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Essay Galaxy - Beringia to the Revolution Beringia to the Revolution

The United States, today, knew as a melting pot of people, traditions, and cultures. America could not be what it is today without its past and its history. From a land bridge, to a war, America has been shaped, molded, and formed. It is believed that human occupation of North America began perhaps as long ago as 50,000 BC. The first people are thought to have migrated to the continent from Asia across Beringia, a land bridge which we now call the Bering Strait. From these beginnings human habitation is thought to have slowly spread south and eastward. Native Americans are believed to be the earliest ancestors of North America. Grouped together, they had tribes and their own society. However, these early peoples lives changed forever with the invasion of the Europeans. Portugal, Spain, France and En....

Number Of Pages: 3 Number Of Words: 675

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