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11: State of the Union Address Essay
... Clinton presented last night first appeared as poll- tested proposals in his reelection campaign last fall: expanding the 1993 "Family and Medical Leave Act" to include time off from work for parent-teacher conferences; school curfews; and tax credits and deductions to subsidize college education. But he presented these ideas using more encompassing and urgent language than before. "We face no imminent threat, but we do have an enemy: The enemy ...
12: Persuasive Essays Are Bad Assignments
... am sure teachers are thrilled to read 150 essays from seemingly dense students whose minds are focused on other things -- not to mention checking rough drafts too. I doubt most teachers care about their students' curfews or controlling the pet population anyway. Teachers or parents may make the point that writing persuasive essays in high school is good practice for college English classes. But a persuasive essay is supposed to appeal ...
13: Bleeding Ireland and Black America
... were directing its pace on the violence. In an effort to assert control of the group, Volunteers declared the Army of the Irish Republic. Britain responded with violence. Special forces were sent over to impose curfews and martial law on the Irish. These forces became known as the Black and Tans after a popular Limerick hunt group, and because of their dark green and khaki uniforms. Another force of veterans from ...

Search results 11 - 13 of 13 matching essays
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