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51: Welafre
... death in Dallas, Tex., the fourth United States president to die by an assassin's bullet. Kennedy was the nation's first Roman Catholic president. He was inaugurated in January 1961, succeeding Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower. He defeated the Republican candidate, Vice-President Richard M. Nixon, by little more than 100,000 votes. It was one of the closest elections in the nation's history. Although Kennedy and his vice ... pastimes was a rousing and often bruising game of touch football. On pleasant days, Mrs. Kennedy took her children for long walks. She made a point of taking them into church for a visit each day. "I wanted them to form a habit of making God and religion a daily part of their lives," she said later in life. With this background, it was quite natural for John Kennedy and his ... more than 70,000 votes. The victory was particularly impressive because across the rest of the nation Republican candidates were swept into office along with the landslide of votes for the new Republican president, Dwight D. Eisenhower. In the Senate Kennedy had woolen textile tariffs raised and urged President Eisenhower to obtain an agreement with Japan to cut textile imports. The president agreed to do so. Kennedy helped pass several ...
52: Plan and Purpose (Creation) or Time and Chance (Evolution)?
... example of rapid natural selection, according to Darwin, occurred in Britain during the Industrial Revolution (the 1800s) with a dark, or melanic variety of the peppered moth. The peppered moth rests on tree trunks by day. Its pale dappled wings are well camouflaged against the light-colored lichens that grow on the tree trunks, and this protects the moth from insect-eating birds. During the early 1800s, nearly all peppered moths ... of the past and present show no evidence of diversities in shape, pattern, arrangement, or composition, there is solid evidence that supports creation and disproves evolution. 10. What evidences are there for a literal six day Creation? God created everything in six ordinary days. The word “day” is defined as “a definite 24 hour period of time.” The Hebrew word for “day” is “Yom.” The three meanings of “Yom” are: (1) an indefinite period of time, not having starting and ending ...
53: Citizen Soldiers: A Comparison
... military facts surrounding World War II. Ambrose's war novel is based upon the numerous letters, stories, and interviews of the American soldiers who fought in World War II. The reader is taken from the D-Day invasion of Normandy, to the eventual surrender by the Nazis, and all in between. While there is little in the way of main plot or story to this book, there is indeed an overall message ... drafted, some enlisted voluntarily in 1942, 1943, and 1944. As the title suggest, these men were citizens, everyday men sent to war. The Allied campaign against the Germans began on June 6th, 1944 with the D-Day invasion of the French Coast and the inland invasion of paratroopers. This book picks up the day after the D-Day invasion, as D-Day was covered in another Ambrose novel. From June ...
54: The Life of Adolf Hitler
... At 6:30 p.m. on the evening of April 20, 1889, he was born in the small Austrian village of Braunau Am Inn just across the border from German Bavaria. Adolf Hitler would one day lead a movement that placed supreme importance on a person's family tree even making it a matter of life and death. However, his own family tree was quite mixed up and would be a ... time to play. There was an old Catholic Benedictine monastery in the town. The ancient monastery was decorated with carved stones and woodwork that included several swastikas. Adolf attended school there and saw them every day. They had been put there in the 1800's by the ruling Abbot as a pun or play on words. His name essentially sounded like the German word for swastika, Hakenkreuz. Young Hitler did well ... He also discovered he had considerable talent for drawing, especially sketching buildings. He had the ability to look at a building, memorize the architectural details, and accurately reproduce it on paper, entirely from memory. One day, young Hitler went rummaging through his father's book collection and came across several of a military nature, including a picture book on the War of 1870 - 1871 between the Germans and the French. ...
55: Yom Kippur
... Yom Kippur is practiced very differently today. Instead of transferring their sins to animals people donate money to charities and throw stones into ponds. On the night before Yom Kippur, people prepare for the following day's fast by eating an enourmous meal. Following the meal candles are lit and the Shehecheyanu is recited to bless the candles. The following day is spent at the synogauge where services are conducted all day long. The most important part of the services is when the rabbi asks everyone to take time to seek forgiveness of anyone whom they may have hurt in some way in the past year. ...
56: The Longest Day
Book Critique of The Longest Day Cornelius Ryan, born in Dublin, Ireland in 1920, worked as a reporter covering the battles in Europe from 1941-1945 and then the final months of the Pacific Campaign. His articles were printed in both Reuters and the London Daily Telegraph. His first book was The Longest Day, published in 1959, selling over 4 million copies in 27 different editions. In 1962 a director named Darryl Zannuck made the book into a movie. Ryan s next book was The Last Battle, published in ... 1976 Cornelius Ryan died from cancer. The period covered in this book is a very short one, covering the building of the Atlantic wall in little detail, and in great detail, the few days before D-Day and the initial attacks on D-Day itself. On the German side Hitler has ordered the building of a massive Atlantic Wall to stop any Allied attackers from landing on the western seaboard, ...
57: Beginners Guide To Hack
... document is divided into three main sections with many different sub-sections in them. The Table Of Contents is below: Table Of Contents: I. HACKING A. What is hacking? B. Why hack? C. Hacking rules D. Getting started E. Where and how to start hacking F. Telenet commands G. Telenet dialups H. Telenet DNIC\\'s I. Telenet NUA\\'s J. Basic UNIX hacking K. Basic VAX/VMS hacking L. Basic PRIME hacking M. Password list N. Connecting modems to different phone lines O. Viruses, Trojans, and Worms II. PHREAKING A. What is phreaking? B. Why phreak? C. Phreaking rules D. Where and how to start phreaking E. Boxes and what they do F. Red Box plans G. Free calling from COCOT\\'s H. ANAC numbers III. REFERENCE A. Hacking and phreaking W.W.W. pages B. Good hacking and phreaking text files C. Hacking and phreaking Newsgroups D. Rainbow Books E. Hacking and phreaking magazines F. Hacking and phreaking movies G. Hacking and phreaking Gopher sites H. Hacking and phreaking Ftp sites I. Hacking and phreaking BBS\\'s J. Cool hackers and ...
58: The Roles Of I-330 And O-90
... O-90 Zamyatin s We is a story set far into the future. There is only one country, OneState, and the government controls everything. The story is actually a diary written by the main character, D-503, that is to be sent aboard a space shuttle to other planets in order to describe the greatness of OneState. The diary details the changes that take place in D-503 s life and way of thinking. A woman who was known as I-330 brought about these changes. This anarchistic woman corrupts D-503, throughout the story and steals him away from the woman who loves him, O-90. These two women, and especially I-330, have major roles in the story that documents D-503 s ...
59: Theory Of Holden Essay
... start to go over the cliff I mean if they re running and they don t look where they re going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That s all I d do all day. I d just be the catcher in the rye and all (page 173). What s he s doing is trying to save all these little kids from growing up and falling off the cliff into adulthood. ...
60: Friendship of the Musketeers
... friendship and the adventures that four men have. These friends supported each other when the times were bad and the pulled each other up when they wee down. The first example of friendship concerns M. d'Artagnan, d'Aratagnan's father, and M'Treville, the leader of the musketeers. Their friendship trickles down to d'Artagnan, helping him in gaining membership into the musketeers. "'I respected your father very much' said he 'What can I do for the son… and from time to time you can call upon me ...

Search results 51 - 60 of 14240 matching essays
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