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... best interests if they do not have regular contact with each parent. An example of such a case is Holswich v. O’Farrell which took place in the full court of the Family Court of Australia on the 26th of November, 1996. The father, Joe William George Holswich, appealed against the decision made on the 17th of May, 1996, allowing him contact with the child for only one hour every three ... is a major determining factor when courts decide residence cases. Unfortunately there is very little which can be done with regards to such situations because there are only eight judges in the Family Court of Australia faced with the burden of hearing a constantly increasing number of cases. In the period between 1987 and 1997, the number of applications for custody filed to the Family Court rose from 11,000 to ... to judge the effectiveness of the amendments to the Family Law Act 1975 because it is impossible to measure how well a child’s best interests have been served. However, if the Family Court of Australia has adequately implemented the changes then one would expect that the amendments have been effective in improving the system of determining what is in the child’s best interests. Therefore the court’s final ...
92: Paralells in My Brilliant Career
... it is possible to overcome things that others put in your way. A neat twist in the movie is that if you substitute the men in Sevillas life for Britain and Sevilla herself for Young Australia you have the history of that nation. Sevilla herself is Australia a nation that had many obstacles to overcome. The history which I speak of has been prevalent in all the movies that we watch in class. This nation has overcome manta bad times. That was well demonstrated in the movie Breaker Morant. That movie concentrated on the bore wars of Australia, it also showed how the men in this movie parallel to Britain. There are so many parallels that can be drawn by this movie. I just chose to put a few of those analogies ...
93: Lead and The Environment
... 327.502 oC and boils at 1740 oC. Lead is a heavy, ductile, soft, gray solid. It is soluble in nitric acid and insoluble in water. It is found in North, Central and South America, Australia, Africa and Europe. In modern times, lead has found a wide range of uses, and world demand for lead and its products has steadily increased. Lead's usefulness stems from the metal's many desirable ... is injury caused by exposure to lead-based paint. The hazards of lead-based paint have been known since the early 1900s, when the use of lead in the manufacture of paint was banned in Australia. The lead mining and lead pigment industries in the United States were able, however, to forestall the banning the use of lead in the manufacture of paint until 1978, when it (finally) became illegal in ... is injury caused by exposure to lead-based paint. The hazards of lead-based paint have been known since the early 1900s, when the use of lead in the manufacture of paint was banned in Australia. The lead mining and lead pigment industries in the United States were able, however, to forestall the banning the use of lead in the manufacture of paint until 1978, when it (finally) became illegal ...
94: Observed Distribution of South American Relief Features
... creating two continents. About 135 million years ago, because of sea floor spreading, Pangea separated into two large landmasses: Laurasia (containing North America, Europe, and Asia) to the north, and Gondwana (containing South America, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, and India) to the south. About 180 million years ago, Gondwana started to break up into South America-Africa, Australia-Antarctica, and India. About 130 million years ago, the Atlantic started separating South America and Africa while India sailed towards Asia, crashing into it about 30 million years ago. Australia and Antarctica split about 45 million years ago and North America separated from Europe 5-10 million years later. Convection cells that propel the plates produce Earth’s surface dynamics such as the features ...
95: Imperialism
... territories in the Carribean, stations in Africa for the acquisition of slaves, and important interests in India. The loss in the late eighteenth century of the American colonies was not offset by the discovery of Australia, which served, after 1788, as a penal colony (convicts like Magwitch, in Dickens's Great Expectations, were transported there). However, the loss influenced the so-called "swing to the East" (the acquisition of trading and ... post-war period the Empire actually increased in size as Britain became the "trustee" of former German and Turkish territories (Egypt, for example) in Africa and the Middle East. The English-speaking colonies, Canada and Australia, had already acquired dominion status in 1907, and in 1931 Britain and the self-governing dominions -- Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the Irish Free State -- agreed to form the "Commonwealth of Nations." The Dominions came to the aid of Britain during World War II, but Britain's losses to the ...
96: East Timor. Do They Have A Rig
East Timor is half of an island in Indonesia, about 300 miles north of Australia. In the 1500's, Portugal colonized the island of Timor, and its inhabitants today are primarily Catholic. The Dutch colonized much of the area, eventually including the western half of Timor as part of the ... an aggressive attack on a small island in order to take control of large oil deposits of the coast of Timor. "In August 1975, in a famous cable that was leaked, he [Woolcott] advised that Australia must go along with the impending invasion because Australia could make a better deal on the oil reserves in the Timor Gap with Indonesia than with Portugal or an independent East Timor." (Chomsky 1995) Within a few years of the invasion Philips Petroleum ...
97: Global Warming -.
... of CO2 in the atmosphere and warmer climates would likely lead to an increase in vegetation. During warm periods in history vegetation flourished, at one point allowing the Vikings to farm in now frozen Greenland. Australia is arguing that there should be individual levels for every country considering its specific situation. The level should be determined by numbers like the projected population growth, emission intensity, energy intensity of exports, etc. Australia is resisting a big reduction in the emissions level, which would have a devastating effect on a country that is a big coal exporter and also relies on coal for domestic energy use. Australia supports the idea of a tradable permit system with some reservations, especially about the initial distribution of permits and the huge transfers of money.
98: Eurodisney
... beaches and exotic location. One major draw is the Rio Carnival, which draws millions to Brazil for this period of time. The weather is warm year round. Another location I would look at is Sydney, Australia. Sydney, population of over 4 million, is locate in the southeast of Australia, which is home to more then 18 million people. It has a warm climate year round, and will grab much attention when they host the 2000 Olympics. The final location Is think would be a ... million people flock to Las Vegas each year, and it also has a warm climate year round, and there is lots of desert to start something new. I think the best location would be Sydney, Australia. The people there are more tolerant with new things, and there is many tourists going through the country already. Not to mention the Aussies make a decent living, unlike in Rio, and Sydney also ...
99: Explain the importance of Contingency Planning
... Bhopal as my main case study because of the catastrophic effect that an industrial incident had on a total society. I will also briefly refer to the Knox City Council Fire that occurred in Victoria, Australia in 1994. My reference is by way of photographs and examples used by the Council, depicting the successful implementation of a contingency plan. How contingency planning began. Safety consciousness in business and industry was basically ... Goldsby, M. (1996). Principles of Security and Risk Analysis. SCY 1102 Guide. Edith Cowan University. Jasanoff, S. (1988). The Bhopal Disaster And The Right to Know. Social Science In Medicine, 27 (10). 1113-1123. Standards Australia (1995). Australian/ New Zealand Standard, Risk Management. AS/NZS 4360:1995. Standards Australia (1995). Emergency Control Organization and Procedures for Buildings. AS 3745:1995. Kluwer Security Bulletin (1994). Handbook of Security. Croner Publications. Occupational Health and Safety (Commonwealth Employment) Act 1991. Reprint No. 3 Consolidated to 24 ...
100: Nevil Shute
... he feared that his reputation as a fiction writer would hinder his engineering career (Internet). Through the next many years, up until World War II, Nevil Shute published many more books. Shute then moved to Australia in 1949, to concentrate on his writings. During his years through both world Wars, his experiences greatly influenced his writings. His statement, ”…to write something which could make me forget that there was such a ... home in Southampton and forced to take refuge on a houseboat. This was drawn from Shute's early childhood experience during the Sinn Fein Rebellion (Locker 396). Shute spent many of his writing years in Australia, where he derived at his main source of information for some of his adventures, such as On The Beach, where the base of the action is located in Australia (Shute, On The Beach). His characters are also unique in his works. They consist of person to person dialogue in first person. His dialogue is mostly straightforward and relevant to the novel's plot. ...

Search results 91 - 100 of 454 matching essays
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