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Essay Galaxy - Coersion/Rape Coersion/Rape

co-erce \ko-ers\ vb co-erced; co-ercing 1: RESTRAIN, REPRESS 2: COMPEL 3: --co-er-sion \-er-zhen,shen\ n --co-er-cive \-er-siv\ adj rape \^r`ap\ n 1: a carrying away by force 2: sexual intercourse by a man with a woman without her consent and chiefly by force or deception; also : unlawful sexual intercourse of any kind by force or threat As if the line between normal and acceptable consensual sex and rape wasn't thin enough already, there are those out there that wish to make it an even narrower, less defined and more twisting line to stay on the right side of. It seems as though somehow, somewhere, someone decided that the two terms defined above are in some way related. However, in the manner of logic which I possess, they are not. The debate now is rape, and what constitutes that once horridly thought of crime. In the opinion of some, rape i....

Number Of Pages: 6 Number Of Words: 1509

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