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Essay Galaxy - Dueling Dueling

Dueling in the south was as much as a part of the heritage as their agrarian life. Southerners had an in depth feeling of pride and if anyone was to make them feel any different then they were going to have to pay. In the dueling went right along with the class structure lines, as one will be able to tell in later readings. But before getting into great detail about southern life as a duelist one should look at the way this institution was first conceived in this region of the nation. The rules of the duello will also be covered as well as the class structure of the duel and some famous duels in southern history. The first thing that one would logically want to understand is were the southern duel originated. The duels of "gentlemen" began in Ireland. Gentleman is a key word in this sentence because duels have been around since the beginning of time, but the art of a du....

Number Of Pages: 11 Number Of Words: 2909

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