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Essay Galaxy - Electoral College Is No Longer The electoral college has been our method of electing presiden's sinc eth constitution was formed. With increasing popoulations and the addition of third parties, it can be questioned however, as to wheth or not this i still a functional method of elections. There have been many cases in history where a president has been elected to office without having the popular vote. Because after all when you vote in the primaries, you are not voting for a candiate, you are voting for an elector who then in turn voted for the candiate that won the popular vote in that state. Seems to work okay, right? Not quite. Let us say thata candidate has 56% of the vote in a state. That doesn't mean he gets half of the votes, that means he gets all teh electoral votes that state has. This no big if you live in Vermont, but if you are talking about California with 54 electoral votes, you ar....

Number Of Pages: 2 Number Of Words: 320

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