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1: Bilingual Teaching
Structurally ineffective bilingual education for language minority students is a controversial concept that invokes heated arguments among those people in and associated with many of the nation's educational systems. Bilingual education, in most cases, is the instruction of a student's core classes, such as history, math, and science, in his or her native language and the instruction of a supplementary English as a Second Language course. For decades, much of the debate surrounding this type of bilingual instruction in classrooms with language minority students has focused on whether or not the students will learn English better by being completely immersed in English or by being initially instructed in their native language. ...
2: Biligual Education
For the past thirty years in the State of California, bilingual education has been undertaken by all the public schools of the state. Under such system, children of non-American ethnic have had a special treatment in their early academic career. Children of minority groups have been thought various subjects in their native tongues. Such subjects are Math, History and some Science classes. The bilingual program presented the student a scholastic curriculum that simultaneously instructed students all the required classes while teaching them the English language. For such method, bilingual teachers were the focal point for the success of individual students of any class level. Prior to Proposition 227, California’s programs for immigrant students included English as a Second Language, in which students ...
3: Bilingual Education In Miami
While California debates whether to stop teaching school children in two languages, the school system in Miami, Florida is expanding bilingual education. This city at the crossroads of the Americas is expanding bilingual education under the argument that students will need to speak, read and write in English and Spanish when they reach the business world. The decision to do this almost seems natural for a metropolis where ... television stations broadcast in Spanish, the top-ranked newspaper publishes a separate Spanish daily edition, many top civic leaders speak effortless Spanish and Latinos have become the majority. Educators in Miami, home to the first bilingual public school in the modern era, are baffled by the cultural and political firefight over bilingual education in California. Nowhere is the controversy more intense than in California. On June 2, 1998 there was ...
4: Bilingual Education
By: Robert E-mail: Bombastarr1208@aol.com Bilingual Education = Unilingual Education Bilingual education in America is a sound idea, but it is not truly bilingual education, it is only bilingual for those who do not already speak English. America is a country with more and more cultures mixing together with different areas of America speaking different languages. In California, ...
5: Bilingual Education
Bilingual Education Hello! My name is John Kephart. I am the superintendent at Brook School of Learning in Miami, Florida. Hola! Me Ilamo es John Kephart. Yo superior mejor en Brook School of Learning en Miami ... As a result of the growing population of Spanish and Latinos in our community, the need to learn both Spanish and English has increased. For this reason, I would like to introduce the idea of bilingual education. Bilingual education needs to be adopted into our education system in order to prepare our children for a better future. The Bilingual education that I am proposing is not just to help those children who ...
6: Bilingual Education
Bilingual Education For decades, immigrant children have been taught in their native languages in schools across the country while slowly and simultaneously receiving English as a second language. But like anything, bilingual education is not without its flaws. In fact, it's plagued with them. After many years of bilingual education in the United States, one thing is certain: it does not work, and it is failing America's immigrant youth. The idea behind bilingual education is that students be taught "academic subjects" such ...
7: Bilingual Education
Bilingual education was first initiated in 1968. It was a new means to educate the children who spoke a minority language. thirty-one years later the same problems exist for those children who speak a language other then English. The experiment of Bilingual education has been a failure and now it’s time to move on. The first English only initiatives were brought forth in 1981 by newly elected president Reagan. Since then the conflict over Bilingual education has drove on. Currently twenty-three states have “English Only” laws with 4 states having laws that are pending. The issue of bilingual education and the conflict that surrounds it is primarily focused ...
8: Bilingual Education
... language over the course of six to nine years or being put into a classroom and have to virtually teach yourself the language by listening to others around you which would you choose? Late exit bilingual education is a more effective form of bilingual education compared to the English immersion form of bilingual education in the fact that there are more benefits and less adverse effects. There are many reasons why late exit bilingual education should be the choice of public schools everywhere with high minority populations. ...
9: Bilingual Education Is Beneficial To Students Abilities To Assimilate In The Mainstream Culture
Bilingual Education Is Beneficial To Students Abilities To Assimilate In The Mainstream Culture Taylor English only--sink or swim? Yeah right! Instead of English Only Advocates worrying about bilingual education cost in our school system, why not take advantage of the skills our ethnic minorities possess to move our economy forward? They are obviously not thinking clearly, because the benefit of bilinguals, significantly outweigh ... they can live in the U.S.A. without learning English or conforming to “The American” way. That is an overt, racist, and paranoid view, don’t you think? The most significant issues that support bilingual education for students ability to assimilate in the mainstream culture are, the development of students linguistic resources and preserve their cultural heritage, contributions to the American economy, and diversity. The development of a students ...
10: Bilingual Education
Bilingual Education is the teaching of two languages. This would also be the ability to speak two languages. During the 1920's testing among various groups of people began. These tests were conducted in poor testing ... immigrants were inferior. This gave the congressmen more reason to discriminate against the immigrants. In the 1950's, federal and state laws ruled that discriminatory testing was unconstitutional (What To Do About Immigration? p 327). Bilingual education did not originally grow from the pressures of immigration. It was started as a small, federally funded program to help Mexican-American children (largely native-born) in the Southwest. The purpose was to try ... English. Today, our expectations of bilinguals are very high. We expect them to learn our language fast and accurately. However, we do not teach them well. Instead of running away from this problem by abolishing bilingual education, we should find a way to improve this practice in order to make it a part of our culture. People with a native language other than English have two goals in school: learning ...

Search results 1 - 10 of 68 matching essays
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