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51: Plagues and Diseases
... Europe in the 14th century, starting a new age. The great warrior Ivan the Terrible was stricken with disease, and driven mad. During the "exploration" of the new world, Cortes's greatest ally against the Aztecs was smallpox. Napoleon's Grand Army was defeated by the Russians, and typhus. Queen Victoria spread hemophilia to her heirs, leading to the illness of the only son of Czar Nicholas, and the fall of ...
52: Imperialism
... that in their oun eyes they were doing the other countries a favor. In the eyes of the other country they were destroying the land and they community. Europeans have destroyed many cultures including the Aztecs and many other. I do believe that the Europeans were "bad guys". I believe that Imperialism was justified in the minds of some people, however not in the minds of others. That is, the Europeans ...
53: Cannabis Sativa
... kind of hemp they grew in a relatively cool climate simply did not produce much psychoactive material. In Mexico Marijuana, was rich in mind altering chemicals, the plant grew freely and obtainable by everyone, "the Aztecs had long used Cannabis in religious ceremonies" (Stwertka 62). In the early 19 hundreds people all around the world were using marijuana freely. During the early years of this century, Americans could buy any sort ...
54: Fire 2
... preserved in temples by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Priests or certain special people watched the fires. Among the most famous were the Vestal Virgins in the Temple of Vesta in Rome. The Mayas and Aztecs kept sacred fires burning on top of high pyramids or fire altars. The Iranian religion Zoroastrianism maintains a sacred fire that must be fed at least five times a day ([CD-ROM] 1996). The history ...
55: Colonization
... Spaniards decided to conquer these cultures. The first of the conquests began in present-day Mexico in 1519, when Hernando Cortes and his army arrived and systematically began to conquer the advanced civilization of the Aztecs. This was followed by numerous other conquests of the other major civilizations (e.g. the Incas and the Mayans) in the Americas by the Spanish. Conquering these cultures yielded a wealth of Indian treasure which ...
56: Conquistadors - Peru (incas) E
... natural refrigerators. Temperatures in the day were terribly hot, but the temperatures cooled down at nighttime. The conquistadors of Spain that conquered Peru consisted of 180 men. Hernan Cortez led his conquistadors to conquer the Aztecs of Mexico. This influenced Francisco Pizarro into asking the King of Spain for permission to explore and conquer Peru. The King of Spain said yes, and Pizarro and his 180 men set sail for Peru ...

Search results 51 - 56 of 56 matching essays
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