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81: Saint Francis of Assissi
... must have been the current Umbrain dialect: not yet Italian, but a mingling of late Latin and dialect words from which Italian was rapidly emerging. He died just thirty-nine years before the birth of Dante, the first and greatest of the Italian vernacular poets. Religious Affliation and Experiences In the chapel of Our Lady of the Angels, Francis was kneeling at the foot of the crucifix, he was completely drawn ...
82: William Carlos Williams: A Poet On A Mission
... an interesting mix of culture from birth (Bloom 4338). As he grew older in his middle class household, his father provided him with a fertile background in the arts and literature, introducing him to Shakespeare, Dante, and the Bible (DISC 1). To further elevate his level of knowledge, Williams attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he was awarded a Doctorate in Medicine, and later visited the University of Leipzig, for post ...
83: Bede the Venerable
... also others relied on Bede. Bede started the system of the regnal numbering(numbers after the kings name) others soon copied, and now the practice is used worldwide. Bede is also the only Englishman that Dante names in his work Paradiso. On his deathbed Bede was rushing to complete his last work and as he died he said the final sentence. That is a true example of dedication to ones work ...
84: Computer Based Training
... ranging from virtual laboratory experiments that may be too difficult, expensive, or dangerous to perform in a school environment to the complex virtual worlds like those used in airplane flight simulators or movies such as Dante's Peak or Jurassic Park. CBT programs can also facilitate communication among students, between students and instructors, and beyond the classroom to distant students, instructors, and experts. CBT programs can be categorized based on who ...
85: Athletes and Domestic Violence
... pleaded no contest five months later, there was a small brief in the second page of The Los Angeles Times' Metro Section (Cart). In the last three years alone the list of the accused included Dante Bichette, Barry Bonds, John Daly, Scottie Pippen, Jose Conseco, Bobby Cox, Mike Tyson, Warren Moon, Michael Cooper, Darryl Strawberry, Duane Causwell, Olden Polynice, Robert Parish, and OJ Simpson( Callahan, Sports Ilustrated). And these are only ...
86: T. S. Eliot's "The Hollow Men"
... is only a hope. As the star becomes a rose, so the rose becomes the rose windows of the church; the rose as an image of the church and multifoliate. Which is a reference to Dante's Divine Comedy, where the multifoliate rose is a symbol of paradise, in which the saints are the petals of the rose. But Part Five develops the reality, not the hope of the empty men ...
87: Sir Gawain And The Wife Of Bath
... happy, and that is done by giving her sex enough and yielding sovereignty to her. The hag, just before her transformation, lectures her husband on virtue (one of the minor burdens of this tale), quoting Dante, Valerius, Seneca and Boethius. One wonders if it is not Dame Alisoun herself speaking. By changing the choice from fair or foul to foul and faithful (under his sovereignty) or fair and free (sovereign over ...
88: T.S. Eliot
... to the workman American ideals. However, in the 1920's most English professors felt Eliots new style was simply counter to all the pre-set rules of prose which had been set out ever since Dante wrote in his native language. Now Eliot's modernist style is copied throughout the world in virtually all circles of literature. It could be said the Eliot was an Anti-Semite who believed in Kings ...
89: Cyrano The Bergerac - Love
... was shy to ask Roxane whether she wanted him or not. He had assumed that she would not like him because of his deformity. He one said , "..I adore Beatrice Have I / The look of Dante?" (I,42) What he had not considered was that Roxane loved him for what he was from the inside, not outside. Once she had told Christian that , "If you were less charming - ugly even - I ...
90: Rodin's "The Kiss"
Rodin's "The Kiss" “The Kiss” by Auguste Rodin is a captivating bronze sculpture originally created for “The Gates of Hell.” It is a scene from the story by Dante, Inferno. The male is Paolo Malatesta and his lover is Francesca da Rimini. In the story Paolo is Frencesca’s husband’s brother and her tutor. Francesca seduces him with a drape of her leg ...

Search results 81 - 90 of 110 matching essays
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