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91: Important Presidential Electio
1812 The election of 1812 consisted of a battle between James Madison, and De Witt Clinton. Madison had represented both Democratic and Republican beliefs, while Clinton was a Federalist. James Madison was born in Port Conway, Va., on March 16, 1751. A Princeton graduate, he joined the struggle for independence on his return to Virginia in 1771. He had been an ... in 1809, when he bested Charles C. Pickney. He had led the U.S. in a very unpopular war, in which the U.S. hadn't been prepared for...the War of 1812. De Witt Clinton was a Federalist, who's main purpose of the election was to get the U.S. out of a war in which he felt was very unnecessary. DeWitt held every major elective office in ...
92: A Wise Decision
... valuable impact on the rest of nation. Other states are starting to aid in Governor Ryan’s quest to improve death penalty systems. Last week, a representative from the state of Wisconsin, requested that President Clinton put a hold on executions until the federal death penalty system can be reviewed. Clinton is an avid supporter of the death penalty and only promised to consider it. Since 1973, eighty-five people have been released from death row in the federal system because of mis-verdicts. Twenty-one federal inmates still remain on death row. Juan Raoul Garza is one of these death row inmates. Despite the governments past mistakes, he is scheduled to be executed this year. President Clinton should think long and hard before reopening the federal death chamber. Because the federal justice system dose not do its job correctly, many innocent people may have or will die on death row. According ...
93: Freedom of Speech on the Internet
... who fear their own ignorance”(Steele). Nonetheless, it is parents who must be the first line of protection and defense against immoral and offensive material their children could come across on the Internet. President Bill Clinton said, “If we are to make the Internet a powerful resource for learning, we must give parents and teachers the tools they need to make the Internet safe for children.” Some of these tools are ... goal that will help us maintain virtue in the virtual world called cyberspace. Works Cited CIEC (Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition). “Victory in Philadelphia!” The Philadelphia Victory. http://www.ciec.org/victory.shmtl (09 Apr. 1997). Clinton, Bill (President). “Statement by President Clinton.” http://www.ciec.org/SC_appeal/970626_Clinton.html (26 June 1996). Irwin, Heather. “Geeks Take to the Streets.” Net Censorship Crisis. http://www.hotwired.com/special/indecent/rally.html (19 July 1999). Jefferson, ...
94: Censorship and the Internet
... standards on her."(Irwin) "If we are to make the Internet a powerful resource for learning, we must give parents and teachers the tools they need to make the Internet safe for children."(President, Bill Clinton) Another solution that has been proposed is for pornographic related sites to impose a (. XX) Suffix. The debate on this choice has to do with it being unconstitutional, because it would force a business to ... in human communications since the printing press, and is being used to educate our children, promote electronic commerce, provide valuable health care information, and allow citizens to keep in touch with their government."(President, Bill Clinton) Bill Gates, founder and C.E.O. of Microsoft, the largest Software Company in the world, stated "This is a great victory for anyone who cares about freedom of expression or the future of the ... www.ciec.org/victory.shtml CIEC [http://www.microsoft.com/billgates/columns/1996essay/essay960327.htm] Bill Gates http://www.cdt.org/mission.html Center for Democracy and Technology http://www.ciec.org/SC_appeal/970626_Clinton.html Bill Clinton http://cgi.pathfinder.com/time/magazine/1997/dom/970707/nation.unshackling_n.html Time Magazine Joshua Quinttner
95: Recent Changes To Welfare
When President Bill Clinton reluctantly signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, he had an idea of what the critical responses would be. The hope was to induce a program that would bring significant benefits ... recipients. Her fears about what would happen to poor children when states were no longer required to provide the modest assurances and protections we insisted on in waiver demonstrations led her to resign after President Clinton signed the welfare bill (Bane). The reform takes away national level responsibilities and puts the money and responsibility into the individual states. A good amount of flexibility is provided, which may or may not result ... involved. The bulk of the 54 billion dollar savings appears in Numbers XV and XIII. They offer the most serious impact, according to Mrs. Smith and they were also considered the most flawed by President Clinton. Title IV bans most legal immigrants from receiving most federal benefits. Title XIII cuts food stamp benefits across the board and restricts food stamp benefits to unemployed adults without disabilities or dependents to 3 ...
96: Benedict Arnold
... Albany, a major supply depot in New York, and cut off New England from the rest of the colonies. He hoped help might come from New York City in an Army commanded by General Henry Clinton, from the South under General Sir William Howe, or from the west under Barry St. Ledger. Upon reaching Saratoga, Burgoyne had only a distant hope that Clinton's forces might come to aid him from New York City (Martin 373,392,393) (Randall 363,364) (Nelson 133) (Lynn 76,87). A man British in origin, General Horatio Gates had just replaced General ... 391) (Nelson 131). In the meantime, Burgoyne and his army were on the verge of running out of supplies for the winter. On October 3rd, rations were cut halved as the army desperately hoped that Clinton would find a way to reinforce them. While the forging action was proving to be successful from day to day, the British were still slowly being starved into defeat. Supply stocks were dwindling to ...
97: '96 Elections
... involved in the elections. Campaigning and debating are two things used to help get the people to be in favor of those who are running. The two main candidates this year are Dole/Kemp and Clinton/Gore. Campaigning is done in many different ways, it is a technique used by the candidates in order for more people to recognize them and become more familiar with their ideas. It is done on ... plan of economic growth. I myself like the aspect that Bob Dole as a republican is against abortion. I think abortion is murder to innocent babies who are not even given a chance to live. Clinton is the other major candidate for the elections. He is a democrat that is hoping to get re-elected to serve another four years. While in his first term, Clinton has made abortion a legal act, increased our taxes, and been accused of many small lies; but if he is accused of those small lies, why should we not be able to think he ...
98: Six Hours of Television
... all the late night shows. An outsider watches Jay Leno, or any late night talk show, and believes that America is an easy going place, full of good-natured, humorous people. Bob Dole and Bill Clinton are good only for jokes, so why listen when they say something important? Someone who has lived in America for most, or all of their life understands what Bill Clinton and Bob Dole represents, and the jokes are just for fun. For an outsider Jay Leno is the guy to listen to, and Bill Clinton and Bob Dole are only good for jokes. The result is that watching a late night show could throw an outsider into a quandary, is America full of violence, good friends, or people who ...
99: Southern Voting Behavior Since
... about the moral majority, and had conservative views. In the 1992 Election the South split as a majority of the south voted for the conservative Bush, but several border and deep south states voted for Clinton (http://www.worldmedia.fr/USelections/electionva/history/index.html). In 1992 it seemed that Clinton was able to pull around 34% of the Southern white vote (survey N.Y. Times) In the 1996 election the South was once again split, While a majority of the Southern states did go to Bob Dole, while several of the same states that supported Clinton before supported him once again. (Wattenburg p.147) The times that a non conservative presidential nominee has won a sizeable amount of the southern support seems to have been when a large majority of ...
100: The Effect of Third Party Candidates in Presidental Elections
... incumbent, George Bush, at a marked disadvantage (Murr 73). Also, Perot was identified as a conservative and thus he forced a split in the conservative vote away from Bush. Perot then voiced limited support for Clinton towards the end of the campaign which switched some "traditional Republican votes" to the Democratic party (Goldman 55 ). Thus, Ross Perot contributed considerably to Clinton's campaign. George Wallace and Ross Perot are two diametrically opposed characters. Wallace ran for president for a less than noble cause - to protect the interests of racist southern whites like himself. Conversely, Perot ran ... also had long term affects. Perot managed to convince the American people that it was "time to get rid of the old politicians and old way of doing things" (Robinson 36). Perot's support of Clinton led many voters to believe that they were doing just that, but when after two years Clinton had failed to pass any of the major legislation of his campaign platform, the American voters backlashed ...

Search results 91 - 100 of 617 matching essays
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