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Essay Galaxy - To Kill A Mocking Bird Movie R To Kill a Mockingbird - Movie Review To Kill a Mockingbird is an inaccurate presentation of the novel for three main reasons. The first main reason why it is inaccurate is because a lot of details in the novel are left out in the movie, as there is a lack of time. Two examples are the fire that burns down Miss Maudie's house and the arrival of Aunt Alexandra does not take place in the movie. The second main reason why the movie is an inaccurate presentation of the novel is because the orders of events happening are mixed up from the book. An example is when Jem gets angry with Atticus for not being in the football game and says he is too old and cannot do anything. This event happens a few minutes after the movie starts, while in the book, it happens close to the beginning but not as early as it is in the movie. The third main reason ....

Number Of Pages: 1 Number Of Words: 181

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