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71: Gilbert McAdam's Brilliant Return To Football Continues
... best on ground performance of the season. At the moment, McAdam is the odds on favorite to win the Magary Medal for the second time in his illustrious career which has taken him all over Australia. He managed to pick up an astounding 35 possessions, and set up many Central's goals, and managed to kick two of his own. His attacking style of play from the half back line has ... Gilbert had the desire to return home, and it would seem that the quenching of that desire has transformed into Gilbert playing the best football of his career. McAdam's professional career began in Sth. Australia with the Central District Football club. One of the great football minds of our time, Neil Curley, saw something in McAdam, and did everything in his power to get him to the C.D.F ... peak of his career when he was playing in St. Kilda. One experience which really influenced Gilbert, was when he returned to Halls Creek in 1994. The situation for many Aboriginal people living in outback Australia was something that Gilbert was not aware of, so when he did go back, he saw the conditions they were living in and knew he had to do something, "That was the first time ...
72: Gold And Its Uses.
... gold has been recovered, first from alluvial deposits in rivers and then by mining. But most of it has been produced in the last 150 years, since the major discoveries in the United States and Australia in the mid-19th century. Then, in the short span of 50 years, more was mined than in the preceding 6,000. Today, worldwide production amounts to about 2,300 tonnes annually, having doubled since ... tonnes in 1989, before falling to about 250 tonnes in 1991, of which some 150 tonnes was from Russia itself. Important new mines are being developed in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Gold was first discovered in Australia in 1851 near Bathurst, New South Wales, transforming it from a mere penal colony. Output peaked in 1865 at 95 tonnes, but fortunes revived with discoveries at Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, in 1893. The second rush, focusing on the diggings along Kalgoorlie's famous "Golden Mile", lasted a decade. By 1903 output had risen to 199 tonnes, a level not surpassed until 1988. The gold ...
73: The Making Of The Cat
... the first monotremes. The first monotremes were small, insec- tivorous, shrew-like creatures about 6 inches long. Monotremes are mammals, but barely so, and survive today only as the platypus and the echidna found in Australia and New Guinea. They have very poor internal temperature control, being only somewhat warmblood- ed, are the only mammals to produce venom, are the only mammals to lay eggs, and, though milk-producing, are the ... numerous they gradually forced out the less-efficient marsupials: Today, the only significant marsupials left worldwide are the opossums, which survive because they are so fecund. The dominance of placentals is firmly established except in Australia and a few surrounding islands, which had broken from the Asian conti- nent after the marsupials had dominated the south but before the placentals had spread down from the north. In pre-colonial Australia marsupials were to be found in all the mammalian ecological niches (there is even a marsupial "cat") except for the aborigines (who arrived by boat), the dingos (wild dogs, which arrived with the abo- ...
74: The Maori of New Zealand
... would like to discuss. Years ago, back in the days of rampant imperialism, the English navy found the part of the world that today is referred to as "down under". They originally came first to Australia, but it was only a matter of time before New Zealand, Australia's tiny neighbor, was discovered also. The mighty English, who at the time was one of the world powers, subjugated the natives of Australia, the Aborigine people. The Aborigine, having very little technology, were easily subdued and the land became an English colony, used at first for its natural resources but also as a exile or prison colony. ...
75: Carnivorous Plants
... petals. Classification is illustrated in the chart below in addition to the geographic range, the number of species, and the type of trapping mechanism. Family Genus species Geographic Distribution Type of Trap Byblidaceae Byblis 2 Australia Passive flypaper Cephalotaceae Cephalotus 1 S.W. Australia Passive pitfall Dioncophyllaceae Triphyophyllum 1 West Africa Passive flypaper Droseraceae Aldrovanda 1 Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia Active Dionaea 1 North & South Carolina Active steel Family Genus # of species Geographic Distribution Type of Trap Drosera 120 Omnipresent Passive flypaper Drosophyllum 1 Morocco, Portugal, Spain Passive flypaper Nepenthaceae Nepenthes 71 East Indies ...
76: What Do Employers Do,train Or
... what employers are to do with their current staff. Retrain them or just simply hire new staff already equipped with the necessary skills? 1999 Telstra Business Woman of the Year, Sheryle Moon, has recently criticised Australia's level of IT skills. She stated that "companies need to train unskilled workers themselves rather than wait for university graduates to filter into the workplace" (Warning on IT skills crisis, Herald-Sun August 10th ... to that of the 1950's Snowy Mountain Scheme, where new immigrants solved the labour shortage. However this would not work this time, as the rest of the world also faces a similar problem to Australia. So how can companies make up for this shortage in IT skilled workers? One possible solution suggested by Ms Moon was that companies could train their current employees, rather than wait for the influx of ... too would come at a high price to the company, but would probably be more cost effective than training the staff themselves. This sort of outsourcing is now possible due to companies such as MVS Australia, a company recently created by former Victorian auditor-general, Ches Baragwanath. According to Mr Baragwanath, the company was setup to be "an intermediary between an organisation and the whole recruitment market" (Baragwanath plays musical ...
77: Power Generation In The Future What We Should Do In Australi
Based on the current technology regarding power sources we believe that Australia’s total power usage should be divided between these four sources using the percentage specified (reasons why are listed below): Nuclear Power – 50% Coal Power – 25% Solar Power – 15% Wind Power – 10% Nuclear Nuclear should generate majority of the power because it is a reliable power source and unlike coal generators, it does not give off harmful emissions. Coal supplies are dwindling however, uranium is abundant in Australia and it will be cheaper for Australia to use its own supplies than to import coal. Toxic waste could be a slight problem but methods of storing it can be developed later. Coal The coal infrastructure is already in place so ...
78: Sexual Transmitted Diseases Defined
... the mouth. Cold sores on the mouth are also caused by the herpes virus. These infections are caused by viruses cures are not available. It has been estimated that approximately 1 in 6 people in Australia has had a history of genital herpes at some time. Not all people infected with the herpes virus will have symptoms. As many as 60-70% of people with herpes virus type 2 infection by ... sex at all. Kissing,touching and masturbation. To have sex only with a partner who has no other sexual partners is an assuring way also. Bibliography CLINIC 275 FIRST FLOOR, 275 NORTH TERRACE ADELAIDE SOUTH AUSTRALIA 5000 TELEPHONE: +61 (8) 8226 6025 FACSIMILE: +61 (8) 8226 6560 COUNTRY CALLERS (South Australia only): 1 800 806 490 Web site designed and maintained by Dr Christopher Miller email: csm@hc2.health.sa.gov.au Sexually Transmitted Diseases Control Branch Public and Environmental Health Division South Australian Health ...
79: Honesty
... characters actually felt proud of whatever they did, whether it was right or wrong. In The Mercury newspaper, 23rd August 1994, it contained an article on burglaries in general. In the article, it said that Australia had one of the world’s highest burglary and domestic violence rates. It was said that this was because of Australians high beer intake in comparison to countries which drink more wine rather than beer ... Spain). This is proven by the fact that many other beer drinking countries like Canada, America, England, Germany and Holland also have quite high crime, burglary and domestic violence rates. Another factor that adds to Australia’s high crime/burglary rate is the facts that just over 80% of Australia’s population live in a detached, single story house, which is accessible to burglars from all sides. This can be compared to Paris, which has one of the world’s lowest crime/burglary rates. ...
80: Tomorrow When The War Began
... only stupid but it is devastating for those who are involved. The issues in John Marsden's masterpiece were very dramatic. Marsden's masterpiece is about a small country town in the Eastern States of Australia, which gets invaded by a foreign force and starts ruling parts of Australia. This foreign force wants to take over Australia because of the wide open space which Australia has an their Country doesn t. They want to bring people from their country and give them a home each and manage a farm and have ...

Search results 71 - 80 of 454 matching essays
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