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51: Illegial Aliens
... the things which the immigrants leech from us. First, their kids get free schooling. But despite this, one-third of them don't even know English! America is squandering an inordinate amount of money funding bilingual education, on immigrants' children, making the U.S. the #1 in child illiteracy. Don't forget the healthcare that these free-loading moochers are getting their hands on, either. Some elderly people in the United ...
52: American Language
... will the money come from to teach the immigrants English? How will anyone know who knows enough English and who needs more help? My proposal is that the government use the money currently invested in bilingual government publications to fund useful programs that will teach immigrants English. The requirement of English skills obtained in order to become a U.S. citizen should be raised to allow for enough basic English that ...
53: Learning to Really Learn: Through Oral communication
... those of generations ago. This is because of the advent of the radio and television, and the rise of nurseries provide more language stimulation outside the home for the under privileged kids. Less contact with bilingual help who talk in broken English help the richer ones! Parents, more importantly, need to recognize themselves as the primary teacher of the child who does need love and affection. Their language patterns are largely ...
54: Alcohol Consumption by Adolescents
... in the household was selected using the Kish method, which lists all adult household members and then uses one of 12 possible selection schemes to randomly select among those eligible (Marνn, 1992, 1104). Interviewers were bilingual males and females. Experienced interviewers recruited respondents by telling them this was a national health survey and that the topic was AIDS. Interviewers received specific training on how to ask the highly personal questions used ...
55: Immigration Should Be Restricted
... of these issues include education, communication, and assimilation. The public school systems of the U.S. today are inadequate enough, without the hassle of trying to cope with immigrants. Assuming that the immigrant children are bilingual(most of which are not), they will still have much trouble adjusting to the curriculum, and most likely will need to be taught in separate classes; this requires more teachers, space, and desperately needed money ...
56: The Importance Of Learning Spa
... could be Spanish speaking. This fact has strong implications for employment, not only in the Southern belt ( from Florida to California ) but also in all major cities of the nation. In the job market, the bilingual employee will increasingly have the edge over other candidates, especially in the service sector. But employment is only part of the picture. The Hispanic community with its pride in its old traditions - native and European ...
57: Bloc Quebecois
... Without any subsidiaries, there will be many lost jobs and many consumers will be too afraid to buy or spend upon anything. The reform plan to cut all social programs. They will not fund any bilingual and multi-cultural programs, in essence they are destroying the very spirit of Canada. They also plan to cut back on old age pensions, pensions that the elderly rely upon for survival. This will also ...
58: The Canadian Government
... of the federal civil service. - Both languages must be offered as the language of instruction in all schools in Ottawa. When Trudeau made this act, it led to big changes such as all labels being bilingual, and all civil servants learning french. Bilingualism was a symbol that all Francophones were accepted in Canada. The government wanted to prove that the French didn't have to seperate form Canada to protect their ...
59: Ecuador and Democracy
... other faiths can found, they form only a very small minority. The Indians, while outwardly Roman Catholic, tend to blend Catholicism with their traditional beliefs. In Ecuador, Spanish is the main language. Most Indians are bilingual, with Quechua being their preferred language and Spanish their second tongue. Ecuador, that is the smallest of the Andean countries, is a republic with a democratic government headed by a president. The first constitution was ...
60: What To Do About Immigration
... burden the society with additional expenses. But she is only against those who come to the United States illegally and live on Welfare. She is against those who do not bother to learn language, demand bilingual education and oppose Only-English government policy. At the same time she does not deny that some immigrants become benefit the society. "Most immigrants still seem to personify the very traits we think of as ...

Search results 51 - 60 of 68 matching essays
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