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51: Ernesto Guevara De Serna
... his exams, he made a much longer journey. He visited southern Argentina, Chile, where he met Salvador Allende, and Peru, where he worked for several weeks in the San Pablo leprosarium. He then was in Colombia at the time of La Violencia, and Venezuela and Miami where he was arrested but soon released. He returned home for his finals sure of only one thing: he did not want to become a ...
52: The Korean War and The Damage
... the South Korea. Almost simultaneously U.S. President Harry S. Truman ordered American Military Forces into action against the invaders. American Forces, those of South Korea, and, ultimately, combat contingent from Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, Colombia, Ethiopia, France, Great Britain, Greece, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, and Turkey, with medical units from Denmark, India, and Sweden, were placed under a unified UN command headed by the U ...
53: Deforestation
... 2.8 billion metric tons. Deforestation accounts for about 33% of the annual emissions of carbon dioxide by humans. In 1987 11 countries were responsible for about 82% of this net carbon release: Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia, Cote d'Ivoire, Thailand, Laos, Nigeria, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar and India. During 1987 when there was intense land clearing by fire in Brazil's Amazon, more than 1.2 million metric tons of carbon are ...
54: United States and Imperialism
... S. government negotiated with the Colombian government to obtain a strip of land six miles wide across the isthmus, but the Colombian Senate refused the U.S.'s proposal. In 1903, however, Panama revolted from Colombia. Again thinking of its own interests, the United States took advantage of the chaos in Central America; that same year the U.S. and the new state of Panama signed the Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty ...
55: Francisco Pizarro
... also founded the city of Lima, now the capital of Peru. Pizarro traveled to the Caribbean island of Hispaniola in 1502 with the governor of that Spanish colony. He took part in an expedition to Colombia in 1510, and three years later, he accompanied Vasco Nunez de Balboa in a journey that ended in the discovery of the Pacific Ocean. From 1519 to 1523 he served as mayor of the town ...
56: Egyptians
... because on each side on the disc there were carvings of the life from conception to full growth the disc is dated around 12,000 B>C> This is very amazing since prehistoric inhabitants of Colombia or anywhere else for that matter didn't have microscopes and therefore it would have been almost impossible to know of spermatozoa. So where did they get this knowledge Many wall paintings and carvings are ...
57: The Journey of Lewis and Clark
... 1805 Second Winter Camp A winter camp was built on a small river west of Astoria, Oregon, and named it Fort Clatsop. Here they spent a miserable winter. Trading ships were known to come to Colombia, and the company hoped for the arrival of a United Stated vessel, but none came when they were there. Louis and Clark decided their route had not been shortest and easiest, and others must be ...
58: Hypotheses of the Effects of Wolf Predation
... population models with predation: a case study with the North American moose. Ecology. 75(2): 478-488. Seip, D.. 1992. Factors limiting woodland caribou populations and their interrelationships with wolves and moose in southeastern British Colombia. Canadian Journal of Zoology. 70: 1494-1503. Thompson, I. D., and R. O. Peterson. 1988. Does wolf predation alone limit the moose population in Pukaskwa Park?: a comment. Journal of Wildlife Management. 52(3): 556 ...
59: Great Rock Musicians: Their Achievements and Effect on Rock and Roll
... to the band, told them what was happening with the record and asked them to make a demo recording to send to several record companies. After being rejected by two other labels, George Martin at Colombia like what he heard and signed the band. His only condition was for the Beatles to loose Pete Best, their drummer. They did, and hired Ringo Starr, who had sat in for Best several times ...
60: Dante's Peak
... the USGS, "Lahars destroyed houses, bridges, and logging trucks during the May 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, and have inundated other valleys around Cascade volcanoes during prehistoric eruptions. Lahars at Nevado del Ruiz volcano, Colombia, in 1985, killed more than 23,000 people." Near a volcano, the falling volcanic ash is quite heavy (high density), and the newspaper used as a proxy for volcanic ash in the movie looked more ...

Search results 51 - 60 of 90 matching essays
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