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Essay Galaxy - The Lord Of The FLies By: Julie R.

Julie Period 7 Expo 1 The Lord of the Flies The novel, The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding uses numerous literary tools such as symbolism and foreshadowing to express the many clues and themes to the story. The story is about a group of boys who have been dropped on a remote tropical island in the vast Pacific Ocean. Their plane having been shot down. A nuclear war has taken place and civilization has been destroyed. Ralph wanders out of the jungle followed by a pudgy boy. His name is Piggy. Piggy is fat, asthmatic, and almost blind without his glasses. He trails behind as Ralph explores the island. Although they were dropped by a plane that was under attack during an atomic war, Ralph thinks he is in paradise. There is a "long scar smashed into the jungle" where the plane dropped them the night before. The boys stand among "skull-like cocon....

Number Of Pages: 6 Number Of Words: 1486

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