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61: Us Presidents 30-42
... ratings fell immediately. The House, with many Republicans in opposition killed a compromise deficit-reduction plan. As a result, the government was almost forced to shut down for lack of money while a new budget proposal was drafted. In the final days of the 101st Congress the president and Congress reached a compromise on a budget package that increased the marginal tax rate and phased out exemptions for high-income taxpayers ... sought to create new jobs through increases in exports, and to that end he visited Australia, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan in January 1992. Despite hopes for a major agreement with Japan, he obtained only modest Japanese concessions to purchase American products. Bush's 1992 State of the Union address offered a plan for economic growth that called for a moratorium on new government regulations on business, a cut in the ... to fulfill a promise to place many women and minorities in prominent government positions. The failure to enact comprehensive health-care reform proved to be a major setback for Clinton. Widespread public concerns over the proposal's complexity, its reliance on government administration, employer mandates, and levels of services, combined with an effective lobbying campaign by opponents, drained congressional support for this major policy initiative, which had been one of ...
62: Edith Whartons The House Of Mi
... concern in herself with such matters. The first major step towards her social downfall, is when against her value, Lily asks Mr Trenor to help her to invest her money She understood only that her modest investments were to be mysteriously multiplied without risk to herself . Lily is stepping outside the social norm as it is seen as unacceptable for a woman to borrow money. It is to Rosedale that Lily turns when she falls out of favour with high society, she asks him to reconsider his proposal of marriage, but as she has lost her social standing, if he married Lily now he would also lose his own social standing If I married you now I d queer myself for good and ... perceived love (page 256) in the pursuit of a more quantifiable social success. It is for this same reason that Lily is unable to marry the man she loves. Sheldon, the man who s marriage proposal Lily rejects for his lack of wealth; is the only man that Lily thinks she has ever loved. Because love is an unquantifiable commodity, Lily is unable to appreciate it s true value. Sheldon ...
63: Bipartisanship
... to the Clinton Impeachment Debates. Many individuals feel that the only reason William Jefferson Clinton was impeached in the House was due to the fact that the majority of the House is republicans. This research proposal will attempt to define if the concept of bipartisanship does exist. If it does exist, what are the contributing factors to it (convincing individuals, convincing corporations, money, the Senators or House member’s families)? These ... What defines politicians voting patterns? Does seniority have a large part to do with specific votes on specific issues? All of these questions have been posed for a purpose. The object of this particular research proposal deals with defining voting patterns of both republican and democratic politicians. How can we attempt to answer these questions and where can the information be gathered from? This question will be the focus of the ... reason that Bill Clinton was officially impeached in the House was due to the lack of cooperation of both parties. Where can some of this information be gathered? A great source that benefited this specific proposal was the Internet. The Internet, in essence, can benefit any research proposal, term paper, and assignment in general. Some specific sites that had great information on the topic at hand are as follows: 1. ...
64: Escaping the Fog of Pride and Prejudice
... Charlotte Lucas who only seeks a marriage in which she will advance her social position. Elizabeth doesn't believe Miss Lucas' idea of marriage until she sees an application of it. Miss Lucas accepts a proposal from Collins. The friendship weakens after this because Elizabeth cannot respect her friend's action. Elizabeth later declines a proposal from Darcy. He proposed, while his pride and love for Elizabeth were still conflicting. His proposal was like Collins', he felt he was giving Elizabeth a great honor. He told her of his struggle to overcome his dislike of Elizabeth's family. The proposal is so unromantic that Elizabeth returns ...
65: Portrait Of A Lady
... early on that she is not looking to be tied down at all. She wants to be free to experience all that life has to offer for her. Because of that, she turns down the proposal of Lord Warburton, although he had much to offer. James says, "The idea of a diminished liberty was particularly disagreeable to her at present, since she had just given a sort of personal accent to ... anew. Throughout the novel, her morality grew, changed, and became more stable. Where at the beginning she refused two proposals of marriage, without giving any indication to wanting a third, she ends up accepting a proposal from Osmond. Goodwood's offer to Isabel came at an early stage of her moral growth, when she was not really sure of what she wanted, so she could accept. She was beginning to enjoy ... She wanted the freedom to judge, and to act on those judgments. By marrying Goodwood, she would be giving up some of that freedom. Another reason to refuse Goodwood's offer was because accepting his proposal of marriage would mean returning to America. To Isabel, America was not a very fulfilling place. Her father had just died, and she was living in a house by herself. There was very little ...
66: The Effectiveness of Eisenhower's First Term: 1953-1956
... these economic cuts would not effect "our economic programs in Korea and in a few other places in the world that are especially important,"13 and would ask Congress that they continue. The Atomic Energy Proposal was also introduced in the address. This proposal was designed to create a program that would offer alternatives to nuclear war and to find peaceful applications of the technology within the United Nations. The new President continued to try to initiate joint construction ... the buck" policy that helped America defend itself in the Cold War. Another initiative of the administration was the National Highways program. In this piece of legislation, Eisenhower hoped to improve the countries' highways. This proposal called for the continuation of the current gasoline tax. One of the largest initiatives that the President called for was a plan for stabilizing agriculture. The idea of this plan was that the nations' ...
67: Taxes and Its Objectives
... exercises the least distorting effects on work effort and the quantity and allocation of investment and saving, minimizes reliance on scarce administrative resources and demands on taxpayers' compliance. The Armey-Shelby flat tax is a proposal that would replace the corporation and personal income. The Armey-Shelby flat tax proposal follows each of the principles of a flat tax. A flat tax eliminates all loopholes and tax breaks. It ends the taxation of investment income and puts everyone on the same level. Under the Armey-Shelby proposal, individuals, the income from wages, salaries, and pensions is taxed. Individual taxpayers add up income from these and then deduct generous personal exemptions. What is left after these deductions is taxed at 17 percent, ...
68: Bob Dole: A Race to the Top
... Dole to the American public (Gibbs 1996). Bob Dole proposed his tax cut package on Aug. 5, 1996 hoping to entice the public into voting for him in the 1996 presidential elections. Dole focuses his proposal towards social conservatives and supply siders believing he will give them their link to growth-oriented tax cuts which will amount to 551 billion dollars over the next six years (Rubin 1996). So how does ... they tried to show that their plan would benefit everybody," remarked Rick Grafmeyer, a tax partner at Earnest & Young, a national accounting firm (Barnes, 1996, 29). While Dole flaunts the benefits of his tax-cut proposal, he fails to mention what will suffer in order to activate his tax cuts. First of all, Dole made no mention of how his tax-cut proposal will pay for the $551 billion reduction in taxes. Secondly, Dole does not say that he needs to cut spending in "small" areas such as Medicare, student loans, defense spending and social security. (Gibbs, ...
69: The Life of Adolf Hitler
... at the invitation. "Now I have them in my pocket! They have recognized me as a partner in their negotiations!" - Adolf Hitler stated to Rudolph Hess. He went to the meeting and listened to the proposal, but gave no response. There was no reason to help the chancellor and thus help keep the republic alive. In February 1932, President Hindenburg reluctantly agreed to run again and announced his candidacy for re ... with Hitler and had been the one who arraigned for Hitler to meet Hindenburg, a meeting that went poorly for Hitler. On May 8, 1932, Schleicher held a secret meeting with Hitler and offered a proposal. The ban on the SA and SS would be lifted, the Reichstag dissolved and new elections called, and Chancellor Bruening would be dumped, if Hitler would support him in a conservative nationalist government. Hitler agreed ... the government on his terms. Oskar emerged from the meeting convinced it was inevitable. The Nazis were to be taken in. Papen then pledged his loyalty to Hitler. Next, Schleicher went to Hindenburg with a proposal - declare a state of emergency to control the Nazis, dissolve the Reichstag, and suspend elections. Hindenburg said no. But word of this proposal leaked out, bringing Schleicher the wrath of the liberal and centrist ...
70: Return Of The Native Summary
... been gently refused. Diggory determines that she shall have the man she wants. He and Mrs. Yeobright, Thomasin's aunt, contrive separately and together, to bring about the delayed wedding. Eustacia, confronted with an actual proposal of marriage from Wildeve, cannot bring herself to believe him good enough for her; neither can she bring herself to accept what she considers second place, since Thomasin received his first proposal of marriage. The arrival of Clym Yeobright, Mrs. Yeobright's son, stirs Eustacia's spirit of adventure. Clym's business is in Paris. Bright lights glitter in Eustacia's mind. Clym is well-educated and ... and Damon Wildeve. Meanwhile Mrs. Yeobright, by telling Wildeve of another suitor who wants Thomasin, rekindles his desire for her. Diggory Venn, by admitting himself the other suitor, and Eustacia Vye, by spurning Wildeve's proposal to her, send Wildeve, in a pique, to set a date with Thomasin. Thomasin marries Wildeve. Wildeve thinks he is having revenge on Eustacia, but Eustacia is happy to have Thomasin removed as a ...

Search results 61 - 70 of 920 matching essays
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