between Lionel and Joyce increased, culminating in divorce when Jeff was almost eighteen. A custody battle began over David. Some months later, Lionel remarried. Whatever Lionel missed about Jeff's alcoholism, his new wife Shari did not. Lionel and Shari convinced him to ...
125: Native American Women
... s eldest brother. As a result, the husband was unlikely to become an authoritative, domineering figure. Moreover, among such peoples as the Cherokee, Iroquois, and Pueblo, a disgruntled wife, secure in her possessions, could simply divorce her husband by tossing his belongings out of their residence. Women's role in tribal governance was often influential in matrilineal societies, as among the Iroquois, in which the principal civil and religious offices were ... to do much hunting due to scarcity of game. By the nineteenth century, mothers played a greater role in approving marriage partners for their children and more consistently got custody of their children in a divorce, unlike the uncertainty of custody in earlier times. Among many Southeast tribes the women were influential in tribal councils and in some places they cast the deciding vote for war or peace. The Cherokee designated ...
126: Guilt, Duty, And Unrequited Love
... worn woman," and still absolutely repulsed by Philotson (Hardy 431). Sue’s guilt originates from societal pressures, and then surfaces after the death of the children. She knows that shacking up with Jude after her divorce from Philotson is frowned upon, yet she does not share the same morals and values as the society in which she lived, thus, does not expect any sort of punishment. She takes the horrifying death ... could have been her death. He explains to his friend Gillingham, "She jumped out the window—so strong was her dread of me!"(Hardy 241). This is the final straw and Philotson grants her a divorce. Yet, he is not the only one to experience unrequited love. Jude does also, but definitely not to such a severe degree. Although, Sue loves Jude, she does not seem to love him enough to ...
127: Hope Floats Video Review
Hope Floats Video Review Don’t give up, because hope will float up. I really enjoyed this movie! Sandra Bullock played the part of Birdie. Birdie was a young girl going through a divorce. She did a good job of portraying a confused, wounded young woman. She felt that she no longer measured up as a human being. In the past, she had a lot of get up and ... the picture which showed what kind of person he was. He never even came to see his own daughter until the little girl’s grandmother died. He only came then to ask Birdie for a divorce. Great timing! Not! But it showed his selfish nature. He left his daughter crying her eyes out because he refused to take her with him. He wanted to be alone with his soon to be ...
128: The Lottery
... any other gambling addiction. According to Dr. James C. Dobson gambling destroys lives of not just the gambler but also the family of the gambler. He has also found a direct relation between gambling and divorce, child abuse, domestic violence, bankruptcy, crime, and suicide. (Dobson 2)Dobson has also found that gambling can be dangerous to the youth of America. According to Dobson youth is interested in exciting and risky behavior ... the lottery system? When a person becomes addicted to gambling, even in the form of a lottery their private problem soon becomes public concern. When you count in all the domestic violence and the increase divorce rates the amount of law enforcement is drastically increased. When you discover that child abuse is more likely in the home of a gambler you also realize the extra social service needed to help that ...
129: King Henry VIII
... Boleyn. When the pope (Clement VII) would not annul his marriage, Henry turned against Wolsey, deprived him of his office of chancellor, and had him arrested on a charge of treason. He then obtained a divorce through Thomas Cranmer, whom he had made archbishop of Canterbury, and it was soon announced that he had married Anne Boleyn. The pope was thus defied. All ties that bound the English church to Rome ... monks, but the Pilgrimage of Grace, as it was called, was put down. Although Henry reformed the government of the church, he refused to allow any changes to be made in its doctrines. Before his divorce he had opposed the teachings of Martin Luther in a book that had gained for him from the pope the title Defender of the Faith--a title the monarch of England still bears. After the ...
130: The Seminole
... of very high status usually married two wives, if he could provide more than one wife could manage.  The first wife was usually happy to have them and all the wives lived in different houses.  Divorce was just a matter of separation.  If a woman wanted a divorce, she would leave a bundle of his belongings outside and he left to go to his mother's house.  (Garbarino 23) Spain claimed a new land that Juan Ponce de Leon had named Florida.  Ponce ...

Search results 121 - 130 of 646 matching essays
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