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71: Grapes Of Wrath 3
... to do. It was farm from sun up to sun down. That is what everyone did, and they didn't even get that much compensation for all the devotion that they put into their work day, after day, after day. If I worked at something for twelve hours a day, and just made hardly enough money to keep living, I would get quite frustrated and not be very happy at all. Another reason that ...
72: Derek
... now. Most of those thoughts were coded as symbols in his brain, and drumming up sentences to clothe those symbols with meaningful dress was too much like work. So he said, "No, I mean I'd rather be somewhere else entirely, like another country, or something. I'm tired of this..." he waved his hand around in an "all-encompassing" gesture. "Yeah, I like to travel, too. We went to California once, saw Disneyland. 'Course, I was just twelve. But I'd go back tomorrow, if I could. I remember..." Derek tuned out Karen's voice as she droned on and on about all the things she saw at Disneyland, how her brother was such a pest ... his return to work. He muttered an obscenity and, without so much as a look at Karen he went back downstairs. II Derek walked out ten minutes early into the fine, warm and breezy afternoon day. He felt bad leaving all his co-workers behind in the hot and stuffy restaurant, but not bad enough. Outside he finally felt like he had enough room. He took a deep breath and ...
73: Killer Instinct
Killer Instinct Over 800 people attended the funeral, according to the local newspaper's estimate..... The cloudless day, lit by an early morning sun that cast soft shadows among the mourners, was disturbed only by the gentle murmur of the preacher's voice and the distant hum of traffic racing past on Hwy ... duty Durham Regional Police officers received an unexpected bonus that morning, when they were called in to handle parking problems around the cemetery and direct the seemingly endless flow of floral tributes. "Black Billy" he'd called himself. He'd appeared in Pickering one unremarkable day, just as suddenly as he'd departed this life. No fanfare of trumpets, no grandiose announcements, no pre-fight publicity. He simply showed up at Mulligan's Bar ...
74: A Brief History Of Clocks: Fro
... sun will rise and set in a twenty-four hour period. Please remember that this is not the ecliptic-the ecliptic will only determine where, on the horizon, the sun will rise and set each day. In antiquity, every day is a complete rotation of the sun around the earth. Time may be measured simply by dividing this rotation into twenty-four hours. If the rotation is a circle of 360deg., dividing it into 24 ... an assembly, a water clock of this nature would have been constructed for the occasion. In the second century BC., a man named Ctesibus created a more elaborate water clock for measuring the time of day. The Clepsydra, as it is called, consisted of four major parts: a vessel for providing a constant supply of water (B), a reservoir and notched floatation rod (F), a display (G), and a device ...
75: J.D. Salinger
J.D. Salinger Jerome David Salinger, known as J.D., is an American short story writer and novelist. He was born on January 1, 1919 and is still alive at the age of 81. J.D. Salinger was born and raised in Manhattan. He went to prep school at Valley Forge Military Academy from 1934-1936. He spent 5 months in Europe when he was 18 or 19 years old. ...
76: Bar Kochba Revolt
... later the Jews were surprised and disappointed to discover that Hadrian wanted to rebuild Jerusalem not as a city for the Jews to restart in, but as a Pagan city sanctified to the Pagan G-d Jupiter. He was going to put an alter where the Jews asenv ,hc once stood. Hadrian was to be the high priest. What once was called Jerusalem would now be called Aelia Capitolina. This was ... which was the physical difference between them as Jews and, as well as a basic premise of their Jewish beliefs. Their only choice was to gain their independence. Rabbi Akiva, a great scholar of his day, also once believed in Tarsus’ promise. He had also been led astray. Therefore, the great Rabbi helped organize thousands of soldiers to fight for the independence and welfare of the Jewish people. Rabbi Akiva also ... test. After recruiting several others Bar Kochba had an enormous and ferocious army of about 580,000 people. Bar Kochba was so confident of his army that before each battle he would say to G-d, "Ribbono Shel Olam! Do not help us do not hinder us!" What Bar Kochba basica lly meant was, let nature run it’s course, we do not need your help. With his army, Bar ...
77: John D. Rockefeller
... Oil had purchased and thus controlled nearly all the refining firms in Cleveland, plus two refineries in the New York City area. Before long the company was refining 29,000 barrels of crude oil a day and had its own cooper shop manufacturing wooden barrels. The company also had storage tanks with a capacity of several hundred thousand barrels of oil, warehouses for refined oil, and plants for the manufacture of ... of the anti-trust laws and ordered the dissolution of the parent New Jersey corporation. The thirty-eight companies which it then controlled were separated into individual firms. In his biography, Study in Power, John D. Rockefeller, Industrialist and Philanthropist, the historian Allan Nevins reports that Rockefeller at that time owned 244,500 of the company’s total of 983,383 outstanding shares. PHILANTHROPY Rockefeller was 57 years old in 1896 when he decided that others should take over the day-to-day leadership of Standard Oil. He now focused his efforts on philanthropy, giving away the bulk of his fortune in ways designed to do the most good as determined by careful study, experience ...
78: The Aztec Nation
... several centuries before Christ agricultural tribes had already settled, and by the birth of Christ had established as their great religious center Teotihuacán. The history of the Central Valley after circa the tenth century A.D. is one of tribal conflict and superiority. About the time of the fall of this agricultural civilization, which flourished from approximately the second to the tenth centuries A.D., a new tribe, who we know as the Toltecs, settled at Tula, Hidalgo. They belonged to a larger group known as the Nahua, or Nahuatl- speaking, and seem to have entered the Central Valley from ... northwest. The Toltec civilization gradually replaced the older, agricultural civilization, as Toltec influence was felt as far as the Yucatán Peninsula and other areas occupied by the Mayan peoples. Yet by the eleventh century A.D., another tribe, the Chichimecs, had already begun to eclipse the Toltecs as the dominant group of the Central Valley. By approximately the thirteenth century, the Chichimecs had replaced the Toltecs (Wolf 1998). About this ...
79: The Holy Bible and Its History
... Masoretic manuscripts were the oldest known to exist. Dead Sea Scrolls Then the discovery of the "Dead Sea Scrolls". These scrolls date back to from the third century B.C. to the first century A.D. Even though the Dead Sea Scrolls are nearly a thousand years older than the Masoretic manuscripts, there are no essential differences. This clearly demonstrates the extreme fidelity of the Jewish scribes for over a thousand ... fragments, and a commentary on Habakkuk. The scribes who made these scrolls were members of a community of ascetic Jews who lived in Qumran from the third century B.C to the first century A.D.. The New Testament Though the Old Testament took hundreds of years to write, the New Testament was written in about 50 years, between 50 A.D. to 100 A.D.. The Gospel of Mark is thought to be the first of the four Gospels about 50-55 A.D.. Matthew around 70 A.D., Luke around 60 A.D., Luke ...
80: Catcher In The Rye 2
... reader. I even had sort of a stomach-ache, if you want to know the truth." He adds "...if you want to know the truth" very often after he has added something to what he d said before. He really is afraid people will think he s a softy or some sort of rich sissy. If he says something he thinks is dumb or not tough enough he jokes about it ... time and he swears a lot. Especially when he talks to his roommates. Goddam this and damn that. But he can t stand the four-letter word. I saw something that drove me crazy. Somebody d written F*** you on the wall. It drove me damn near crazy. I thought how Phoebe and all the other little kids would see it, and how they d wonder what it meant, and then finally some dirty kid would tell them-all cockeyed, naturally-what it meant, and how they d all think about it and maybe even worry about it for ...

Search results 71 - 80 of 14240 matching essays
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