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Essay Galaxy - Todays Hip Hop What is hip hop and is it influnceing listeners to condone violence and drugs. First off to set the record straight, this is the truth nothing outside of this is true and if you agree great if you dont agree thats your bad. But I am tired of people saying "I listen to hip hop", stupid you cant listen to hip hop. Can you listen to the 70s??? NO you can listen to the music of the 70s. That was a period of time, a generation, a culture. Hip Hop is all of these things. What is hip hop? Hip Hop is everything, and nothing at the sametime. Hip Hop is a not a genre and shouldn't be categorized as such. I see countless search engine after search engine and big business after buisness that looks down on the culture and sees it only as a music type. We are not that. Hip Hop is more. It is not rap/Hip Hop....

Number Of Pages: 9 Number Of Words: 2262

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