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51: False Memory Syndrome
... sufferings of Christ. It is possible that conscious obsessions on the idea that you were sexually abused might increase the frequency of some physical symptoms, and it doesn't matter if whether or not the abuse really occurred. There is no evidence that shows we remember everything that we experience. In fact, there is alot of evidence to show that it is impossible for us to even notice all the things ... to have happened or that they have even happened. And there is no evidence to show any accuracy of memories or that vividness of memories has something to do with accuracy. Although, a connection between abuse and health or behavior does not mean that bad health either mental, or physical, is a 'sign' of having a bad experience. Here are a few of the unproved, unscientifically researched things that are being said around by some child abuse experts: If you doubt that you were abused as a child or think that it might be your imagination, this is a sign of incest. If you can not remember any specific instances ...
52: Never Take Candy From Stranger
Never Take Candy From Strangers During the times the story was written, there was much child abuse in society. The child's welfare was often put aside because the family was more important. The unknown author of the Fairy Tale "Hansel and Gretel" used many rhetorical devices such as symbolism and diction to intensify the ...
53: Hardships That Children Face
... possibly wrong to slip through the cracks and consequently be ignored. One of the biggest examples of this are those injustices that occur in the home. It is known by all that there is much abuse and pain that can go on in a house, but I am going to go into depth into one aspect of abuse in the home and the different ways it can hurt someone in a family. This injustice is against a child but it is not merely physical violence directed at the child. Instead it can be more harmful to the child’s emotional being and esteem. The first thing that must be understood is that ...
54: Autism: False Words and False Hope
Autism: False Words and False Hope Autism is a childhood disease where the child is in a private world of their own. A description of an autistic child by her mother is: We start with an image---a tiny, golden child on hands and knees, circling round and round a spot on the floor in mysterious self- absorbed delight. She does not look up, though she is smiling and laughing; she does not call our ...
55: Partner Abuse
Partner Abuse Table of Contents Introduction 1 Literary review 1 Sampling 4 Data Collection 4 Data Analysis 4 Conclusion 6 Work Cited 7 Hypothesis: Do students believe that partner abuse is a problem on college campus. Domestic violence spans the range of violent encounters and includes physical assaults, sexual assaults, verbal assaults, intimidation, threats, extreme emotional or psychological neglect and even death. The hypothesis of this paper is do students believe that partner abuse is a problem on college campus. To find out this I will include a literary review, which will include theories of why it might occur and prof from other sources. Most important a survey ...
56: Abortion: Abusive Parents
Abortion: Abusive Parents Everyday there are pregnant mothers who abuse drugs and alcohol totally ignoring the living, growing person inside them. Then, when these children are born, they are usually born with a drug addiction or birth defects which sometimes leads to death. One thing's for sure, these children's lives are greatly complexed before they even reach the light of day. Which leads to my position that the rights of the child should be extended to the unborn. A mother should not have the right to use drugs or drink alcohol while she is pregnant, it is unfair for the child not to even have a chance for a normal life. If a mother beat her baby and was reported to the child welfare board they would be thrown in jail without a second thought, ...
57: Commentary: A Child Called "It"
Commentary: A Child Called "It" This book was especially disturbing to me in that I tend to carry a significant burden for abused children. In this piece, a scene of child abuse and neglect is painted by the person who suffered one of the worst cases in California history. The colors used are not the colors of the quitter or the defeated; they are the hues ...
58: Is Spanking A Safe And Effective Way To Get Children To Behave?
... a pat on a childs hand or bottom to severs use of a belt or other objects(Straus, 1994). The intent of corporal punishment is to inflict pain but not to inflict injury to the child(Straus & Kantor, 1994). Technically, corporal punishment is used to modify a child's behavior, however, parent may use it to express anger or retaliation for a child's misbehavior(Williamson, 1990). According to Straus(1994) reasearch shows that most parents of today suffered some form of corporal punishment. Now however, there seems to be a reexamination of this type of punishment. ...
59: Birth Defects
... two abnormal genes out of 100,000 that make up who we are. This is caused by the genes parents pass on or effected by drugs and alcohol upon the fetus of a new born child. Down's syndrome, the most common genetic disease formerly known as mongolism, "occurs one in every six hundred births throughout the world" ( Storm 102). It is caused by chromosomal error, where there is an extra ... and guilty in many of these and similar situations, feeling as if they are abnormal. However most can learn to walk, talk, dress themselves and eat. Special work programs are available that can help the child reach their education level. Also these work programs help takes off the many stresses facing parents. They no longer have to go it alone. Tay Sachs disease is another selective genetic disorder that destroyed nerve ... an abnormal gene from both parents will inherit the decease. The carrier parents have one normal gene and one defective gene. Carriers of Tay-Sachs disease have no symptoms. " If two carriers have children, each child has twenty-five percent chance of inheriting the defective gene (both parents)" (Strom 174). These children are unable to produce an enzyme that breaks down fats in the brain and nerve cells. The cells ...
60: Flash Memory
... conscious fixation on the suffering of Christ(Copeland Publishing 1989). Similarly, it is possible the idea, that "one was sexually abused might increase the frequency of some physical symptoms, regardless of whether or not the abuse really occurred"(Peter Bedricks Publishing 1994). This view of memory has two elements: (1) the accuracy element and (2) the causal element. The reason why this memory is questionable is not because people don't ... are incapable of understanding them, much less relating it to others. It is questionable because, (a) one is having problems of functioning as a healthy human being and (b) one remembers being abused as a child therefore, (A) one was abused as a child and (B) the childhood abuse is the cause of one's adulthood problems. There is no evidence that supports the claim that we remember everything that we experience. In fact, there is plenty of ...

Search results 51 - 60 of 7138 matching essays
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