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Essay Galaxy - NATO Airstrikes in Kosovo NATO Airstrikes in Kosovo

Slobodan Milosevic finally has accepted an EU's peace agreement due to NATO's 79 days' airstrikes. It seems that Kosovo is going back to peace again. But I doubt it. Could the bombing solve a country's complicated Here I'm not going to predict the future of Kosovo. Instead I'm going to discuss if it is right for NATO to bomb an independent country because this country has conflicts between two ethnic groups. If we want to discuss Yugoslavia's ethnic problems , we'd better review the historic background of the Balkans. Some historians have said in this century no one solved the Balkans nations' problems except Marshall Tito. In 1945 Tito created a federation of republics-Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia. In Serbia the two provinces o....

Number Of Pages: 8 Number Of Words: 2008

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