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101: Mahatma Gandhi: Man Of Peace
... weapon against the Europeans was civil resistance. To him this meant not passively accepting injustice but actively, although nonviolently, opposing it by openly breaking the law and willingly suffering the penalty of doing so(Living Buddhism 03). His second act of civil resistance came on August 16 1908. Two thousand Indians in Johannesburg rallied together and burned their registration certificates. The London Daily Mail compared it to the Boston Tea Party ...
102: Empress Wu
... of that year, she died peacefully in the Tang court. But in 710 AD, the rest of the remaining of her family was assassinated. Accomplishments During Empress Wu s life, she was extremely devoted to Buddhism due to Empress Wu being raised in a family that is very dedicated to their religion. In her case, she was brought up in a Buddhist family. She was secretly supported by the Buddhist sects ...
103: Critical Biography On J. D. Salinger
... the wisdom and spontaneity that is lost in the distractions and temptations of adult life "(Gorden 2040), that Salinger and Wodsworth both incorporate into their work. Salinger eventually became drawn to Eastern philosophy, especially Zen Buddhism. This affliction pushed Salinger in his later works to stray from his original foundation and fundamental Western ideals of literature and begin incorporating Eastern philosophy into his work. Many critics condemn these resulting works and ...
104: Allen Ginsburg In America
... as 'Sunflower Sutra.' At a critical stage in his career, he somehow was able to avoid the 'fame burnout' that Kerouac fell pray too. Ginsberg mellowed considerably during this period, after travelling the world, discovering Buddhism and falling in love with Peter Orlovsky, who would remain a constant companion (though their relationship was not monogamous) for thirty years. Perhaps to rid himself of something Ginsberg wrote 'Kaddish,' a poem about his ...
105: Siddhartha
Setting - Siddhartha takes place in India during the time of Buddha. At that time both Buddhism and Muslim were the dominant religions of India. Theme - The theme of the story is that you can't follow a guide to happiness, or in Siddhartha's case, peace. Characters - Siddhartha- Siddhartha is a ...
106: England
... started there own faction of Christianity called the Church of England. But also there is a large group of Baptists and Lutherans. Also with the Asian Commonwealth Immigrants coming in there is some Muslim and Buddhism. About 2% of the people believe in one of the 2. With everything I have learned about this small island I still don’t get why they talk with some of their words mixed around ...
107: Allen Ginsberg : Howl
... job, though, he found himself plagued with financial difficulties. Living with his lover led to emotional problems; and to top it off he was suffering writer's block. These problems led Ginsberg to begin studying Buddhism under his friend and fellow Beat writer Jack Kerouac. With the practice of Dhyana meditation, he hoped to attain a level of heightened consciousness similar to that he experienced during his visions of William Blake ...
108: What Is Basketball Without Mic
... Bulls management. The breakup started when management wouldn t pay Phil Jackson what he deserved after bringing six NBA championships to the Bulls. Rather than coach another team, Jackson decided to retire to practice Zen Buddhism fulltime. When Jackson left, Jordan said he wouldn t play for a new coach. After Jordan left, basketball great, Scottie Pippen was traded to the Houston Rockets. Only four players of last year s team ...
109: The Uncertainty Of Knowledge
... these 'absolute faiths' (an oxymoron in itself due to the fact that though these are universal and widely accepted truths, they are not based on any evidence or facts.). Whether the faith be Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, or even atheism, each person categorized in one of these subjects must have an arrogance in their faith otherwise there would be no innovation or movement in this world today. People would find no reason ...
110: Taoism 2
... in the mind. To truly understand your own religion, you must understand the concepts of the other religions of the world. This will be enlightenment on the reincarnation concepts as they apply to Taoism and Buddhism. The goal in Taoism is to achieve Tao, (to find the way). Tao is the ultimate reality, a presence that existed before the universe was formed and which continues to guide the world and everything ...

Search results 101 - 110 of 181 matching essays
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