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Essay Galaxy - The Drinking Age: An 18-Year-Olds Right The Drinking Age: An 18-Year-Olds Right

Ever since the end of prohibition in 1933 the United States government has placed the issue of MLDA (minimum legal drinking age) sensitively in the hands of the states, letting each decide for itself what the minimum age should be. At that time all agreed that the minimum legal drinking age should be 21, where it remained for all states until 1970. Between 1970, and 1975 a number of states (29 to be exact) played around with the idea of lowering that age to 20, 19, and even 18 for some states. At this time the minimum age for other activities, like the right to vote were being lowered as well. The argument was that if a person is considered an adult at 18, and can serve his or her country and vote in it's elections, he or she ought to be able to have a drink.(Toomey 1) This is exactly the way I feel about it. The d....

Number Of Pages: 8 Number Of Words: 1955

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