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111: World Order
... some parts of it, or concepts of it, into its own legislation. An example of such is the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which was adopted by the UN in 1989. However, despite Australia's agreement with its concepts, it did not become law in Australia until it was ratified in 1990, with the Family Law Reform Act. If a nation refuses to agree to a convention, or ratify a treaty that has become binding (ie a certain specified number of ...
112: Attention Deficit Disorder ( Add)
... drugs and the Feingold diet. Support and counseling therapy, occupational and behavioural therapy, special education and support groups will also make the recovery as full as possible. Stimulant drugs like Ritalin have been prescribed in Australia since 1990. The drug is described as having a calming effect, helping the child concentrate and get on better with routines at home and school. Unfortunately it has some side effects like problems with sleeping ... www.addoneplace.com http://members.aol.com/addnews/index.html http://members.aol.com/addcentre/index.htm www.med.monash.edu.au/psychmed/teach.htm Krongold center, Monash University (Clayton campus) Wellington Road, Clayton. Vic,Australia 3168 Bram,L(ed.)Dickey(ed.), 1996, Funk & Wagnall New Encyclopedia (vol 13), Funk & Wagnalls Corporation, USA. Bolt, A, 1999, "Are we creating a generation of Stepford children?" Sunday Magazine, July 11, p. 8-11 ...
113: Rainforests
... the United States, and are also found in New Zealand, Tasmania, Chile, Ireland, as well as Scotland and Norway. Temperate rainforests are much more scarce than tropical rainforests. Some countries have both types, for example: "Australia has both tropical and temperate rainforests. Although Australia is mostly desert with little forest, it is recognized as a leader of the scientific understand of rainforests." (National Association of Forest Industries, 1996) The cause of the destruction of the rainforest was put very ...
114: Veganism
... wool producing sheep. Their unnatural skin folds and excessive coats cause severe heat exhaustion and fly infestations. To reduce fly problems, the sheep are subject to mulesing, a surgical procedure performed on about 20 % of Australia s 150 million sheep. The great majority of wool used for clothing in the United States comes from Australia, which produces nearly one-third of the world s supply. Mulesing involves cutting large strips of flesh off of the hind legs of 4 week old lambs. Another procedure is called tail docking, designed to ...
115: Should The Internet Be Censore
... controversial issue. Many agree that censoring violates the First Amendment of free speech. Yet many also believe that it is the government’s duty to censor to protect children and teenagers. The EFA (Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc.) is an organization against Internet censorship. The EFA’s goals are “to advocate the amendment of laws and regulations in Australia and elsewhere which restrict free speech...and to educate the community at large about the...liberties issues involved in the use of computer-based communications systems.” (President of EFA) The EFA shares similar goals with ...
116: Cry Freedom
... a very good initiative taken by world commitee s. Black deaths in custody Black deaths in custody was a story presented by ABC s four courners. The story is mainly about Aboriginal deaths in Western Australia during a period of 1980 to the 1990 s. As a reporter states at the beginning of the report a 17 year old aboriginal boy was killed by police officers as said but the case ... black died from a government organised police force, law did not act to defend the victims at any time. My personal belief regarding the incidents which occurred in South Africa and which are occurring in Australia is that the law should persecute any persons in threat of these people. I can see that the government has no harsh approach to these people it s just plain local people who she these ...
117: Assisted Suicide
... is foreseen but not intended, because it is the intent that makes it wrong. Although suicide is no longer a crime, giving assistance in it is, everywhere except for Switzerland, Germany, Norway, and Uraguay. In Australia, a law was passed that allows terminally ill patients to ask for assistance by injection or taking drugs themselves.7 There is a debate about it because Parliament wants to overturn the statute, which is ... Euthanasia." URL: http.//www.rights.org/~deathnet/Humphrey.essay.html 10 Lund, Nelson. “Assisted Suicide is Death Knell to Doctor Ethics.” Insight on the News. 10 Feb., 1997. p.30. 11 Mydans, Seth. "Legal Euthanasia: Australia Faces a Grim Reality." New York Times. Feb. 2, 1997, sec. 1: 3 12 Reibson, Larry. "Whose Right Is It?" Newsweek. 20 Jan., 1997, p. 36. 13 Swanson, William. "Mortal Concern." MPLs St. Paul Magazine ...
118: The Problem With Desertification
... that some lands can no longer sustain life. Large regions which have been greatly affected include: the Savannas of Africa, the Great Plains and the Pampas of America, the Steppes of Asia, the Outback of Australia, and the margins of the Mediterranean (World Atlas of Desertification, 1997). Some of the leading causes of desertification are due to human mismanagement. The four major human factors which lend towards soil degradation are deforestation ... animals are being used on the land. The most common consequence of heaving grazing is the decrease of vegetation cover. This decrease in cover leads to increased water and wind erosion. Over 90 percent of Australia's soil degradation is due to overgrazing. As overgrazing continues to reduce vegetation cover, the landscape becomes barren. During long droughts, the land becomes greatly affected by wind and water erosion. A big problem with ...
119: Nuclear Weapons and Their Hazards
... Northern Hemisphere. Smaller temperature decreases might occur in low latitudes but more importantly in these regions rainfall would probably decreases because monsoons could not develop. Like in On The Beach, all the radiation move towards Australia and everyone innocent people died. A large-scale nuclear war would lessen food production over large expanses in the Northern Hemisphere, this could occur through acute climatic conditions which chilling or freezing temperatures occurring for ... in the Northern Hemisphere could be shut down or significantly reduced for the first growing season after war and maybe several growing seasons. Only the major grain-producing countries such as United States, Canada, and Australia had enough stored food to keep their populations alive if they lost the crops from a full growing season. For countries and thus for most of the people on earth, the food would run out ...
120: Gold
... fifty thousand men went to El-Dorado during the time of 1848-1853 and there they found over 200 million dollars worth of gold. Also in 1851 Edward Hargraves started a second gold rush in Australia. More than five hundred thousand people sailed to Australia to mine for gold. More gold was produced in these twenty-five years than in the 358 years before. The symbol for gold is the capital letter A and lower case letter u, (Au) this ...

Search results 111 - 120 of 454 matching essays
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