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61: Basketball Needs to Be Fixed
Basketball Needs to Be Fixed Professional and college basketball have become very popular in the hearts and minds of many Americans. Millions of dollars a year are spent on apparel, tickets, and television all generated by people's love for basketball. But in the last couple of years, both the National Basketball Association (NBA) and college basketball have lost a substantial amount of their competition and have caught much criticizim for it. At the heart of this problem is a single cause, greed. The game of basketball has become all about money instead of the game and its fans. This problem needs to be addressed, and the best place to start is with the college players, or more specifically, the NBA draft. The rules and guidelines that pertain to the draft are greatly at fault for the down slide of both college and NBA basketball and they need to ...
62: A World Of Intoxification
... were being defiled. Confusion was all around and no one could stop it. This is an average night at any given university in America. The similarities between a horror story and a story about a college party are too many. At an average college party where alcohol is being served there is the possibility of fights, rape, death, destruction, and jail time. The common opinion in America is that all of these things are bad. So why do college students continue to engage in these activities? There are three reasons. First, if students have not been exposed to alcohol or drugs previously, when they get into that kind of environment, they will experiment. ...
63: Personal Writing: College
Personal Writing: College In life people have to make choices, in my life I have had to make many, many choices. I think that my biggest decision or choice would be my application and move to college. This would be considered the biggest decision I have had to make in my life so far. When your senior year in high school rolls around, most people have to start thinking about what they ... decision. Computer engineering (the major that I choose first semester) was a lot more than I expected. I ended up failing Physics, Calculus and Chemistry! In addition to that, I was subject to separation from college. Well, now a decision really had to be made; it was time for me to make a choice. My parents told me to think about other colleges and to think about other things to ...
64: College Education is Essential In Today's Society
College Education is Essential In Today's Society In today's society a college education is an essential part of pursuing a career. While in college a person can determine his strengths and weaknesses in whatever path he decides to take in life. A college education is also the first step in being self-sufficient and living by yourself. College ...
65: Ways to Increase College Bookstore Sales
Ways to Increase College Bookstore Sales I think that in order to increase sales to students and faculty, the College Bookstore must address and improve the areas of merchandise selection, staffing, and merchandise organization. My recommendations are based on the conclusion that these factors majorly contribute to the potential patrons decision to shop elsewhere. The ... of which combined hold 72% of the students and faculty as patrons. RESEARCH METHODS In response to your search for viable ways to increase sales to students and faculty, I interviewed employees, administered surveys to college students and faculty, and conducted an independent observation to determine the college bookstore's weaknesses and strong points. From the data, I compared the bookstore to the competition and to the ideal bookstore vision ...
66: College Hazing
... also be fall subject to these activities. Naturally, people want and need to be accepted. This is why an individual will go along with the hazing activities. Valerie Eastman, a behavioral science professor at Drury College in Springfield, MO, states “You know you’re a reasonable person and you just went through this nasty, unpleasant ritual, so you think the group must have been worth it. You try to justify it ... and come forward to report these acts (Ruffins 18). Lydia Bradley, a strong advocate of anti-hazing laws and national speaker for placement of these laws, has interviewed students about the act of hazing in college. She reports, “I’m told that hazing unifies a group, that it is a rite-of-passage, that it builds brotherhood, that it is a tradition, or, the worst reason of all, that ‘I went ... in order to gain “true” membership in the group. In this case, specific programs should be established to teach the devastating effects of hazing. A new sanction reduction policy has been established at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey to tackle some of the problems. The fraternities at this college that have been sanctioned for committing violations are now able to participate in a program that will possibly reduce their ...
67: Should College Athletes Be Paid?
Should College Athletes Be Paid? I.Pro II.Con III. My opinion IV. Bibliography Pro According to N.C.A.A. rules, college athletes are not to receive any windfall from any merchandise sold- even if they are tho only reason people buy it. In other words, even if the merchandise is purchased solely because of an athlete ... good players who will go on to play professional sports anyway. They should be able to wait and in a few years they'll be in a professional league, raking in ridiculous amounts of money. College athletes should not recieve income from their universities. They are already getting a free education and memories that will last forever. My Opinion I do not beleive that college athletes should be paid to ...
68: The Path I Have Chosen
... hard work and dedication anyone can achieve what they want. A student doesn’t necessarily have to be book smart, but determination is a must.” (Vaughan). Obviously, a high school diploma is a must before college. Once in college, students go through a mandatory pre-medicine program for neurology students that includes classes in biology, physics, mathematics, and general and organic chemistry. After satisfactory completion of the required courses, the Medical College Admission test is taken in the senior year of the student’s curriculum (Jakubiak, p 145-146). After graduation from a college, students who are accepted attend a four-year medical school. There are ...
69: American and Chinese Educational Systems
... methods, and the rights of the students and teachers in American and Chinese educational systems will be discussed in the following paragraphs. American and Chinese colleges have different grading systems. China has a very competitive college entrance examination and very strict grade requirements. “Only the top 5-6% of the students who take the examination can enter college” (Education in China p126). Seldom students can enter college in China because of the small percentage of college admissions. Also, compared to the United States, China has few colleges, and they are only in some big cities. However, if a person doesn’t ...
70: Prop. 16
Prop. 16 There is a new regulation if you plan to play college sports. It is called Prop. 16; it is based on a sliding scale. You must first graduate from High School; you have to get at least a 2.000 GPA in 13 core classes, a ... long as you qualify in all the other things. I think that this is a very good rule to have. I feel that there are to many "dumb jocks" out there. This woulds force the College ball playing hopefuls to get better grades academically. Also if they could not reach the grades that Prop. 16 required then they can go to a junior college to gain the credits they need and possibaly could not have ever gotten in high school. It also gives them something to fall back on so to speak. In the next few paragraphs I ...

Search results 61 - 70 of 2717 matching essays
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