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Essay Galaxy - Aztec Mythology: Quetzalcoatl Aztec Mythology: Quetzalcoatl

Human beings, by nature, seek to explain the world around them and attribute human qualities to natural phenomenon. This is not unique to any particular culture in any time or place in the world. The Aztecs Empire was no exception to this rule. The Aztecs like many non-western cultures in the sixteenth century had a pantheon of Gods to which they attributed the creation and workings of the natural world. One of their principle gods, Quetzalcoatl, had many manifestations, each an important part of the Aztec myths of creation and the workings of the natural world. The roles of the Quetzalcoatl are fascinating to say the least. However, the legends that surround this Aztec deity offer a tantalizing legacy to western historians. Historians have explored possible pre-columbian contact between the Old and New W....

Number Of Pages: 11 Number Of Words: 3021

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