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61: Cuban Trade Sanctions And Effe
... bureaus were closed down in Cuba in 1969 when Castro’s government expelled the last members of the Associated Press who had been operating in the country. Almost thirty years later, in February 1997, President Clinton stated that ten news organizations would receive licenses allowing them to resume operations in Cuba. The decision to lift the news media restrictions came at a time when questions concerning relations with Cuba began to cause policy rifts between the United States and our European allies. Despite this minor concession made by the White House concerning the media networks, the policies of the Clinton Administration remained avidly anti-Castro. Clinton’s main intentions concerning Cuba are to promulgate democratic reforms in the government and bring an end to four decades of communism in Cuba. During Clinton’s first term in office, he signed into ...
62: The Morality Of Creating Life
... cloned child would have unfair expectations to be the same as the dead child, or possibly better. Time distorts perceptions of the past. The morality issues that cloning has presented have been addressed by President Clinton. RNS, writer of the article Clinton urges ban on cloning of humans, reports that President Clinton, at a White House ceremony where he accepted the report of the National Bioethics Commission, stated, "What the legislation will do is to reaffirm our most cherished beliefs about the miracle of human life ...
63: History of the American Drug War
... house these "drug dealers". Stopping the sale of drugs in the US would be kind of hard without putting all these "drug dealers" into prison. The use of drugs among teens has risen under the Clinton administration. Clinton states that not only he, but everyone shares the responsibility for the increase in drug use. "This issue has been debated literally going back to the Johnson administration." states Clinton in attempt to deflect criticism from Republicans that claim he has not done enough to fight drugs. At the start of his presidency, Clinton had reduced the office of the drug policy director as ...
64: Bill Clintons Lost World
... Bush could build an awesome multilateral coalition for going to war with Saddam Hussein, but he didn t know the price of milk. That was the story of the 1992 presidential campaign, in which Bill Clinton sold himself to America as a candidate focused exclusively on domestic policy. Seven years later, however, Clinton has just roasted President Bush s party as hostages to a "new isolationism," the Senate s rejection of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty having dealt a serious blow to the very global U.S. leadership ... Senate debacle occurred when partisan skirmishing created a momentum that even Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott was unable to stop suggested that there was chaos in the wheelhouse of the world s last superpower. And Clinton s righteous indignation over those who had placed domestic politicking over foreign policy priorities raised a few eyebrows among some U.S. allies, who have long been concerned that the President has a habit ...
65: Not Only Impeach, Remove from Office
... name and office. Through recent investigations, of the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit, it has come into light that our nation's highest elected officer has lied under oath in an American courtroom. Granted, Bill Clinton's sexual activity is none of our business; however, when he is sworn under oath and under God, he must speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That he did not. Bill Clinton's "two-speak" and misguided information was nothing less than perjury. The oath of honor and honesty is what our judicial system is based upon. When Clinton placed his hand on the bible and was sworn under oath in a deposition, he had no intention of being forthright. He slapped our nation in the face. People often sympathize with the President ...
66: Race Relations
... big problem, therefore, they do not see a need for "government intervention" (Anonymous, 1997; 04A). Similarly, Asians, Hispanics and other United States minorities believe they often receive unfair treatment because of their race. However, President Clinton and several organizations -- including the National Multicultural Institute, whose main focus is to "sort out the jumble of expectations and fears that swirl around the initiative's struggle to reconcile ethnicity and difference with the ... treated unfairly by enforcement officers, while one-third believe they are "at risk" (Farley, 1997; 88+) of receiving unfair treatment. Just one of five Caucasian youths feel the same. John Hope Franklin, head of President Clinton's race relations task force, claims genuine racial betterment will not arrive until "you have improvement in the home conditions of kids of all kinds" (Farley, 1997; 88+). An intriguing informal study gives an indication ... be the same problem going into the new millennium. There's plenty of opportunity to meet someone of another culture or that you would have never known about before" (Kohen, 1998; PG). III. CONCLUSION President Clinton has set his sights on bridging the racial gap in an effort to improve the country's "deteriorating race relations" (McFeatters, 1997; 68). By using his clout as Chief Executive and standing behind the ...
67: An American Shame
The Great American Shame !! Our limp-wristed Senators have voted. More afraid of Larry Flynt than God they have acquitted the criminal, Bill Clinton and spit in the face of every American citizen. The great farce is over and America has taken a giant step closer to Hell. The News Mafia has assassinated the last hope of America ever ... and replaced it with a dictatorship run by them! We are now shackled with the most vile man ever to occupy the White House (They may well change it to "The Whore House" now!) Bill Clinton is the lowest form of life to ever slither under the White House door. But he was the News Mafia's choice and they have proved that they will stop at nothing to defend their ... that might be independent of their televison masters. They never bothered to think even once. They simply turned their brains off and parroted the News Mafia GOD whenever they were asked what they "thought". Forget Clinton. He's not the problem. He only molested one American. The God-bashing, freedom-hating News Mafia has raped every man, woman and child in the country. They have probably succeeded in murdering the ...
68: Darkness At Noon
... for mirrors during that time. This fact could be used to say that these leaded cloaks truly mirrored how bogus these hypocrites’ true natures were. Hypocrisy is prevalent in today’s modern society. Even Bill Clinton, the president of the world’s most powerful country is a world-renown hypocrite. His extramarital relationships have shown him to be a hypocrite of various categories. At one time he said to Monica Lewinsky, his latest mistress, that he can’t do any sexual activities with her on a Sunday because it is a holy day. However, in his actions, Clinton is showing no respect for his beliefs whatsoever. Instead is subtly denouncing them by having an adulterous relationship while knowing that it is wrong and while trying to maintain a facade of a Christian. Sure, he can always be forgiven, but after every affair he gets caught for, Clinton has yet to truly repent and change. Clinton has also been trying to put up a false front of a faithful and innocent husband all throughout the Monica Lewinsky trial. He even said publicly, ...
69: Mark Twain
... newspaper career began while still a boy in Hannibal. In 1848, a year after his father death, he was apprentice to printer Joseph Ament, who published the Missouri Courier. Did tragedy make Samuel Clemens (Cox Clinton). Missouri Courier only last for a few weeks before he started working for his brother at Orion's Western Union, for which he wrote his first published sketches and worked as a printer. Over the ... which drilled for two weeks before disbanding. Sam accompanied Orion to the Nevada Territory by stagecoach: President Lincoln had appointed Orion as secretary of the new Territory, and Sam was to be his secretary. (Cox Clinton). During the 1880s and early 90s, Clemens became heavily involved with investing in the Paige Compositor, an automatic typesetting machine. He poured great amounts of money in the machine, and even founded a company in ... financial situation was in poor shape as a result of these failures in order stave off personal bankruptcy, Sam closed down the Hartford house in 1891, and took the family to live in Europe. (Cox Clinton) Even though he was in bad financial shape he finish numerous novels and sketches. To name a few "Pudd'nhead Wilson, Personal Recollections of Joan Of Arc, Following the Equator"(Cox Clinton). Tragedy struck ...
70: America At The Turn Of The Cen
... this isn t stopped the free education aspect of our country will not be offered in the future. Therefore, many historians believe that these few weaknesses could make a fairly self sufficient country fall. President Clinton is a perfect example for the political scandals of our country. In January of 1997 it was announced to the country that President Clinton allegedly had an affair with one of the interns at the White House. Over the period of the next few months President Clinton not only denied the whole thing, then made another statement that he actually did have an affair with the intern Monica Lewinsky. America is the only country that would prosecute this kind of thing. ...

Search results 61 - 70 of 617 matching essays
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