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Essay Galaxy - College Life College Life

I hear my heart beat rapidly as my legs pick up the pace and carry me on. My adrenaline pumps more energy into every muscle of my body giving me the opportunity to pass one of my competitors. Striving to advance more, I attempt to gain speed. Pain and aching fills my body, but that doesn’t stop me. The triumph in the end eases all of my discomfort. Ahead is the audience, and like the world, they wonder what will become of me. Will I strive to win or will I pull out before it is all over? The finish line is my goal; my determination keeps me moving. The line is just ahead, but my mind sees the distance as eternity. I pass one more competitor and take one more stride to pass the line. Victory! I didn’t finish first, I didn’t even place in the top three rankings, but I completed the race and beat my personal record. Like my finish line, my final months of high school come into view. ....

Number Of Pages: 2 Number Of Words: 512

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